Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


21. Chapter 21 THE END PART II

A/N: Ok, prepare yourselves for a long chapter, and lots of tears of being shed. I will do my best to include flashbacks of all kinds. Since you all love this story so much, there will be a sequel. if you all like that second book, I will turn into a trilogy and make a third, and final, book. I had so much fun making this book, and after it is complete, I will be going in and doing some deep editing and correcting some very bad grammatical errors in the first half of the story. I love you all and thanks again for supporting it! keep spreading the love! .xx -L



As if I was awakened 5 min later, my body was jostled around. I fluttered my eyes open to see Liam carrying me. He had a bloody nose and a black eye. Scrapes and cuts were all around his face with speckles of blood all around. His hair was all messy and matted in some places. I could feel some of his skin against mine because his shirt was ripped in some places.

"Oh good you're awake," He said half smiling.

I stare and look around shocked at the mess they all have caused.

"What happened?"


"There was a little mishap with the group of pedestrians that were crossing the street," Liam said looking down onto me.

His eyes were dark as night. He must still be in his vampire state. The cuts and wounds he had were pretty serious, so I asked to be put down, and lead Liam to a bench where I could tend to his wounds.

"This may be freaky, but I have to show you something," I said looking nervously at him.

Liam looked at me with a half-worried/half-confused face.

I figured this out in my dreams. Sounds weird right? Who figures their vampire power out in a little ole' dream?! Apparently I'm the only one. Great.


It started with me walking down a long,narrow hallway filled with dim lights and strange noises. Sometimes I would hear a small noise coming from a room, but it was faint. Then I walked into a room where I saw a doctor and a patient. The patient looked like he was dying, but just holding to that last bit of life. The color was draining from his features while the doctor sat there testing all that he could to figure what could make him better. I knew they were vampire because I saw the fangs sticking out from their gums. Scary.

I walked over to the doctor and asked him," How sick is this man?"

He looked up," Very ill. Not sure if he will live. Unless you can help. I have used all my powers, but nothing seems to work."

I looked puzzled at both the doctor and the sick vampire lying in bed. My curious mind was trying to figure out how this could be solved. I then thought of a plan to cure him. Once I pushed past the doctor, who was standing next to the patients bed, I started pushing buttons like I knew what I was doing. Did I know what I was doing? As soon as I heard the beeping of the machines, I raced back over to the patient and hovered my hands over his limp body. His color started to return..well.. the color a normal vampire has. Everything seemed to become normal again, except me. I changed. I got power. Real vampire power. Strange, but true. Then I woke up in that hospital room.


"Take off your shirt," I said urgently, trying to rush him so we have time to save everyone.

Liam looked at me like I was weird, but obeyed and shed what was left of his shirt and dropped it to the ground. Wounds everywhere on the top-half of his body. I wanted to cry to be honest.

I hovered my hand over one of the biggest wound he had, and closed my eyes to concentrate. Soon enough, it worked! I looked down and saw fresh, new skin. shiny, but beautiful. I finished him up by using the same method, and they all worked. His wounds were healed in half the time it would take for them to be cleaned and stitched.

Liam stared at me like I was some treasure waiting to be stolen from a pirate. I pretended to not notice by looking for anymore wounds he might have when we all knew he didn't.

" You can't show this power to anyone else, but me ok?" He said in a whisper, holding my arms. I was slightly confused, but nodded in acknowledgment.

We hurried to where the boys we all huddled together. Why were they hiding?

"Are you all ok!?" I asked worried, checking each of them for scrapes and cuts.

"We're fine, Lindsay, no need to worry," Louis said from a medium sized rock he was sitting on.

"I'm glad," I said," Can we go and get back to the Dark Realm now? Kind of an important thing."

They all nodded, and rushed out to find the car. They hid a car? How long was i out?


After what seemed forever, we finally found the car just 4 blocks down from where we were. I kind of missed that old car to be honest. The little rust spots now forming, while the paint still showed brightly as can be. 'Course there was the usual fade marks on the seats, but this car meant something to me.

All of us wanted to find a good spot to rest before we could begin our journey, of finding Harry of course. No one in my entire life is as dedicated to finding someone as much as these 4 boys that surround me now. They're the most sweet,loving,and caring guys I know(Then there is the geeks in the science lab..but they kind of creep me out).

