Love That Bites(One Direction Vampire fanfic)

Two girls,Lindsay and Bryn, face dangers when they meet five vampires,also new, at the their college. They meet new friends along the way,Megan and Annie. They too have to face the dangers of the Evil Vampire Region. Also, the girls must choose paths for each of themselves when a threat comes their way. Love will strike,but will it last?


19. chaper 19

Oh my gosh were almost done! So sad:(  I will let you know about a sequel to this book when I post the very last chapter! Thank you all for making this book worht writing for!


Lindsay's POV

My eyelids fluttered open to reveal to me a dark, dirty room with blood stains on the floor. I'm guessing what happened all last night WASN'T a dream.

 I look to my left and there slept next to me my wonderful figure with matted hair, and shredded clothes. Oh what did my Harry choose?

I slowly crawled out of the hard bed(it had two blankets on, no worries) and walked around the cell closely trying to find clues as to what happened before I came. The little cell seemed perfectly fine for a vampire like him, but it had more of an evil look. Secretly I thought to myself that Harry was lying to my face about turning into a Dark realm vampire, but the other me was crying to pieces because of the truth. I didn't want to believe it, no. My world changed as soon as I met him, but it was all worth it. 

I looked back at the little bundle  I knew as Harry, curled up into a little ball dreaming his head off. I couldn't help but smile at this adorable sight. He said he'd be dangerous, but look at him! He's curled up like a little kid..having..night....mares. 

I quietly cept over to Harry and leaned over his gorgeous, built frame, and kissed his forehead. I think his dream will change now. 

Harry's body relaxed and his legs loosened out in front of him. Perfect.

"Hey, I think the girl's awake!" I heard a guard yell. Busted.

I quickly  fit myself next to Harry and fell back "asleep". The guard came by and opened the gate.


Harry flinched while I stayed asleep, hoping the guard would let me rest.

"Get your girlfriend up, Styles," The guard ordered Harry.

I could tell Harry was giving him a look. Poor Harry.

Soon enough, I felt a loving nudge beside me followed by a small kiss behind my ear. Wow. That sensation breezed right by me. I fluttered my eyes open once again, and looked into the green orbs of a supposedly evil vampire who wants to hurt me. I saw more lust in his eyes than I could ever imagine. He didn't want to go through this. 

"You need to get up," he whispered with another kiss on my cheek right after.

I held my arms out for a sign I want him to carry me. He chuckled and wrapped his huge hands on my waist, and lifted me up into his loving embrace. The guard looked rathered disgusted of our little moment there. Who cares about the guard! 

"Ugh, that's so gross," the guard said guiding us to a special room. 

I don't know if you have figured out what is about to happen here. You see, even though Harry doesn't want to do this, he has too because of the choice he had made yesterday. Harry has chosen to become a Dark Realm vampire to save my own human life. But apparently the king had some fine print words to his deal with Harry: if Harry turned into a Dark Realm vampire, then he'd have to turn me into a normal vampire. 

The guard stopped and opened the door to the room we will be spending the whole day in. The Tranformation room. Its floor were stained with past humans bloos and the walls were lined with dark red paint. This little voice inside me wanted to make me scream and hide, but I calmed myself down. As Harry set me down, he took a long look at me and knew I was scared. He tried to calm me down by moving his body towards mine, closing the space inbetween us, and holding one of my hands. I didn't look up because I didn't want to fall to tears once thoe orbs looked into mine. I squeezed his hand hander letting him know that he was right: I AM scared. 

 Harry placed his lips omtop of my head. Oh how cute we should look right now. My eyes staring at the blood on the floor, I thought of what could happen during my transformation. Brain spinning with thoughts, I finally looked into his orbs. I saw gentleness and love in his eyes. Did HIS transformation not work? I could see face changes in him since his change, but no emotion change whatsoever. 

I took my hand out his large one, and wrapped both my arms around his neck, and placed my head on his chest. I shut my eyes trying to hope that this is all a dream, but not at the sometime because that would mean Harry would be a dream.  He wrapped his hands around my waist again, and brought me just a tiny bit closer.  The guard wouldn't leave until he knew we started. Harry was taking advantage of this precious moment with me. 

He leaned his head foward to my ear.

"Don't worry, you'll be perfectly fine," he said followed by that same kiss behind the ear. 

I couldn't help but smile. He smiled to which made me want to cry. He hasn't smiled in forever! 

The guard opened the door to see wht was taking so long.

"If you want to be finished before sundown, you better hurry up and start now," He said.

