Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


13. Chapter 13

Harry's Pov

"They can't do this to her!!" I said, rushing to find the jingling car keys in my denim pockets.

"Relax,Harry, Lindsay will be fine." Liam said gently.


Just an hour ago we went over to a bar to go and find Liam,who surprisingly had Annie with him. Anyways, That morning,while Lindsay and I were on a date, a group of Dark Realm Vampires swarmed in onto the little coffee shop and snatched Lindsay away from me. I tried my very best to keep them away from her, but they got to her anyways. Niall came in not even 5 minutes later. Once he asked me what was wrong, I had a meltdown. NO ONE TAKES MY GIRL AWAY FROM ME! I REPEAT NO ONE!!!

Then we realized we're able to get into the Dark Realm through a secret passage. We didn't know where it was so we went to go find Liam. And that's when we found him at the bar,with Annie with him. Slightly shocked,we told him the situation(without bawling my eyes out) about Lindsay and the Dark Vampires. Liam knew a way in to the Dark Realm so he said he'd take us. Easy right? No.

*back to normal*

Lindsay's Pov

It feels like I've been chained to the floor for a thousand years. I miss Harry and my friends so bad right now. Why did this have to happen to me?

Sam comes walking into my cellar all dressed up. Wonder where he's going?

"You're coming with me tonight." He said with a little grin on his face.

Something is wrong. Something is VERY wrong.

"Um.. No thank you" I said with a smile.

"YOU'RE GOING NO MATTER WHAT!" Sam said with a growl,showing his fangs.

I closed my eyes and slowly leaned away as he leaned towards my ear.

"You and I are going to a party here aright here at the Realm. I got your dress and everything. We just need to clean you and your pretty face up." He said.

I could've sworn my heart jumped out of my chest at that moment. He took a key from his pocket and unchained me. I fell to the floor with a thump, hurting my wrists. He took my hands to lift me up,but I took them away like lighting speed.

"I'm not trying to hurt you.....yet." He said with a smirk.

That boy gets on my nerves.

He's been coming in for the past week (the days are fast in the Dark Realm) saying,"Can't wait to see your face when Harry's dark blood spills right in front of you". It's been ringing inside my head like a grandfather clock when it ring every hour. He plans to hurt me after Harry, which I don't agree with. I don't agree with ANYTHING at ALL!

"Can you walk?" he asked.

I nodded and took a few steps before falling to the ground. Sam caught me in the nick of time.

"T-thanks" I said dusting my self off after he helped me get my balance again.

"No problem. Come on, lets get you cleaned up," he said with...a smile!?

Was it just me or did Sam actually smile. I just kept looking straight ahead, not looking around or behind me. My surroundings were quite scary, if you were me. I just wanted Harry here with me, holding me tight.

We walked into a dim room filled with scents I have never even smelled before.

"Sam, whats that smell?" I asked

"Vanilla and a secret scent. We can't tell you." He said smiling again.

He left me alone after 10 minutes,begging to stay. I let my little tattered shirt hit the floor ,along with my shorts, and went for my refreshing shower(they have showers here! How cool is that!).


After about an 35 minutes later I come walking out in the dress Sam picked out. I wasn't FULLY done, so I wasn't pretty yet. The look on Sam's face gave me the thought that he liked it.

"Can I help you?" I said

"" Was all he could say.

Of course my girl instinct told me that something might've been messed up or ripped.

"Is the dress ruined?!" I said looking around it.

OK,to let you all know what I'm wearing. It's a maroon hi-low dress with short sleeves... there's nothing on it. Boring right? Never let a guy get YOUR dress for a party.EVER. But it's the most comfiest dress in the world! I can't believe it actually is MY size!

"No you're good. It's just you look pretty hot in that dress."

I stepped back.

"Watch it man, I already have a boyfriend."

He rolled his eyes.

"Whatever," He said. "Now come on we have to get your hair done along with whatever else girls do to get ready for a party."


