Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


17. Chapter 17

woke up to the sounds of little bluebirds singing in the trees. They sounded as if they were making no effort to make that beautiful sound they always do. They lived simple lives, but sometimes hard. I wish my life would be simple as a bluebird.

My bare feet touch the wodden floor when I swiveled around to the side of my bed tossing the duvet away from me. The girls were all sprawled out on couches and guest room beds. I sat on the edge of my mattress until I noticed a piece of paper dangling from my window frame. Now, i usually leave notes everywhere, but I didn't leave this particular note on this frame. Could it be? No. He safely downstairs asleep on the couch. He couldn't leave without telling me the night before. Remind me to always duct tape him up whenever he comes to my house.

I pushed my tired body up from the matress and wlked towards the window. The note coming into focus more, I lifted my hand to take it. The pink and purple note in hand, I read:

Dear my most precious Lindsay,

I know you didn't want me to leave last night, but I just couldn't help it! By the time you read this letter, I will be already in the Dark Realm. I'm trying to save and protect you from harm that's coming your way. Please don't get angry. If you do, i'd come and kiss you.

When you said you wanted to be changed into a vampire, my heart lifted and sunk at the same time. I'm dangerous now, Lindsay. There's no way I could be with you! If there was some way to fix this, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I want you to treasure the times we had together, and never come to the Dark Realm. Don't come and find me. Sam has this place guarded like heck! If you do, he'd have you put in the dungeon again, and possibly kill you by sucking your blood. I know it sounds painful, but you HAVE to stay away.

My precious girl, you're the only thought and beauty that I could think of when I'm in deep trouble. Please don't come after me. If you die, I'd kill myself.

Now, there's a way to respond to me. Just grab the same paper I used from your desk. Write whatever you want and just think of me. When you have a strong thought, toss it out the window and watch the magic happen. It's something you've got to see.

I miss you with all my heart!

Will love you always,

P.s, remeber these words: written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain. I leave my heart open, but it stays right here empty for days........ The story of my life i take her home. I drive all night to keep her warm and time. Is frozen. The story of my life i give her hope. I spend her love until shes broke inside. The story of my life.


H.S .xxxxxo


My tears with coming faster than I expected. I ran to desk and brought out the paper. I write my message without thought, and was done in less than two minutes. My thoughts were searching my heart for Harry. He was there alright. I put every thought on him, and tossed it out the window. The strangest thing happened: it swirled in a big loop and poof! It disappeared! My eyes grew big. I have never witnesed anything unusual like that before.

I rushed downstairs to see how the girls were doing, and to tell them what happened. Bryn was cooking, Megan was texting Zayn, Annie was eating, and Maya, Bryn's sister, was eating too and listening to music. The sight was a beautiful one!

"Girls, you'll never believed what just happened" I said clinging onto the chair in front of me.

My wavy ,brown hair boucing as I moved around the kitchen to get their attention.

"What?" Bryn asked, flipping an egg for herself.

No words departed from my lips. Only the sounds of me rustling the paper to show them all what Harry left behind.

The girls gathered 'round the brown, circular table as I walked over to the fridge to get something to sooth my parched throat. Maya looked at the note in disbelief, Annie looked like she might punch someone, Bryn was getting in her usual mood when she sees stuff like this, and Megan didn't bother gettin up. She stayed where she was texting Zayn. The thoughts Harrys new song brought tears to my eyes.

"Thats One Direction's new song!" Megan said after hearing us quote the song from the paper.

We gave her a "Duh" look. She coward back to the couch,phone in hand.

"Oh by the way, I'm going on a date with Zayn later,"She said confidently.

We nodded in acknowledgment.

With the paper still in my hands, a quick breeze came through the open window towing behind a purple note.

"Another note!" I yelled.

"Wait, so instead of texting each other, you guys do magic notes?" Maya asked,"Dude that's so romantic!"