Resting my head on my forearm, I kept thinking of how in the world we were going to get into the Dark Realm. I mean, would'nt they be smart enough to lock and secure all portals? Seems pretty obvious to me, but we have 5 vampires(including me), and we're going to kick there butts!

"Liam, how do you know for sure the portal is going to work?" I ask, interrupting my own thoughts from being totally blown to bits.

Liam smiiled slightly and looked down to me(yeah, ii'm short, so deal with it)," Because they rarely use this portal." I chuckled, knowing deep inside I had doubt.

Few hours later, I wake up to find myself on Louis' lap. We were all asleep,except Niall whom he was driving. My eyes fluttered open to reveal a big, black door ahead of us. That has got to be it.

"Is that it?" I said sleepily

Louis nodded.

The door actually looked kinda creepy, to be honest. It wasn't that it had scary images on kt, nut it was that it had this dark gloomy feeling to me like it was looming over us. Fiddling with my fingers, Niall stops the car,and we get out. I must've looked pretty scared because Liam came around and held me close to him. I looked up at him,and smiled. He smiled back. I could feel myself shaking with every step I took. Kind of terrifying you kno when you're about to meet your boyfriend who also tried to kill you. Scary.

Louis and the boys opened the door and revealed to us the glowing, blue portal. The wind blowing our hair back, I stepped up to be the first one in, but Louis stopped me. 

"Let me go first. I'm the closest to him."

I slowly stepped away and let Louis vanish into the door. The boys kindly allowed me to go next since Louis went first. I see why they didn't want me to go first.

I took a running start, then jumped through the blue door. I started swirling and swirling till everything tured white.


When the light shifted, my eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting. Soon enough the boys came through the door. Awesome, now we just need to find Harry and go.

As we are walking through the dark halls here in the Dark Realm, I kept having one thought in my head: "Why was Harry told to kill me?"  It was like a nightmare being in that room.  Honestly, being alone in a room with Harry NOW would be quite scary. The changes in behavior, and appearance,  were quite visible to the human eye. well... vampire eye.

Looking through every hallway and corridor, so far, no sign of Harry.

"Looking for Harry is going to be harder than I thought," I said looking back at Zayn who was guiding me through this crazy realm.

Zayn looked at me,"Don't worry. He'll be fine. Besides, how hard can it be to find a super tall, skinny vampire with curly hair?" I laughed.

Soon enough, we got to the Big Room. When I mean the Big Room, I mean the King's headquarters where he beheads unloyal vampire, traitors, etc..

We stood quietly in the dips of the walls. Since we were hiding, we have to stay quiet. One wall was covered with dried blood, but if you see on all walls... they are all covered with blood. I guess that's why their  favorite color here is maroon. It's blood colored.

That's when I saw him. Standing right in the corner was whom we were here for, staring at me in the eyes. Our gaze held at each other, Harry's eyes turned all red and teary-eyed, and so did I. I started slowly walking towards him, still holding onto the wall. Harry kept his eyes fixed on mine, watching me approach him with great caution. He knows he's dangerous,  amd that's why he's trying to protect me. But then why did he try to kill me? Being just a few feet away from him made me me start to shake. What he if tried to kill me again? What he tried ot hurt me? What if..................... oh what the heck.. I love him, I don't care!

Tears now streaming down my cheeks, I approach Harry slowly. He looked down unto me. Oh I love beung shorter than him. I could tell he wanted to cry.

"Go ahead, cry, Harry," I whispered in his ear softly.

Soon enough I felt tears hitting my black t-shirt.  He pulled me into a long lasting hug that I wish would never end. His body shaking with his sobs, I start to comfort him.

"Shh it's ok," I started," I'm here, I'm here. It's ok, Harry, I'm here."

The sobs suddenly stopped, and hands moved there way down to my waist. My eyes fixing upon Harry's, I brushed away his tears off his cheeks. I smiled at him before he placed his forehead against mine. This is new. He looked in my eyes while I looked down, but he changed that by pushing one of his fingers under my chin and lifting up. Now my eyes were looking into green orbs. Shining, green orbs. Oh how I miss them. Harry still kept himself attatched to me while the boys sat on the side waiting and watching.