 Harry and I looked at each Other with fear in both our eyes. We loved each other so much that we'd do this to protect our love. 

"Ok, I'm telling you this now, so that way you won't be as scared as I am. The first part of your transformation won't be that painful. You might feel a slight pinch, but that should be it. The second part is slightly different. That's when we introduce you to pain. You will feel more pain in this one. Finally, is the most toughest stage any transformation goes. The dagger. Sadley this is how we change humans into vampires too. I had to get a dagger as well. It's just the rule in all Realms, not mine. Lindsay, I want you to know that you and I will say things during this process that we won't mean literally to each other. And I mean we WILL say things. I win't say what, but I'm just warning you we will say stuff that we won't literally mean. Also, I want to tell you that no mtter what happens, I will love to the ends of the earth. You mean so much to me. I can't even I fell in love with someone who actually care for me and really loves me. You proved to me that you want to be with me... Basically forever by coming here all these time trying to save me. I kept putting you down and I'm sorry for that because I didn't feel that love with all the pain I was suffering from. But last night, when you came to my cell, I felt something go off inside of me. Love went off inside of me. Just promise me one thing Lindsay," Harry finished. 

I took in all his words as if I knew what was already going to happen. 

I had to answer him though," Anything, Harry." 

Harry leaned his forehead against mine and crashed our lips together. Our bodies closing together, lips movin in sync, and love making it's way back into our hearts. 

Harry pulled away after what seemed forever.

"That you won't forget the times we had together and all the fun memories we made. I don't want those to die away from you," Harry said cupping my face with his hands. 

"Now, let's get started." 


My fingers intertwining with the dark figure infront of me, I braced myself for the first stage in transforming me into what he is now. Harry tried calming me down, but I was shang so bad that Harry had to hold me tight for a few minutes. 

"Hey, it's ok. It'll be over before you know it," He said rubbing small circles into my shaking back. 

 I shivered with his touch. Finally he let go of my hands.

"It's time," Harry told me before closing the space between our warm bodies.

For once in my life I have never felt so scared before. It's as if... I'm going to die tonight. Harry never really told me about the last stage, but all I knew was that it was going to be painful. 

Harry turned let his sharp fangs pop out of his gums. His eye color changing to purple, made me miss my green-eyed man.  His hair all filled with sweat, I reached for his beautiful curls, bur rejected me by twisting his head out of the way. I scrunched back into a cornered wall, and cowered their. Harry came closer and closer, wanting to reach for me and bite into my neck. He took my hand into his and tugged on me to make me come closer? I stood my ground by digging my heels into the blood-stained floor below my bare feet.

 I looked at Harry, knowing that it was time.

He started by kissing my chapped lips, then, very slowly, he made his way to my jawline.  The sensation burned into me like fire does to paper. I felt like melting like a candle. After a few soft kisses he made his way to my neck. Oh how that made me tingly. He sucked on the top layer of skin to make the blood vessels appear. I squirmed and whimpered at his moves, making it slightly harder for him. 

Finally, I felt his fangs start to graze just above my sweet spot. I moved around a bit, making him let out a deep growl from his chest. I stopped moving around and stayed quiet. Harry pulled back and started tracing his fingers along my neck. A chill ran down my spine as he kept tracing the mark he had just made. 

"You ready?" He asked pressing his forehead against mine. 

 I nodded in return for I had no words to say. 

Harry bent his head again and let his fangs graze around once more. I felt one of hands travel to find mine, and he succeeded. Gripping his, and him gripping me, Harry pierced his sharp fangs into my skin. The pain soared through my body. I yelped a little, but Harry just gripped harder. I felt blood exiting my poor helpless body.   My body went a little limp after what seemed forever. Harry caught me being all loose and flimsy and decided to hold me for a while. I felt weak in his embrace, but I knew I was safe. 

 An hour later(Dark Realm Time), I was ready for stage two. 
"Harry, I'm not sure if I'm ready for the second part if this..this.. oh I've lost so much blood I can't even remember what it's called! " i said freaking out. 

Harry brushed his hand through my messed up hair,"It's alright, you'll be perfectly fine. "

 I trust Harry with my life, so I would think I'd trust him on this sort of thing.  The night seemed to carry on so fast, that it felt like we have only been in this room for only an hour or two.  

