Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


3. Chapter 3



Bryn's Pov

I just found out that Niall Horan,from One Direction,is at my school! AAAHHH!!!!! Ok Bryn calm down. Hes only a guy."i have to talk to him!" I said walking over."Oh no you don't" Lindsay pulled me back.," you need to wait. You just got here. Enjoy the party." Lindsay was right. i do need to enjoy the party. She left to go get punch for us. Oh she looks so adorable in her pink dress. 


Lindsay's Pov

I left to go get me and Bryn some punch. When I poured the drink, one of the guys in hoods came over. I didn't realize he was thre till I turned around and bumped into him." Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there! it's all my fault." he chuckled,"it's ok. I shouldn'tve stood right behind you. The names Harry by the way." He holds out his hand and I shake it,"My names Lindsay" I smiled.

"Your new to huh?"

"yeah. I'm just not sure if i'll fit in right witht the others"

"Oh you'll fit in fine. It's me that I'M afraid that won't fit in"

I gasp,"How could you think that! Your Harry Styles!!!"

"Not the Harry that everybody knows and loves"

"Hey.... Your gonna be fine. You don't need to think about it till monday when we acually start classes." He shrugged adn sighed. Then said," Ok. HEres my number , just in case." HArry handed me his number. I smiled and replied,"Thanks! I have to get back to my friend Bryn now sorry. She's probably wondering where I am right now" "o-oh ok. See ya" 

    I walked back to Bryn to hand her her drink and tell her what just happened."BRYN! Guess what!" I said handing her her punch" What" she replied. I got a big smile on my face,"I got to talk to Harry.Plus he gave me his number!!" Bryn started freaking out,"Wish that would happen with me and Niall."


"Oh it will! Trust me!


  Harry's Pov

I just met the prettiest girl ever. Possibly in the entire school!! I just can't get her out of my mind! Good thing I'll probably be seeing her tomorrow. Who am  I kidding. She''l not want to date me. I'm a vampire for crying out loud! I'm 234 years old in vampire years,but in human years im 18.(I'm catching up to his birthday. don't worry) Love is our enemy. Once were in it,you can't get out. But I"M in it!! Me and the other boys are vampires too. We were humans once,but got transformed into a vampire. When were on stage, we put special makeup on so that way the lights don't burn us. Oh yeah forgot to mention,light burns us. We were told it does,so we've avoided it all our lives. Vampires never die unless.... well, I'll mention that later on.

   Nialls's Pov

  So I see this beautiful girl dancing. I feel like my heart is beating like a race horse. Well,,,'cause it is. I want to ask her to dance with me sooo badly,but I'm afraid she'll find out im a vampire! Oh wait, hide my fangs. Once I hid them, I walk over to the girl. Gosh shes so gorgeous! "Hi,I'm Niall" I hold my hand as she giggles,"I'm Bryn" Bryn. Bryn. such a lovely name."Um....Wanna dance with me?" I nervously asked her. She smiles,"I'd love to" Then takes my hand.


Bryn's POV

 "That was a nice dance Niall. Your really good." He chuckled," Well thanks! Your better than me though thats for sure" I laughed. Niall looked down at the grounnd,then back up again. Also,he handed me something,"Heres my number,just in case. I know were her at the same school,and probably will haev the same classes,but I want you to have it to call or text me sometime" HE winks at me. My eyes lit up like the Fourth of July,"Oh thank you Niall!!" I gave him a big hug."Your welcome. Hey I have to get back to the boys now. We have to get back to our rooms. See ya!"

"Ok!! Bye Niall!" I said as I waved goodbye. I walked back to Lindsay,who was sitting on a chair. My smile got bigger."Don't need to tell me,I saw the whole thing" She said as she laughed."C'mon. We need to get back to our room. It's late" Lindsay added. I nodded as we walked out of the gym,back to our room. I was so giggly for the longest time. Possibly for the entire night!


Lindsay's Pov

BRYN SNORES!!! She snores like pig! Hopefully she'll stop soon. I thought she'd be up all night(see what I did there?XD). But no,she fell asleep around 2am-ish. Even though she was giggly for a loooong time. Earlier,I got a goodnight text from Harry. The boy is so sweet. Ok must fall sleep now.


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