Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


8. Chapter 8

(Last time we left off with Annie finding out that Liam was a vampire. But before that,Lindsay was with Harry at the fountain. Lets go from there.)


Lindsay's Pov.

"When are leaving for the council?" I asked,still in Harry's arms.

"Soon" He replied. 

I knew he didn't want to leave. He didn't want to leave the girl he loves and who loves him. It be so hard on him. I'm worried for him. I know i've only known him for a few days,but.... I love him. His dark curls floating back in the breeze. I love his eyes. Green orbs as I call them. His strong muscles flexing,as he takes me into his arms. I could feel his abs thru his shirt. A six pack. 

"Do all vampires have abs? Or at least a six pack?" I teased as I poked his stomach. 

He laughed,dimples showing.

"Depends. I already exercised before i was a vampire. SO i'm pretty buff." He put his muscles up and flexed them and made a funny face. I laughed hard.

"Well... are you fast as you are buff?" I did a little tag then ran. 

"Come here you" I heard Harry say before I heard him run.

We chased each other thru the campus,behind the fountain,and into a secret tunnel. I stopped to catch my breath. Harry wasn't far,so I let him catch me. I felt large hands fit onto my waist.A small smile snuck onto on my face. Harry leaned into my ear and nibbled gently. I giggled.

"Now don't tell  you give up this fast." He whispered ,carefully bringing me closer into him turned around quick enough so I'd be able to press me hands on his chest.

"Maybe. I don't exercise that much. Yeah i'm a dancer and all,but that doesn't count."

He looked at me with a little look."Your a dancer? Why didn't you tell me. Your dancing for me sometime."

"Oh boy" I laughed wrapping my arms around his neck. I took of my hands and brushed the curls resting on his forehead aside. I like seeing his glowing face. He looked like a total angel,not a vampire.

The tunnel we were in set the mood. No one was there but us. Even though it was dark in there,it was still romantic. But heres the thing... i'm scared of the dark. ONLY when Its pitch black. Which it was. I clung onto Harry like I've seen a ghost or something.

"Whats wrong? You afraid of something?" Harry asked ,holding me closer.

"J-Just the dark. Thats all" I'm clinging onto his shirt,making wrinkles.

"Hey,I got you. No need to be afraid. Lets head back to the fountain."

I nodded as I felt my legs being scooped from underneath me. I checked my watch to see the time. : 9:30pm

"I didn't know we were in here so long"

"Yeah me either"(carrying me bridal style)

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he carried me back to my cabin. On the way,I snuggled in closer.just letting my bag rest lightly on my stomach. Harry,being gentle and all, stopped and leaned his head down for a kiss. His plan worked as our lips synced together, It seemed as if all my problems went away. I had nothing to fear. Harry was protecting me. Our lips brushed each other after Harry pulled away. Noses rubbing against each other. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

"Your so cute" Harry said lightly kissing my nose.

I poked his dimple in response. Everything seem to fade after that as I slowly drifted into sleep.


"LINDSAY! LINDSAY! WAKE UP!" I heard a husky voice call my name.

"What?" I said yawning. Once my eyes adjusted to my surroundings,I realized I was being guarded by Harry.

"Harry whats wrong?"

He pointed to the group of blood thirsty vampires heading towards us. "Well this can'r be good"  I thought to myself. When they got close,Harry closed in on me. They all hissed at each other,some spitting. 

"What do you want Sam!" Harry growled.

Sam just chuckled,"Just came for a little snack. Had one the other day,and now I thought I'd come back for another. (See's me) OH. Looks like you go yourself a pretty good meal their Harry."

Harry forces me behind him. I cling onto his waist.

"She's not to be messed with! She's mine!"

"Now Harold,didn't your mother ever told to share? Unless,shes your girlfriend which you know is against the code"

He did not just do that. I can feel Harry tense up. He acually looked kinda cute when hes angry.

"She's not my girlfriend. I caught her. She's MY drink tonight."

I flinched and my eyes widened.

"Oh yeah. Prove it. I want you to drink her now. Right in front of me."

Harry brought me over. He leaned down to my ear,"I'm sorry i'll explain everything later"

I looked up at him with worried eyes. He did the same. Hands were trembling with fear as Harry leaned down towards my neck. I felt a little kiss first before I could feel his teeth trying to find my sweet spot.  I could tell when he found . He licked over the spot,then pierced his fangs into my skin. I yelped in pain as he tried to support me from falling. The pain was overbearing me. I was gonna faint. Sam just stared at him till he was over. He healed the wound by licking over the spot where he pierced thru.  I was half awake,weak,and stunned. From there everything went black.

Harry's Pov.

