Forbidden (Justin Bieber Love Story)

Who said rules can't be broken?


1. Prologue; Intro



Nicole Marie Rose, 19 years old , moved out to Canada. Nicole's mother, Janise Rose , passed away when Nicole was only seven years old. Although for Nicole's dad.. he lives in Los Angeles, where Nicole and her two sisters will be staying,to live with him. Nicole, currently is living with her aunt, who is moving. Nicole never had a special bond with her dad, but her two sisters, Jazelyn Faith Rose, 16 years old, and her even younger sister, Victoria Loren Rose, 13 years old, had that special bond that she never had with her dad. Nicole Marie, was never a good girl, nor a bad girl. Nicole has had her bad times, selling drugs, and a little 'Prostitute Business' here and there. As for her 2 sisters, they were all a kind of good girl, type. As Nicole gets to Los Angeles, she was trying to leave her business back in Canada. Well... Nicole meets a .. guy?... friend. That might, just maybe met her before . . .


I felt like I should start another story! Well, here it is! There are going to be a lot of sex scenes ( beware🙊 )

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