"I missed you," Harry finally said. He sounded raspy like he was screaming or yelling a lot. Before I had a chamce to speak he gently places his lips on mine. Feeling that spark between us is like a firework setting off. I stayed completely still and softly kissed him back. His lips like soft, smooth butter were working there way towards my forehead. From my lips, to the corner of my mouth, from there to my jawline, and from my jawline to my temple, and from my temple is my forhead. I smiled and giggled once he held my hand. No blood... just love between two vampires.

"I missed you too," I finally managed to say before the alarm sounded off. Crap.

Harry's gripped his hand in mine and led me and the boys to a room.

"Stay here, I'll be right back," He said heading towards the door.

"I'm going with you. I lost you so many times, and I don't want to lose you again."

"Lindsay, no, you'll get hurt. I don't want you hurt."

"Just let her go Harry, can't you see she loves you?" Liam interrupted us.

My eyes flash purple right in front of Harry. He got worried.

"Fine, but don't turn into a human. I need you to be a vampire," Harry said taking my hand and walking out the door with me.

I tried my hardest to become a vampire. I looked up at Harry and said," How?"

He looked down to me and brushed his hand gently over my cheek," Watch me first."

I watched him as his eyes changed from a slightly darker green to this neon green color. But how? He tried once more, and by the looks of it, all he did was just... thought of being a vampire.

Harry nodded towards me to try, and I did. I thought of being a vampire, and soon enough, my eyes turned a deep, dark purple. Liam looked over and saw I managed to change.

"Does he know about your power?" Liam said flicking his head slightly towards Harry.

I looked up at tue dark figure in front of me,"I can heal wounds, and sicknesses. Also, I have the knowledge of all doctors. Vampire, and non-vampire. I know literally what to do in case of an emergency, but bring back the dead," I said.

Harry looked straight at me. Did he know?

"I know you have that power," He said before taking my hand gently and walking me out of the room.


The alarm stopped after what seemed forever.  Harry took me into a different room from where the boys were and pinned me against the wall. My first movement was to try and slap him, but he had my wrist held high above me.

"Now, when I said I was trying to kill you, that wasn't me. It's this thing the King injected into me. What it does is that whenever the master/controller does a simple movement, the person/people who have it in them, turn into a killing machine. I have it in me. He can control me, Lindsay. I don't want to leave this place and start destroying you. He knows about that power you have. Lindsay... that power you have is VERY RARE. Only 2 other vampires in the world have it, and only one of them is using it in a vampire hospital.  He wants you, my precious girl, and he wants it for bad things. I've seen the things he wants is for. He's trying to get me to use you for your power. That's why I'm here. I was trying to stop him from hurting you, but he turmed me into a monster, and you need to get out before it's too late," Harry said before leaning himself into me, so our bodies touched. His warm breath against my  cool skin made me shiver.

10 full minutes of just staring at each other, 3 vampires, and the King himself, barged in. Harry's eyes turned to neon green again, mine to purple the instant he walked in. The King gave this weird signal, and instantly Harry's eyes turned red.

"Well, well , well. Looks like we caught our little runaway again,"The King said with an evil smirk. 
My emotions went from sweet to angry in a matter a seconds.

"You need my power.. for what!?" I screamed at him before I tried attacking.

A little side note here: When you are a vampire, you have 2 powers: Your main power, and your secondary power. The main power is what I'm being hunted down for, but my secondary power is just fighting powers. The fight powers include the knowledge to fight. Its pretty useless with my main power.

I fought with all my might, until I felt pain shoot through my whole body. One of the vampires had a shock power that made me go unconscious.  I lifted my head, then fell back down before everything around me went dark.


My vision was a blur when I woke up. Moving was no use because I was strapped to a table like structure. My wrist turning red from moving about,  I finalky saw Him walk into the room. Harry.  He circled around the table about two to three times before he pulled out a dagger. ha. I've had plenty of memories with those little things. Just as came close to me, he tossed the dagger across the room until it hit a wall with a thud. Why is he just standing there? I thought to myself.  That's when I looked into his eyes. They weren't red anymore, but they were a neon green, so he was still in a vampire state. I made my eyes flash purple so that he knows I'm capable of changing to a vampire whenever. He smiled.  2 little dimples appeared on his shining face. His dimples were , y favorite feature on him.

