Tram Murder

Mr. George and the Police Department shake hands to solve a murder committed in a Tram.


3. Cracking the Case

After checking the footages, Sean informs George, “Hey, got something.”


“About our assassin. He is already a criminal, arrested for an attempt to murder before. He is Marko, a guy again from Boston. We must check out from Boston also. But you don’t worry. The manager has already said that he will do that job.”


“One more thing. Whoever is doing this, must be a rich man as Marko takes huge amount of money for one job.”

“Then the boss must have withdrawn a lot of money from his a bank account.”

“That is why I already sent a team to Marko’s place in Boston and to Boston’s banks to get the money’s information.”

“Good job Sean. I remember when I was a part of this team you always said you wanted to improve a lot. Now you are too good.”

“Thank you George. Oh wait……… a message from Manager. It says – Marko has received 25 grand in his account, which has been identified when he checked it. But the account’s details from which he received money has already been deactivated by the user.”

“Have you checked last call details of Marko? Has he got any call at the time of murder?” George asked.

“Let me check on it.”

After a couple of minutes on the phone, Sean returns.

“Hey George you were right. A missed call was given. And you know what? The phone call was from the tram.”

“Okay, I think I have cracked the case. Let me talk to your manager for a minute.”

George talks to the manager and returns. “Sean, I have cracked the case. Take your car and come with me.”

Sean gives a confusing look. He takes the car and returns. George jumps in and they both leave the place.

After reaching their destination, for which George gave instructions to Sean, Sean asks George, “Oh where are we?”

“Outside our boss’s residence.”

Sean and George go in. George sees John and tells Sean to arrest him.

“You don’t know what you are doing. Why are you arresting me?” asked John.

“See. First you are the hirer of Marko and told him to kill Michal Gordon. I got information on you. You went on the same tram on which Michael got in. But Michael never saw you and you weren’t even sitting with him. When the tram came near the Lotus Hotel, you gave a missed call to Marko, and he got ready with the sniper. He finished Gordon and you both made a clean escape. I came to know this, when the banker identified the sketch of yours where you deposited the money.”

“But why will I kill Michael?”

“When I gave the sketch of yours to the Manager of the police department, he identified you as an old drug supplier. In the coat of Michael, I found some traces of drugs in his pocket. You took it and escaped the place. Michael was coming to us, as when we tracked his phone, we got a route that pointed towards police department. He got information on you and he was coming to us but you finished him on his route itself.”

John was speechless. He was just shocked. Sean took him out.

“George, as always, solved it on his way.”

“Well, it was a pleasure to work with the department. Okay, I have to leave now.”

“Okay, let’s meet sometime. Bye for now.”

“Okay bye.”

George leaves. It was evening and Alex called him to know about the case. George went to his office, where Alex was already waiting.

“Hello sir. Is the case solved?”


“Oh I thought I would be a part of it. Okay no problem sir, can you tell me about it?”

“Oh sure.”

 George started to say him about the case. It was just like another day for George in solving cases. He also receives a message from Sean saying that Marco has also been arrested.


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