I picked up the note and put it in the small back pocket of my pajama pants.

"Wait... What DID you write to Harry?" Bryn asked

I smiled, then handed the other paper. I wrote two copies, so that I would show the girls.

The paper crinkled as it shifted from me to Bryn.

Bryn read:

Just come kiss me already! I'm very upset that you left last night. Plus, you know I'm coming after you after all that. I want you back here with me. I don't want this to be like my mom and my dad. We both love each other so much, Harry. Please stay.

I love you.

Nothing will stop me from chasing you.

Love you,

Lindsay<3 .xx

"I'd ship you guys soooo bad!" Bryn said bouncing up and down.

I just laughed at the little blonde.

We both called the rest of the boys and decided to meet at the cafe which wasn't far from the enterance to the Dark Realm.

As were walking to the car,again, I see the dark figure again. Harry? I walked towards the figure and before I knew it, he turned into a Dark Realm vampire! I keep forgetting that these dudes change into the ones you love! My first intention was to hit him, but that's when I realized that they're stronger than me. And by stronger than me, I mean STRONGER THAN ME. I took my chances and took a swing for his jaw(probably thinking im violent!). He blocked my attempt and held my fist in the air, smirking at me. Wait... I know this vampire, and he's not very fond of me. His dark red eyes burning through me like fire does to anything it touches. I could feel his hand gripping harder and harder. I tried grabbing my hand to take it out, but the vampire grabbed my other one.

"Why are you doing this, Sam?" I asked under breath while trying to free my self from his death grip.

He didn't say a word, only smirked. He closed the space between us, no light could escape. Sam moved his head and nudged my head to the side. My throughts rolling around, I tried to think of how to escape, but all would fail. His sharp teeth just barely grazing on my neck made me move around to free my self once more. Just then, I felt a rush of air come by me, followed by Sam being dragged on the ground. Please tell me this one is a good vampire!

"Are you all right?" He asked me walking towards me with Sam in his grip.

I must've looked shocked by the way his expression was. I nodded letting him know I'm fine. He looked familiar, like, I knew him.

"Do you by any chance know a Harry Styles?" I asked.

He looked back to me,"Yes, I do. He's a very good student of mine. I haven't seen him in a while though. Why? Is he ok?"

I chuckled," Yeah, he's great," I said," I happen to be his girlfriend."

His eyes went huge when I told him I was his girlfriend.

"Are you a vampire?" He asked in a whisper.

"Of course she's not!" Sam said from the side of the huge, towering vampire infront of me.

"Harry's turning me into a vampire soon, or else the Council will kill us both," I said looking down. "He's actually in the Dark Realm right now, which I don't know why. If you could help us get to the Dark Realm faster, that would be wonderful!" I said.

He smiled and dragged Sam along by his side towards me.

"Of course I'll help you!" he said.

He pulled out some chains from his pockets, and put them around Sam's hands. Niall brought some snacks for the journey to the porta,. Liam couldn't believe that we were going there again, Louis was the driver, and Zayn was cuddling with Megan. Don't they know that the girls have to be turned into vampires too?

The strange vampire, who I met attacking Sam, gave me a special key.

"I will explain what this is and for later," He said looking me straight in the eye. He looked kind of scared.

I nodded and hopped into the car. Louis pressed his foot against the gas pedal, and we headed off.


Harry's Pov

"Remember why you came here, Harry?" I heard the King say.

"To save Lindsay, and Sam's friendship with me," I said looking down at the ground surrounded by guards in the dark throne room.

The King chuckled, " Yes, that's right,but you forgot one thing," He said.

I took in a heavy sigh, and my eyes filled with tears. " To never let Lindsay be with me, and never let her turn into a vampire," I said letting it out as if I got forced to say it.

The King stared at me with his dark red eyes; the true sign of a Dark Realm vampire. His guards were looming over me like a dark cloud.

