Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


5. Chapter 5

(Same day as when I went out with Harry.)(We'll get back to Lindsay and Harry in the next chapter.)

Bryn's Pov.

After class I rushed over to run my room,but I was running so fast that I ran into this girl. "OH my gosh i'm so sorry! Are you ok!?! I didn't mean-" I stopped casue she was.. laughing.

"Its alright. I'm fine. I'm Annie by the way. What's yours?" She hold out her hand and smiled. This girl is awesome!,"I'm Bryn." I said shaking her hand,"Why you in such a hurry?" Annie asked.

"I'm going on a date with Niall. Hes-" She cuts me off

"Wait... Niall Horan,from One Direction?

"Yup! That's the one!" I told her. Her eyes were all shining. 

"Oh you lucky ducky! Thats awesome! I hope you have fun!"

"Thanks! Do you like any of them?"

"DO I!? I fancy Liam" She smiled with glee showing in her eyes.

"Oooooo. All the boys are here. So have fun with that" I teased. She just laughed. "Oh I will!" We both giggled then I looked at the time,"Hey Annie? I got to go get ready. Sorry bout that. Wheres your room so I can catch up with you sometime?" 
"Oh. Ya go ahead. Its 203B"

I gasped,"IM 203A! SWEET! Kay I REALLY got to g. See ya!"

 We both waved goodbye as I rushed a little slower to my room. I finally got to my room;and looked next door. Annie's room was right next to mine. Sweet. I entered my room and quickly got a bit of my makeup done first.

I wasn't even ready when I hear a knock on the door,"COME IN" I yelled brushing my hair. Niall entered ,as I turned around,"Oh hey Niall. Wait.... Niall?!?!?!?" He just laughed and kissed my cheek,"Your cute. I like that." I blushed. HE'S the one that's cute! "Um Niall?"


"Can you wait in the bathroom? I still need to get ready." He looked at me for a second,"Look fine to me." He chuckled. I threw a pillow at him,"Stop it" I teased. "Oh alright. But be quick. Suns starting to go down." I nodded and quickly scanned thru my side of the closet. Eh,a normal sweater and jeans will do. OOOO a headband! That'll work! "READY NIALL!" I yelled,as he came out of the bathroom.

"You smell good" He laughed as I blushed and giggled,"Best perfume I have" I joked."Where are we going today? I said as he took me to his car.

"It's a surprise" He winked.

"Another surprise? Yippee!"


Niall's Pov

I'm hoping this place will make it enough romantic enough. I'm going to ask Bryn something important. I saw her roll down the window and freak out as the wind went thru her golden hair."AH! My hair!" She said trying to fix herself.

"Looks pretty good to me" I said glancing over before putting my eyes on the road. She [layfully puched my arm,"No its not" She laughed. 

We finally arrived at her surprise. I pulled her out and covered  her eyes. I had her carry a basket that we were going to need. Bryn kept guessing what the place was. I kept denying her guesses. When I found the perfect spot. I uncovered her eyes. "Oh Niall its beautiful!!!" A nice meadow near a forest full of swaying pine trees. Also ,there was a little creek if you went down further into the forest. We were right on top of a hill,looking out at  the city. Bryn helped set up the blanket,and the food,"This is a lovel place to have a nice dinner picnic." She said.

" Thats why I picked it.  Cause I knew you would like it." I smiled before taking a bite. Human food is odd,but good. But hey,I'd eat ANYTHING."Bryn? Can I ask you something?" She nodded since she had food in her mouth. I let out a tiny laughe,"First,you got food right here" I said cleaning the bit of food by her mouth."Second,um... I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend" She gulped down her food fast."G-girlfriend?" She looked at me with her eyes all bugged out.

Bryns Pov

"G-Girlfriend?" I stammered. "Too soon? Aw man! I knew I should've asked you later on!"

He kept blabbing about how it was toon soon. I love the guy. It wasn't too soon at all. I'm glad he got the guts to say that to me. I had to do something to make him shush,but have an answer at the same time. I leaned in and gave him a passionant kiss. When I pulled away I said,"I'd love to" I smiled when he did,"Perfect" was his reponse.


I yawned as I as leaned back onto Nialls chest. We were looking at the stars. "Aw,somebody tired?" Niall poked my side. I laughed,"Just a bit" I snuggled closer as he brought his arm onto my back and started rubbing little circles into it. It felt relaxing. 


Niall's Pov

Bryn fell asleep few minutes after we were looking at the stars. I scooped her up and carried her to the car. I set her into the passenger seat and I finished putting the basket into the trunk. I got into the drivers seat and drove home.

 When we arrived back at campus,I carried Bryn back to her room. I saw that her roomate,Lindsay,wasnt back yet. I gently put Bryn into her bed and kissed her goodnight. I can't believe I'm in love with a human.  Wait till Liam hears about this.

-later that night-

(no ones POV)

"You what!?!?" Liam hissed at Niall ,who was by the side of the school wall. 

"You know the vampire code Niall!"
Niall leaned back,"I know Liam! IT's just... she's so gorgeous. I can't help it."

Liam's eyes turned red as a ruby."I'll let you be with her. As long as you don't ask her to be your girlfriend. Then your in deep trouble." Louis and Zayn came a few seconds later,"We came as soon as we heard."Louis said ,sounding concered.

"Good. Little Niall here is going out with a girl,and loves her." They both gasp,"Niall you know the code!" Zayn said furiously.

Niall was in tears. his eyes all clouded,"I KNOW!" He fell to the ground and started crying. Louis came by Liam and said,"Give hime a chance.I'm sure it'll pass." Liam looked at him like he was nuts,"It better! Or he'll have to explain it to the Council"

Niall looked up,"Not the Council!" He looked scared.

"THEN DON"T GO ANY FURTHE!!" Liam yelled back at him.

"C'mon boys. We got to get inside before it strikes daylight." Zayn called from behind.

"It's only 3:30" Louis said loking confused."But your right. C'mon Liam."

Louis ,Liam,and Zayn rushed off,leaving Niall on the ground in tears.

"Wonder where Harry is?" Louis said

Zayn laughed,"HA! Probably studying like he used to back in the old days." Louis laughed too.

Soon they were all back inside,safe from the daylight when it comes. 

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