Harry's Pov

"Ugh what's taking Liam so long!!" I said

"Calm down, Harry, Liam will be back with the map any second now." Niall said patting me on the back.

I can't take it no more. I want Lindsay here and now! They can't keep her locked up in their forever. I'M gonna save her(along with Bryn,Liam,Annie, etc...).

"Got the map guys," Liam said rushing to the car.

"Hurry, Liam, It's been literally a week their!"

"Wow, seriously?" Bryn said popping up from the back row.

"Yeah, and the bad part about it is that Lindsay could already be in serious danger or worse... death." Niall said.

"LA LA LA LA DON'T GET THAT IN MY HEAD NIALL JAMES HORAN!!!" I yelled to him,fangs showing.

He hissed back in reply which made me shrink back into my seat. That boy has got a hiss,along with some sharp teeth.

"Can we GO now?" Annie rushed us from behind.

"Sure thing," Liam replied, putting the car in ignition.


"Wait, do we have to DRIVE their?" Bryn asked.

Niall,Liam, and I laughed.

"No sweetie," Niall said. " We drive halfway, then.... well.. you'll see" he said with a little grin.

The ride to our halfway point was awfully quiet. No one said a word unless it was."Bless you" or "Are we there yet?" Oh how that got annoying after a while. It got annoying because it was Bryn doing it every 5 minutes! The girl won't shut up! Annie tried talking to her, but that didn't help at all!

"Bryn, can you shut up for oh I don't know... 2 hours!?" I said, under some serious stress.

I heard a gasp come from Niall.

"Don't talk to my Boo like that!" he said smacking my arm.

I let out a heavy sigh,"That was wrong of me,Bryn,to yell at you like that. I'm sorry. It's just that I miss Lindsay really bad so i'm under a lot of pressure,"

Bryn smiled.

"That's ok Haz, everyone get's those times,"

After that, the car ride was full of conversations.

-Back with Lindsay-

"Sam?" I said."Can we go now? I'm starving!"

"Sure. You look beautiful by the way" He said looking up and down my body.

I stepped a couple steps to the side.

"Thank you?" I said sorta laughing.

"Ah here we are!" He said once we entered the throne room filed with many vampires.

Ok,so if you're like me, you'd freak out. But if you're not, then hooray for you! Seriously, I didn't freak out, surprisingly. They all just look like normal people,except the fact that they have fangs and their eyes change color! I didn't know that I was slightly shocked, until Sam rested his hand on my shoulder.

"You ok, Lindsay?" He asked.

I nodded,then fast walked to the food table.

"Hey um...Lindsay?" Sam said.

I turned my head towards him and saw he was right next to me. For a second I thought I saw Harry, but It was my head playing tricks on me. Sam's eye's glittered in the room,while mine were just dark. It seemed as if he was trying to get me to like him by going full out on his look tonight. I mean, he's never clean,doesn't EVER wear nice enough clothes, and never ever smells nice.

"Yeah?" I said,still staring into his eyes.

He looked down at his feet,moved them around a bit,then looked up and stared into my eyes.

"Wanna dance?" He asked, while holding out his hand slightly.

I smiled.

"I'd love to," I said,still smiling as he took me out onto the vampire filled dance floor.

I have to give the guy a chance ,ya know! I mean, I think a human girl is like striking gold to them.

I must've still been seeing things because I saw Harry and Niall standing at the front door looking around for me.

"Sam,Harry is behind you. well, at the door,at least,"I said trying to stop.

"No, you're staying here!" He gripped harder.

I easily escaped from his grip, using one of the pressure point spots on his neck.

"HARRY!!!" I called from the other side of the room.

Harry looked my way and saw me. The look he had on was so adorable! He was like my little lost puppy but found! I ran as fast as I could to him, hoping no one would ruin ths moment. I missed Harry. I wanted everything back the way it was. Nothing was going to stop me from being with Harry(unless the council did something).