"Hurry, we haven't got much time,"Harry said when he managed to gwt me loose.

I looked at him confused,"Aren't you coming with us? I said hugging him tightly.

"Yes, but for only a short period of time."

Then, we heard a voice in the distance," Yes, sir, we will have her drained and killed soon. yes, sir, he's in there with her. Yes. Sir, he knows his place here in the Dark Realm, I'm sure he will not try to plan an escape. Yes, sir."

The door handle startwd to move, but Harry signaled me just in time. We exited through a secret door hidden behind the table. And just in time too.

"Sir, she has escaped!" The vampire guard said as he raced for the King.

Now time to get out of here.

  Following Harry through a series of tunnels,  we funally found the room where the portal was. The rest of the boys were there too. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn were guarding the portal waiting for us. We signaled them over for them to help us, and they came.

"Where have you guys been?" Liam said as he carried me down.

Harry hopped down gracefully onto the ground. Wow. show off.

"Well, it's hard to explain, " I said before Harry came and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Long story short, we need get the heck out of here!" Harry said before jumping into the portal with me attatched to him.

When the blue swirls were out of sight, I was hugging Harry when we exited the portal. The boys followed suit and were coming out of the portal swiftly and smoothly. Now what.

Soon a dark cloud starting swirling. Great,  a storm is coming.

"We need to get inside if we want to hide,"Louis said guiding us to the car.

Harry stopped me from following. What's wrong? Then I saw it, the red eyes.

"No! Harry, come back!"I said as his grip on my wrist got tighter and tighter. Soon enough, I was pulled harder into his chest. He wouldn't let go. He placed his other hand on my cheek. Well, um... yeah this is not helping. His lips planting onto my jawline, moving onto my neck, and soon I felt fangs grazing along my neck. Few kisses were placed, but soon I felt a sharp pain flow into my neck. I yelled in pain as Harry gripped my other hand, so I wouldn't defend myself.

"LIAM!!!" I screamed.

Liam turned around and flashed his way over as quick as possible. He tried fighting Harry, but Harry used some force to push Liam away, and comtinued with me. By the time the boys came over,  I already  passed out onto Harry's shoulder.  Niall slowly crept to Harry, whom was coming back to his normal vampire state. I opened my eyes, but only to crash a minute later back in Harry's arms.

Later that day, I found myself  in a soft silk bed. I was in someones room. Then I looked around. Holy crap I'm in my room! The twinkling lights like I had strung above me shone brightly around the room. The boys seemed to take an interest in my tumblr like room. I tried sitting up, but my weak body wouldn't let me. Feeling my neck, I felt no marks of any fangs going in, but it still hurt.

"Hi," I said quietly.

"Hey there, you ok?" Niall said, seeing me first before the boys noticed. Niall has really good hearing.

"I'm as great as I'm gonna be," I said as a smile crept onto my face," Where's Harry?" I asked.

Liam walked over,"He's downstairs with the rest of the boys talking to your mum."

I slowly nodded.

"You want to see him, don't you?" Niall said.

My smile got bigger as I nodded again.

Liam and Niall helped me get up. But no matter what we did, I couldnt seem to stand correctly, so they just carried me downstairs.

 We come downstairs to see Harry talking to my mom, along with the rest of the boys. By the looks of her, she was being told everything that we have gone through the past few days. I walked up to her, and hugged her tightly. She cried into my shoulder, while I kept my eyes on Harry. He was sitting on the couch waiting for me. I let go of my mom, and headed towards Harry. Sitting down right beside him, I lean my head onto his shoulder. We fit perfetly together, why would he seem like we will never be together? I mean, doesn't he love me?

"So....." He said, trying to start a conversation. 

I don't say hi. We just sat there holding hands. it's kind of sad to see two people in love not even talking to each other. My mouth gaped open to say something, but i shut it fast. 

"Mom, Harry and I will be in my room. Him and I need to talk," I said looking at him throught the whole sentence.

 Harry and I walked up to my room. He decided to carry me too. 

Once we entered the room, he gently slid me down on the bed, then he walked over to the little mirror I had set up in a little corner of my room. He fixed up his hair, before I giggled.

"What's the matter?" He asked with a chuckle and a smile. 

