Something Great

Liam's diary is filled with his biggest secret ... As he tries to oppress the feeling towards his best friend he write them down in his diary but what would happen if someone was to find this diary ...


9. Trolls Live Under Bridges

Nails P.O.V

Yesterday with Amber was amazing I feel bad for blowing off Charlie but it was worth it anyway she probably was off with Liam, I can't get mad at her bough because of the position I'm in.

Amber sent me a text saying:

Hey Niall I was just thinking about you ;)

Meet me under the bridge I want you to meet some people xxx

When she said 'meet some people' I didn't know who that would be but I would be willing to trust her because she wouldn't do anything to hurt me and I'm the same back to her

The bridge is a good hour away so I have to drive like now! I was driving and some girls were mucking about on the road so I got out to tell them it wasn't safe and they fainted so I have to wait with them till the ambulance comes but Amber gets annoyed when I'm late.

Just pulled up to the bridge to meet Amber, she had a few people with her. I go out my car to greet her "hey amber" and hugged her "hey Niall your late" her face was stone cold "were you with ch-" "no,no don't worry there were some girl mucking about on the road and I told them to stop and they kinda ummm fainted" "ok anyway I'm glad you showed" she said pulling me in for a kiss I kissed her slowly it felt kinda awkward though because we had tons of people watching us she didn't mind though. There was a similarity in everyone person that was here excluding me but they all had poetic tattoos in some sort of language on their wrist I also noticed up in the corner of the bridge they had needles and syringes. Did she want me to become like her? I couldn't but I love her?

"So umm Niall why don't you try something new?" "Like what? New food?" I replied confused all her and her friends had now managed to make a circle around me, "no silly how about we get u to calm down you seem awfull tense" she said playing with her hair her body pressed against mine, "follow me" Amber had this crazy phsyco look on her face. I had to get out of there quickly.

I fumbled for my phone anyone would be ok anyone but Charlie, "NIALL! What are you doing?! You knew this was going to happen eventually!" Amber screamed with clenched fists. I back away but suddenly I was cornered. The bridge had gotten darker it might have just been my imagination. "Alright I give in do what you want" I saw the needles were nearest the entrance where I had parked my car. "What are those needles about show me I bet it's craic" "it certainly is" replied a dark voice from the corner slightly chuckling while he replied, he stepped out of the darkness to reveal a tall dark figure he was very serious with on leather glove over his right hand, he was adjusting it when I said "why don't you show me how you use them?" "Are you sure your up to this your a noob maybe we should just try you smoking" "no, if I'm going to do this I might as well dive in deep" now I was clenching my fists "nialler I'm proud of you!" Said amber sound shocked.

I walked over to the needles but picking up my pace ran until I got to my car. I had five bitch guys chasing me this is when if I had followed through with karate it would've payed off. I was sprinting now I just reached my car before the men caught me. I did a U turn and drive in the direction towards home.

My hands placed evenly across the wheel were now shaking I drove about 10 miles then stopped off to get something to drink and calm down. I checked my phone while sitting down in the middle if Starbucks the cashiers we whispering behind the counter I could make out a feint "do it!!" But I didn't know what they were talking about.


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