the unexpected

sadie always dreamed about dating the famous you tuber cameron dallas but when she found out they were coming to dallas she freaks out and can't wait to go will she come face to face with cameron?


3. chapter 3

  ..........................................skip getting the girls............................

Sadie's POV

knock knock i hard foot stomps so i knew someone was coming and th door opened and it was Cameron he said we have company to his friends then h invited us in and when the girls found the're ''future husbands'' they literally almost past out and Cameron and i were having a good conversation.

Cameron's POV

so how did y'allls lights go out i guess the lightning out side she responded that sucks well if y'alls lights don't come back on ya'll can stay with us okay sounds like a plan sh responded she was so cute with her wavy brown hair and her voice i wanted to kiss her so bad but i didn't know if it was the right moment so we just talked for a bit

Sadie's POV 

it was getting really late so I went to go check and see if the lights came back on and which they didn't so i headed back and i bumped into two of my other friends Khalia and Gabi hey suprise they said where is everyone they said well we are kinda staying with us because our lights went out so come with me y'all can stay with us so we headed back to Cameron's room hey stranger your back with more people Cameron said as we walked in the hotel room and so everybody was asleep after we got back except Cameron and i so i went to change into my pajama's and the pajama's i was wearing was a long black v neck and a pair of comfortable black spandex short shorts and when i walked out of the bathroom Cameron was totally checking me out and i said ''take a picture it last longer'' he started laughing and he asked if i wanted to watch a movie and i said yeah and he said pick one out so as soon as i started looking i found the perfect movie it was finding Nemo so we watched that movie and we were cuddled up on the floor untill i felt myself drifting off to sleep.

Cameron's POV

i was laying with Sadie untill i hard hr snoring it wasn't a loud snoring but it was cute then i saw her shivering a little so i got up to look for a blanket and i saw all of my friends cuddled up with Sadie's friends all i could say was awwww then i went up to JC and Nevaeh and i took there blanket and went back over to Sadie and put it over us and i drifted off to sleep

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