I hid behind one of the blankets,"Oh nothing. You're hair is perfect already, so you don't need to fix it. It's just cute to see you fix all the little things you find annoying."

A smile crept up onto his face, showing off those adorable dimples of his. I could never forget those dimples of his. He walked over and just stood there, looming over me. Harry leaned downed over me, and gently, and carefully, He didn't kiss me for long. 

"What did you want to talk about?" He asked.

I looked away, and saw he was still looking at me.

"I wanted to talk about.....about.....Harry... they're after me. I have to give them my power. Whatever it is they want, whether it's me, or just my powers, I need to let them have me."

His happy face turned to a sad,and depressed emotions running across his face. He wasn't going to give me up just like that. Harry reached for my hand, and took it into his. 

"No. We can fight him off. I just know it," he said with tears forming up in his green eyes. I've never seen him so upset before. 

"I won't  ;eave you i pro-"   

"NO! Lindsay, don't you see? Once they have you...... you're gone. They take your power, and either kill you, or turn you into  one of them.. or worse. I've seen it happen. and I don't want that to happen to my baby girl. You mean the world to me," Harry interrupted me. 

We both were crying by now. I wiped his tears, and he wiped mine. No way could we lose each other. 

Then there was a knock on the door. It was Niall. 

" King's here." was all he said.

Harry and I looked out the window and saw the King, and a few other vampires walking up to the door of MY house.


Soon enough, vampires were surrounding us, ad then.. He came  in. The one man we dread of seeing. 

Usually when a girl is captured, she is usually kidnapped in the middle of the night. Not the middle of the day.

Harry hid me in the bathroom, so he could try and fight. 

Sitting in the dark was kind of scary. Harry told me to be real quiet, or else the vampires will find me, and take me away. Too late. 

I sneezed, and a flash of maroon came over to the bathroom door. Crap, he found me. The door slowly creaked open, and I turned invisible fast. Wait... invisible?! This is different. Running towards the shower, I feel someone grip my wrist, and pulls me towards them. This isn't Harry, nor any ofthe boys. His scent is different, but familiar. I look up, and see a face I could sense a mile away(true fact). It was my father , Tod. 

"Run," He whispered.

His grip loosened, and I snuck out the window. After safely escaping, I ran as fast I could. I ran so quick, that I flashed over to the Dark Realm portal across town. This needs to end. Entering slowly, I let the blue swirls take me into another world. 


 I woke up to find myself in a silky white bed, and a throw blanket on top. The room was blood red, so I knew i was in the Dark Realm.  

"I'm so glad you're awake, my little one," I heard a voice come from the bathroom. 

Tod, who is my father, walked in.  

"I thought you wouldn't help people like me,dad," I said sitting up.

He sits next to me, brushing his hand through my hair. My eyes are still filled with sleep, so everything was still quite a blur. I lean onto his shoulder and cry.

"My dear child, what's the matter?" 

 I hugged him tighter, not wanting to let go. He has all I have of my family with me right now.

"i need him," I said quietly.

"Need who, my dear?"

I looked up at him and whispered,"Harry."

He placed both his hands on my shoulders," He's dangerous, Lindsay. He's a Dark Realm vampire. I don't want you getting involved with all this"

"he's not dangerous at all,dad. I've seen the kindness inside him. He was different before he changed you know. He was good, and more kinder than you can ever imagined. Now he's being fooled and tricked by the King. I"m slowly losing him,father. Very slowly."

Dad nodded, and walked away. He still looked young, the way he looked,and acted. There's still a child left in him. I just know it.


Later that day I decide to head off and find Harry. Pretty bad idea if you ask me. There were Dark Realm vampires EVERYWHERE. I crept slowly and quietly through each turn I made in the dark,bloody hallway. It was pretty gross walking through a hallway of dark blood. Soon, I reach the Kings throne room. Slowly, the door opened with my hands pushing on it.  Sitting on his throne was the King himself. Followed by Harry who was sitting next to him tangled in ropes and a scarf wrapped around his mouth. 

"HARRY!!" I screamed. 

3 Dark realm vampires swooped in on me. Crap.  I fought with all my might. Kicking here and there, and punching to their jaws and wherever I could punch. But it ended up with there being one loser... me. I sat on the floor bleeding, and curled up hugging the sore spots. The vampires dragged me over to the King. I could give up my power easily, and save harry and the boys. The boys! Where are the Boys!?

