Something Great

Liam's diary is filled with his biggest secret ... As he tries to oppress the feeling towards his best friend he write them down in his diary but what would happen if someone was to find this diary ...


12. The Text

Nialls P.O.V


I checked my calls list one outgoing call to Charlie. I didn't want to check but I had to was it at the time I was under the bridge? A shaky finger reached out and touched the call, it was that time.

Suddenly my notification sounded it was a text from Charlie my face turned chalk white I could Tell.

I checked in my phone camera of course, a tear ran down my cheek. I backed my chair out so hard it crashed to the floor. I didn't stop to pick it up. I just walked out of the Starbucks, whispers were going on behind my back but nothing anyone could say would make me feel any worse than I did right now.

I got out of my car once it was parked in the driveway, I stepped out carefully as it had been raining the night before so all the stones were slippy I didn't want mud all over my top I would already look like and idiot just walking in there.

My whole body started to shake as my hand approached the door handle. I started to think things through in my head, what would've happened if is resisted amber at the first kiss, what if if told Charlie that the bracelet was in fact Ambers? Would she have been glad that I told her the truth and maybe we could've walked past this.

Fear regret and sadness were all rushing through my body as I finally made the terrifying move. I pushed the key into the door, turned the key to the right. I heard Charlie shoot up pacing around the hall she still had her shoes on, this was a bad sign.

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