Forbidden (Justin Bieber Love Story)

Who said rules can't be broken?


2. "Well, let's go!"

Chapter 1

Nicole's P.O.V:

Dear mom,

I know I've been pretty bad with myself lately. Only if you were here to see me in person. I know someday my chance to come up there, in heaven is still waiting. See you when I get up there, I love you with all my heart.

<3, nicole

Ever since my mom passed, I haven't been doing good. I've been under depression, sold drugs, and a kind of 'fuck and go' routine. I hated it, knowing my mom was watching above me.

I smiled as I read the little note in my hand. I was currently packing my luggage and I stumbled upon a note I wrote, the day my mother passed away.

It was a tragic day for me because, the person who loved, cared, was always there for me, loving, sweet, was no longer living.

"Nicole! Time to go!" My some what annoying little sister, Victoria tapped on my door.

"Yeah, yeah coming" I replied bluntly

I didn't want to see my dad, nor live with him. I had no other option, then to go to foster care. My dad was never with me, never had anything, we weren't close. Only my 2 younger sisters, Victoria, and Jazelyn, had a real loving father relationship.

"Aren't you excited to see dad?! This is your first time there!" Jazelyn asked me. Yes, it was my first time seeing my dad. All those other times, when Jazelyn, and Victoria would go there for summer, I just rejected.

"I know, I know.. let's go now!" I caught Jazelyn doing her makeup in the living room. Typical, sixteen year old.

"Wait.. Just a touch of mascar-"

"I swear, I will leave you with auntie" As far as you can see, I don't like waiting.. at all.

"You wouldn't do that..." She trailed off zipping her makeup bag

"Wanna bet?" I placed my hand on my hip, smirking

"Ugh, fine, let's go" I love messing with Jazzy! It's funny and fun how I'm the big sister.

"Victoriaaaaa let's g-" I looked in the kitchen seeing Victoria sitting on the kitchen table, on her phone.

"Tori, who ya texting?" I snooped into the kitchen, looking at her phone

She blushed

"It's a boy isn't it?" I grinned down at her. Awwww teenage love !

She nodded

"But one thing for sure, when we get to dads I don't want you to be on that show 'Sixteen and Pregnant'" I was serious, I mean.. I'm not a virgin my self.

"Bye girls! I hope you have fun with your dad in Los Angeles!" My aunt, Chloe hugged me and my sisters.

"Yeah right" I sarcastically replied.

"Nicole...." Whatever.

"Jazelyn, Victoria come on!" I was the one driving all of us to the airport

"Coming sis!" Awww, I love when they call me that

"Is that your last luggage, Jazzy?" I chuckled.

"Yeah, you have the same number of luggages, so quit bitching about it"

I smirked.

"Let's just go now! Please Nicole and Jazzy! I want to see dad!" Victoria exclaimed

"Okay, okay let's go" No.No .NOOOOO!

~ Airplane ~

"Can you please tell your child to stop kicking my chair!" A old lady was now bitching to the kids mom.

"Sorry, no can do, if I were you I would pick another seat" The kids mom smiled, ooooo shits about to go downnnnn!

"Fine maybe I will!" The old lady got up and sat, right next to Victoria.

I couldn't help but laugh, then Jazelyn started laughing. Victoria just gave us a glare, which caused us to laugh harder.

"I c-can't breattthe!" Jazelyn threw her arms in the air.

"Excuse me Ms, could you please be a little quieter, we have had some complaints about to much noise" The attendant said to us. I gave Victoria a 'I hate you' glare, she chuckled.

"Okay, sorry to disturb" I apologized to the attendant

Beep.. Beep... Beep

I got a text message from the contact 'Jazzy'

From Jazzy:

There was nothing to apologize for, you know that

To Jazzy:

Yeah yeah, would you want to stay on this plane, or go skydiving?

From Jazzy:

Whatever! I'm going to take a nap, put your earphones on now!

To Jazzy:


And with that I put my earphones on, and drifted into a nice slumber.

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