Lindsay went unconcious in my arms.Poor thing. Didn't expect me to do that to her.

"Ok. I did it. Can you leave now? Just go back to your Region. You don't belong here."

Sam laughed. Along with the others that were there.

"Leave? So soon? Wow Harold,I thought you were better than that. I mean,we were friends remember?

My mind flashed back to when I first became a vampire.


"Where am I? I-I thought I was dead."

"You technically are" 

I jumped as a voice from behind startled me,"W-who are youu?" I asked with fear.

"Your in the Gate Way Vampire Region."

I gulped,"V-v-vampire?" I stammered. "as in..the fangs and biting vampires?''

"(Laughs) No Harry,we only bite when we need to. Not to kill. Come here. I'm gona show you your training buddy."

"Training buddy? Was this guy nuts? I'm not a vampire. i'm a singer."  I exited my thoughts when the guy showed me to a large room filled with oher vampires. I made a silent"wow"

"Oh by the way my name is Jonathan. I'm head master of this acadamy. If you need anything,just let me know."

I nodded as he called for a kid little bit shorter than me. He had short blonde hair,green eyes,and what seemed to be a zit on his chin.

"Have fun you two."

He left us alone in silence,staring at each other. The kid broke the silence.

"Hi,(holds hand out) I'm Sam"|

"Harry. I'm guessing your my training partner then"

"yup. How'd did you become a vampire Harry?"

I seriously didn't know.

"I don't know. Last thing I remember is walking across the street,then poof! i'm here."

"You were probably hit by a crazy driver or something. Thats what happened to me. Just ask Jonathan. He'll tell you."

I nodded,"Thanks. Soooo what are we suppose to do?"

"I don't know. I just got here yesterday. Since today your my new friend."

"Yeah. I guess we are friends. "


I snapped back out of my little remembrance of old times back at the school. I growled and hissed back,"Not anymore."

I turned around and left him and his possy standing there. My own friend had to leave for a 'better life' in the Dark Relm. He never says it right. He's the only one that I let call me Harold. Well,except for Lindsay,who was still in my arms unconcious. I needed to get her back,and fast.


Lindsay's Pov

-in my room-

I woke up with this pain surging thru my neck. My eyes adjusted to the lighting in the room that someone turned on. I then saw Harry,Bryn,and Annie all around my bed.Harry hugged me tight.

"I'd thought I lost you!" I felt tears streaming down his face.

"Your crying Harry." i said wiping his tears away. His scared/worried eyes made me want to snuggle up with him. His voice made it sound like he was a lost puppy. "Don't worry i'm here' I brushed back his curls. 

Annie and Bryn came over once they heard us.



The girls both asked.

"I don't know. Doctor Harry? Am I all right?" I joked,trying to at least see a smile form on his mouth. 

It worked. A smile came upon his gorgeous glowing face. 

"Lets see your neck. I'm really sorry about that too.''

I turned around so my back was facing Harry. He made me lean my neck to the left,so he could take a better look at it. I felt his hands poking and massaging it,trying to see if i'd make a bit of noise. I let out a small yelp of pain a couple times.

"Hmm... Its a bit bruised,but it'll heal fine. Your glad i remembered to at least wet it before doing it."

I rubbed the side of my neck,"Thanks. Hey what was that little kiss for?"

"Oh just cause. I was trying to calm you down thats all. By the way ,the bite looks like a normal love bite. looks good on you" He winks at me. I pushed him off the bed,"Get off" I teased. "Ugh what time is it i'm tired."

"1 in the morning." 

I rushed to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later in my Hello Kitty pjs.

"Not bad" Harry said walking towards me. 

"Thanks. Um you gonna be in class tomorrow? I need more tutoring. I stink."

I felt ihs breath when he laughed. He took my handss and said,"Of course I will baby." He nudged his head into the side of my neck which had the bite.

"Harry what are yo-" I got cut off by Harry gently kissing at the wound. My head leaned onto his shoulder. Can't help if it felt good! Harry's arms wrapped around my waist. My hand stroked thru his curls while the other on his shoulder.  He pulled away a minute later.

"Thats just cause I love you." He said kissing the back of my hand. I blushed.

"I really need to get going. I'll see you soon k?" 

I nodded then kissed him one last time before he left. Annie and Bryn we sitting in my bed when Harry left.

"Girl,you got yourself a great boyfriend. He sings,hes buff,and hes a vampire!"

I laughed while hopping into bed. Annie walked over to the door that connected our rooms.

"Ya. It seems like that. But Harry has a meeting with some people tomorrow after school. I just wanted to spend with him."

Bryn fell asleep amongst our convo,so I decided to go to sleep too. Its been a long day. Can't wait for Saturday.

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