Stage two was a tiny bit more painful than stage one. Stage two I have to suck Harry's  blood and that should end up with me getting my fangs, and my eye color. The painful part is the actual transforming.  Harry won't tell me what the last stage is, but I can tell its going to be devastating to him by the he looks at me when he mentions it. I try not to bring it up, but Harry ends up starting the conversation about the last stage.  

Finally, it was time to start the next stage. I looked away while Harry sliced himself at the beginning of his wrist. As soon as I saw the maroon colored liquid dripping from his hand, I wanted to cry. 
Harry came and held my hand with his non bleeding hand, and kissed the top of it. I slightly giggled as his touch, but knew we had to get back to being serious soon.  He brought up his blood dripping wrist and looked at me. I knew what he was expecting out of me, so I lifted his wrist to my mouth and licked up what was left of the slightly foul tasting blood. 

Few minutes after licking up Harry's blood, my mouth started to hurt. I looked in the mirror and I saw two fangs starting to come in. Dang, I look good with fangs! Anyways, I went back to Harry, and he told me my eyes are purple. Sure enough, I look in the mirror again and there stood me,  Lindsay, with two deep purple eyes, and two baby fangs. What did I chose this? Wait, am I regretting this decision? 

Another hour later, I was ready for the third, and final stage. 

"Ok, Harry, spill the beans on what I have to do for this final stage," I said looking rather worried. 

Harry turned around from where he was standing. Tears sprinting down his cheeks, he held in his hand... a dagger, or a simple knife. I gasped and cowered back into the stony wall again. 

"The third I have to stab you with this dagger, until I see you made it through to daylight. The reason why I'm crying is that YOU have to fight the pain from where I stab you. Not a lot of mortals make it past this stage. I want you, Lindsay, to be strong and to not let darkness fall over you." 

Tears welling in my eyes, I kissed his plump lips passionately until I felt him break away. He tied my arms high above my head with an itchy rope. It scratched at my skin like a tiger does to humans. 

"I'm sorry..." Harry whispered before lifting the material halfway up my body to reveal my stomach. Harry traced the dagger around my stomach, and just when I thought I could look down to him tracing,  he stabbed me. Pain surging through my body like a rocket, I screamed. Harry held the dagger in place and pressed his forehead against my sweaty forehead. I was crying, yelping, and squirming all at the same time.  Harry kissed my lips once more before going back to make sure the dagger was in. I think it's in when I'm screaming and crying every 10 seconds. 

I felt like going limp to depart from this world I know and love.  With my tears streaming down my face, I felt a sudden release of pressure from my stomach. The dagger was gone. I looked at to see Harry standing there with the bloodstained knife.  There was now nothing but a scab where I was stabbed.  Shocking to see how fast his powers worked, I wriggled out of the rope, and ran towards Harry.

"Are we done?" I said still slightly crying for I had made the last stage. 

"Yes, baby, were done!" Harry replied crying and lifting me high into the air and spinning in a circle. 


 On our way out of the transformation halls, we heard a group of guards behind us.if there was more than 3, then the King was here, and boy... there was more than 3. Harry and I stopped and turned around to face our enemy. 

"What do you want?" I said looking angry

"You dead,"the King replied. "Harry, I thought you were suppose to kill her, not make her stay alive!" 

 I wwas shocked to hear this news that departed from the King's mouth. I looked at Harry, whose head was hung, then the King again, who was giving me a death glare. 

"Harry? Is that true?" I asked walking over a couple feet towards Harry. 

Harry pushed me aside, not wanting to do anything with me.

"Yes, it's true. I was suppose to kill you, but instead you kept yourself alive. I don't know what you thought of to make you stay alive,  but all I know is that I saw you losing the battle, but then you came back." 

"I thought of you Harry. I thought literally about you and I living in peace without any of.. this!" I added showing my hands everywhere in the Dark Realm. 

Harry got a bit darker and walked towards the King,  shared a few words I couldn't hear, then looked at me. 

I couldn't handle this any longer,  so I ran far from Harry and out into the swirling portal that took me to my home, my family, and most of all, my friends who cared about me and didn't want me dead.  Yes, I did leave the boys and their girlfriends behind, but it was for a right reason.  I told them that if I didn't make it back,leave the Realm, and find me.  


Oh my gosh guys, the next chapter ends the book!!:O. Just for the fun of it, comment below if what your favorite chapter, fav part in that chapter, and why. I want to hear your feedback!the last chapter should be about 5-6 pages long. I personally think I wouldn't have done this without the help of all of you readers, directioners, and just all my loveky followers. Vote, comment, and follow! I love you all somuch! ? Xx

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