He leaned over towards one of his guards, and told him something that I couldn't hear. It must've been funny, because they both laughed a little, then smirked. I gulped. There was no hope for me any longer. Good bye world.

"Bring him here," The King said beckoning the guards with his long, youthful fingers. The guy look 20, but he was over 200 years old!

"Harold," He said." You want to protect this girl, don't you?"

I nodded while my hands were being cuffed. Scared to death, I think he saw me shaking when I saw him smile.

" I'll let her live, along with you too, if you join the Dark Realm," He said in a fiendish tone.

"NO!" I screamed," No way will I ever join you!"

"Very well. Perhaps you need to think about it a little longer. Take him to the most dirtiest cell we have!"

At last, my time has come. I need to decide whether to live or die. Either one will end drastictly.


Lindsay's Pov

Almost to the portal! Were so close to getting Harry back!

"Lindsay, what're you going to do once you're a vampire?" Sam asked.

I looked at him like it was an obvious answer.

"Live the rest of myvlife on the road with Harry and the boys! They still got their singing career, you know!" I said.

I'm glad that the boys don't have anything to do for the next couple weeks, or else this be a disaster!


Later, from our journey to the Dark Realm, the vampire we met actually introduced himself.

"I'm Justin. Justin Bieber," He said with a smile.

We all looked at him in friendly smiles and hi's. He told us that the portalwas right up ahead and recomended we walked from here on out.

My feet ached after walking for what seemed like forever. Couldn't we just end this and gone through the normal portal?!

"I'm hungry!" Bryn whined looking through her bag for any sign of food.

"Relax, Bryn, we'll find food soon," Liam said.

"Were here," Justin said still dragging Sam by his side.

I looked at the boys, then Justin. We each gave each other a reasuring nod, and entered the portal. The blue and purple swirled around us as we tossed and turned. Sudenly, here was a flash.

We switched from a little town, to a big Realm with killers every where. Luckily, we had Justin on our side. He could go anywhere as long as he has Sam(Which we hope stays with Justin). The vampire kept staring at us, but saw Sam, and kept walking by... strange.

Afterabout an hour(Dark Realm time), we found the cells. None carried the vampire we were looking for. Then a big swarm of guards came in and swooped all around us. We were terrified! All the girls clung to their man when I had no to cling onto. I snuck int the middle of our circle to figure a plan out of this.

"Who are you, and why have you come here?" The first guard said pointing a rather lomg spear at me.

"We came for a friend of ours that was taken by other guardsmen,"Liam said with confidence.

"We also have someone of yours," Maya said looking towards Sam who was staring at the guarda.

"Very well. Return our soldier and we shall take you to the King for consulting," The second one said.

We walked to the throne rrom which was not far from where we were standing. The guards opened the doors, and we entered the dark, dim lit room. The walls were covered with torches, and animal skins. Some had skeletons chain to a wall. Um...scary?

"My King, this group has one of our soldiers, but they want to do a trade. Sam for the curly one," the guad that spoke to us first spoke to the King.

The King chuckled and rested his chin upon his hand.

"So you want Harry correct? Of course! Will I let him go? I will certainly not!" He said with his booming loud voice. The loudness of his voice echoed throughout the room.

"Bring the tall curly one here, please," The King said.

"Well that's a first I heard him say please," I whispered towards Louis which we both giggled at.

"Here you are ,sir," A guard said shoving a dark clump unto the floor.

His face was so pale, and his hair all messy from not brushing it. His eyes were all red as if he'd been rying since he got into the room. My eyes filled with salty tears as I walked foward. His hands tied behing his back made it impossible to see his shining face. I squatted and sat infront of what is left of my gorgeous man.

"H-Harry?" I said.

He looked up slowly. His eyes changed from depressed to slightly happy, but quickly changed once he realized I was here.

"You have to get out of here, Lindsay!" He hissed and eyes going purple.

I ignored his order and schooched closer to him. My hand cupping his left cheek, I looked into his eyes and saw sadness.