"If you're wondering where the boys' are, they're fine. They're each in a cell far down below us. Don't bother searching, my dear, or we'll have to kill them. Oh, don't you think Harry looks rather dashing in a scarf?" The King said with an evil grin on his face. Suddenly a bang came from the door. My dad came to my rescue. Great. Daddy has to save little princess...again. 

I didn't bother looking up into his eyes. Only disappointment will shine in his eyes. The King looked down upon me, and ordered 5 vampires to take charge at my father. The Dark Realm won. Tod laid on the ground covered with bruises, and scrapes, and blood. They beat him to a mush. But how could they do that?

"Harry, I'm....sorry," I said looking down.

They let him go so he could walk over to me. He large hands cupped my small , delicate face. 

"What do you mean?" He said with tears filling like buckets in his eyes.

"I'm saving you by giving up my power."

Harry pulls me into a hug,"Never! I'd rather die. You're going to die though," he said.

I kissed his forehead gently," Don't worry bout me. I need you to stand By the door," I said quietly. He knew I had a plan now. A plan to get ALL of us out of here.

Harry nodded, and walked over by the door. I looked at the King and smirked. The other day i figured out how to teleport. Fun experience. Soon I was no where to be seen, then I appeared next to Harry. My dad followed suit, and we ran off the 3 of us to the dungeons. 

When we were almost to.  the dungeons, we heard a group of Dark Realm vampires chasing us. I guess running won't do. Harry scooped me up and flashed us to the dungeons. Quick. We lost the Vampires,and finally managed to find the rest of the boys easily.

"Lindsay! You're Ok!" Louis said,rushing to my side,and hugging me. 

"yes, i'm fine," I said sort of weakly.

"But you're covered in blood,and bruises," Liam said hugging me.

"Liam.... i-i'm fine. It's Harry that we need to make sure he's ok."

The boys looked at Harry. They forgot. I can't believe they forgot how deep in trouble Harry was. The Council,me,everything. 

Soon there was a bright flash, and we were transported to an unknown place. When the flash cleared, it looked like a simple court lobby. The only difference was...the vampires. Vampires swarmed the place. Some being arrested,and some dancing for being counted as innocent. Harry will have a hard time telling them what has happened these past 4 months. Hard to believe it's been 4 months now. 

 Every time zone in the world is different right? Well, that's the same for vampire worlds. Yes, I said worlds. Harry told me there are many worlds in a vampire world. Too many to name, so in vampire school, you only learn the main few. They never have had time to sit down with me to share what those worlds are. I know there are 6 major worlds though.

A little old lady came up to us, and directed us to a the big room where the Council sits. As soon as the doors open, they reveal to us the great Vampire Council sitting in dark grey lounge chairs,and they all say in a horseshoe kind of shape. All the members looked somewhat around 40 to 60. I kept thinking that this will never work. I clung next to Harry, and he took my hand into his. This is it. This is the moment where they shall decide is Harry stays, or is either banished,killed,or put to slavery. Either way, he's to never see me again if they decide he is to be put to one of those consequences. 

"Please, do sit. Make yourselves comfortable. Harry, sit there," One of the elderly Council members said, addressing Harry to his seat. She seemed quite nice the way he facial features appeared. She still had color still left on her face, which is good. 

"Now, Harold,we've have had a close eye on you these past few weeks, and we have followed,and watched, your every move at the Dark Realm. We are please to tell you that...oh dear.. Lindsay, sweetheart, can you step out of the room for a minute? Thank you." One of the members said. I believe her name was Clara. Yes, that was the name on her name tag. 

I stepped out of the ,and waited quietly for them to finish.


An hour later, they all come out of the room with looks on their faces that I could describe as bad news.

I walked towards Harry,and he found me before I could find him. He placed his forehead on me, and kisses my lips as gently as possible. Both our eyes tearing up, he brushes his thumb on my tear stained cheek.

"Lindsay...i...i-i'm sorry."


The END:) Hopefully you loved it. comment what you loved most about the story and coming Christmas will be the sequel. Love you guys. keep reading this,voting,and sharing it! love ya!

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