Best Friends Forever??

Hayy;) So this is my first movella and im not sure if it will be that good but i will try.
Brooklyn(brooke) and Justin have been friends since they were in diapers, Brooke has always had a crush on Justin but he could never feel the same way (so she thought). Justin has also always had a crush on Brooke. He now became famous and has a girlfriend named Natalie(nat). Brooke absolutely hates her. What happens when Justin and Natalie break up? Will Brooke and Justin ever admit there love for eachother read to find out.


2. Authors Note (sorry)

Hey guys sorry this isnt an update but I just wanted to warn you now that I'm sorry that I won't be able to update alot but I will try my best. Also I need something to call you guys, any ideas? Comment please. and for my future chapters if you dont like something or if I messed up a lot comment what you didnt like or what I did wrong because this movella is wrote to your liking. sooo?     yeah comment what you think I should call you guys.


Thank you so much for 9 reads and 2 likes in less than 24 hours!!  honestly im amazed ik that is not a lot but still I never thought that many people would read my little story so fast so thanks!


Also in the Natalie is Selena. Im sorry if you like Selena but I personally dont I actually kinda hate her so it fits with this story lmao. But no offence to the Selenators.  


Always love you guys<3 


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