the unexpected

sadie always dreamed about dating the famous you tuber cameron dallas but when she found out they were coming to dallas she freaks out and can't wait to go will she come face to face with cameron?


2. chapter 2

sadie's POV

ALEX!!!!!!! you made it i'm so glad to see you what do y'all wanna do now since were all here?

alex's POV 

i mean of course i couldn't miss out on seeing my future boyfriend and y'all we could make a youtube video if you want there's always a first time for everything.

desiree's POV

sure that sounds like fun let me go get nevaeh and tell her that we are about to make a video

sadie's POV 

so are you excited alex? um yes of course alex responded who's your favorite again? the one and only carter reynolds alex said enthusiastically oh yeah now i remember look its raining outside and lightning outside alright well I'm going to find those girls you coming yeah she responded 


                               ………..skip finding the girls…………………….

sadie's POV 

okay we are about to shoot the video in 3…2…1…. BOOM!!!!! everything went black the lights went out and we got scared so i found a couple of flashlights in my purse and i told the girls that I'm going to find a person inn one of these hotel rooms if we can stay with them until our lights come back on okay everyone said in a unison we are staying here okay i responded. I'm walking around for a little bit and knocked on a lot of doors no answers so i went to knock on my last door  and when i knock all i heard was scramming like they were playing around and i also heard music then some one answered the door i was the shy one so i was staring at my feet while i was talking to that person i said hi I'm sadie and our lights went out and its really dark can we stay here until our lights come back on and he said yeah okay and that voice sounded so familiar so i looked up and i was face to face with cameron dallas.


cameron's POV 

Oh my gosh she was so beautiful i couldn't help but stare into her blue eyes then my friends came to the door and i introduce them i said nash,carter,shawn,JC, and matt this is sadie and sadie this is nash,carter,shawn,matt and JC and I'm cameron


sadie's POV 

hold on i'll be right back they responded with okay in a unison and then i headed back to get my friends

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