The Biggest Whovian

Do you have every piece of Doctor Who merchandise ever made? Do your friends get annoyed at you talking about the show too much (I know mine do)? Well, here's your chance to use all that knowledge and be crowned the Biggest Whovian! I'm Louise McBear and my extrodinary panel of judges here and I will be choosing who gets the most points in each round, but volunteer yourself quickly. There are up to 13 places to be filled and once they're gone, that's it. Good luck!
All credit for the amazing cover goes to C.H.Nightshade!


3. Round 1 ~ Question Round

Hello to all the Whovians out there and welcome to the first task! The first round's pretty straight forward; answer these simple questions about the last three Doctors (Four including John Hurt). The more details you add, the more points you're likely to get. However, you cannot just copy and paste from a random website and please try to refrain from looking information up on the internet. Here are the questions:

How many times has the Doctor technically been married?

What happened to the Ponds after the Doctor faked his death?

Peter Capaldi is apparently the 14th doctor. How is this possible?

Which hats are technically cool?

Why is it Christopher Eccleston only did one series of Doctor Who?

Which episode makes several connections to Harry Potter?

These are the questions for now. Please answer them as soon as possible, as it would be nice to try and fit in as many rounds as possible. Please answer in the comments. Keep writing!

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