"Harry, you missed me," I said

"Why did you come here?" he slightly growled.

"I came here for you. You're always going to be the reason why I'm here. Now, where's that kiss you promised?" I teased at the end.

His smile reappeared again revealing those dimples of his.

"I promised that?" He joked.

I laughed," Yes, Harry, you did," I said wrapping my legs around his waist.

He legs straight out infront made it look like we were watching a movie, or ready to make out. My hand brushing through his chocolate curls, I kissed the tip of his nose. His smile came back. This will never end.

"Can you please release him?" I asked the guard.

The guard looked at the King.

"Very well, uncuff him," The King said.

The guard clipped off the rope that was keeping Harry's hands hostage. His immediete action was to wrap his hands around my waist and lean in for that special kiss. My arms wrapped around his neck and right then I felt as if I wasn't in danger. I was with the one I love very much.

I pulled back two minutes later and stared into my lovers eyes. He had the same lust as I do.

"Would you like to transform her now? Or would you like to tell her before you do?" The King said.

Harry hissed at the King and stared at me with sadness again.

"Harry, what's going on?" I asked looking rather worried.

"To save you, or us, I have to turn you into a vampire and switch to the Dark Realm. I'd never do anything to seperate us, Lindsay, but this is a desicion that I haven't made yet. If you say yes, then I'm ln my way to becoming this monster. Look this desicion is mine and mine alone," Harry held my hands like he would always do. His thumb brushing over my knuckles.

"So... We c-can't be together anymore?" I said

"I don't know yet, but I'll figure this out. For now, please stay in your mortal world!"

I closed the space between us making sure no light was coming through.

"When someone's gone, were coming. I'm always going to love you and be by your side. If we have to be here till you decide, then what the heck? I'll do it! I love you so much, Harry, that I will die to save you. Your the best thing that's ever happened to me!" My tears rolled down my cheeks in clumps of three. My forehead against his, he wiped my tears away using his big thumb.

Harry kept his loving arms around my waist as we just swayed there to no music. This couldn't get anny better. His lips brushed against my little lips, and he smiled. I giggled and pecked his lips. We forgot our surroundings all around us.

"Aw, look at you two lovebirds. You're both so cute! Chain the man up!" The King yelled.

"NOOOO!!!" I screamed hugging Harry. "I'm not going to lose you again, Harry!"

"Lindsay, just go and wait," Harry said in a calm voice.

I gave him one last kiss before they took him away. He rushed back after walking for a bit and said," I love you," then walked away.

I fell to my knees before I started bawling my eyes out. Louis came over and sat down right next me. He opened his arms up for a hug which I accepted. I sat there huugging Louis till the rest of the boys came and started a group hug.

"As for you," The King said pointing at me.

I jumped up and glared at him. He took my man away, and I'm upset.

"What about me. I did nothing to deserve anything! I bumped into Harry, and we both felt a connection. We stayed together thinking we'd be fine, but no, Harry had to turn me into a vampire to be with him..." Louis and the boys were all shock to hear me rattle off my story about Harry and I.

"I was just going to say you all can stay till Harry decides. You're right, girl, you've done nothing to harm me," The King said with no joke in his tone.

The guards lead us to a few rooms where we all got settled pretty quickly. Dark Realm clothes were in all the closets for us to wear. I took one step towards the door and I heard...



I spun around to face a guard, but it was a normal, tall vampire. He was actually kind of hot.

"Um... No, I'm sorry. That's weird, Amy is my mom's name," I said.

" I'm sorry. It's just long ago I married this beautiful girl, but had to leave her, and you happen to look like her. Sorry about that. I'm Tod by the way," The vampire looked at me.

My eyes grew big and I gripped my door knob.

"Tod.. Um... I don know how to say this but, my mom is still alive and she told me she married a vampire named Tod, who lives in the Dark Realm. Your my father!"

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