My arms met his neck as he wrapped his arms around me. he pulled me closer to him, causing me to be a sandwhich! Tears started to well up in my eyes. I knew I couldn't hold them for long because I felt them running down my face.

"Oh Lindsay! I missed you so much! I promise never to let you out of my sight ever again!" He said holding me in his arms.

I just cried till I looked up to see that beautiful face of his.

"You're crying," He said, wiping away my tears with his large thumb.

A small laugh came out while stroking through his soft hair. I wanted this to never end. EVER!

"Hey,Harry!" A voice said from behind us.

Harry looked into the crowd and saw Sam looking at us.

"What do you want, Sam?" He said letting go of me.

I ran towards my friends that were there.

"You,Harry. I want you!"

Those words rang in my ear like a gandfather clock when it hits noon.

Then I remembered something Sam has been saying the past few weeks( yes, weeks. time difference is weird in the Dark Realm). Sam wanted me so he could KILL Harry.

"HARRY, BACK AWAY!" I screamed from the other end of the room.

He didn't listen. All he did was look back at me and smiled. What was doing?


"Who are you going to listen to Harry? Me? Or your precious girlfriend? Or should I say EX-girlfriend." sam said with a little smirk on his face.

He wanted me...Sam wanted me...

I searched my mind for something to draw Harry back from Sam. Nothing. He was all alone.

I tried running to him, but Niall and Liam caught me and held me back.

"NO!!!" I yelled, while kicking and screaming.

Their strength was no match for mine. I was useless.

Harry turned away from Sam. Yes, he's doing it! He walked towards me and once he was up to me, put his hand on my cheek.

" I love you,Lindsay. I know I said I would never let you go, but there's a little fight I have to take care of . I'll be there in your room tonight. Just wait. I love you," Harry said before placing a kiss on my lips.

My face was covered in tears as we left the Dark realm that night . I couldn't help but to look back at the room. Harry. Losing my puppy again. Could this night get any worse?


"Relax,Lindsay!" Bryn said, comforting me in her gentle arms.

Annie went to get some coffee, while Bryn and the otheres stayed with me. I just kept thinking to myself,"He's coming back. He's coming back. Harry will be fine. He'll be back."

Bryn tried putting on some music, but I stopped her. NOTHING will make me feel better, until Harry gets back.


It's been 3 days since Harry stayed at the Dark Realm(Almost two months in there). I've been beginning to worry something might have happened to him. I just want my little vampire back. I love him with all my heart.

"Lindsay it's for you,"Bryn said, walking over to me with our room phone in her small hand.

I took the phone from her, wondering who was on the other end that might want to talk to me.

"Hello? This is Lindsay," I said, pressing the phone to my ear. "Yes...uh huh...yeah...yes... No..... Sure. Ok, Love you bye!" I hung up.

"My mom called" I said to Bryn, who obviouslywanted to know who it was.

" Why did she call?" She asked.

"She wanted me to come and visit for the weekend,"I said plain as day.

"You can't go! Not with You-Know-Who not back yet!"

"You can say his name,Bryn!" I said slightly laughing.

Bryn laughed too.

"When does she want you to come?"

"Well.... She wants me there by Friday, which is in three days, so I would leave Tuesday since it takes a long time to get there. Along with the traffic these days, I'm going to be bored by myself, so I thought I could take you along!"

Bryn's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree! I can tell she wanted to go, by the way she was packing.

"We leave Tuesday!" I corrected her.

She looked at me and nodded.


Around Monday morning at 5:30am, I heard a knock on my door. Way too early for me to get up. Especially on a Monday(Mondays are the hardest School days ever!)! My mind raced though people that could be behind the door. bryn was still asleep when I unlocked the door and opened it.

My eyes went all black. My skin went pale. I was frozen by the person who was standing in front of me...Sam.

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