The Eyes of a Devil

Nanami Anderson was your average high school girl. One day a new kid comes into class. He was pretty average except for one thing, his eyes. His eyes were a beautiful, clear blood red eyes that seemed to scream to Nanami. The new kid only glanced at Nanami almost having her melt in her seat as chatter flooded the room about him, and his eyes. With an uproar now in school all about him and his eyes. After school she noticed him with a bunch of kids. They were from her class and a famous group of bullies, who just found a new rabbit to pray on. She watched from the side as she watched this supposed rabbit turn into a brutal wolf. His eyes oozed with excitement as the wolf shed his rabbit skin and attacked the group of hyenas. After blood stained the ground crimson the wolf returned to a rabbit and collapsed into the pool. Nanami took the wolf in a rabbit's skin home. What will now happen? Will the wolf find new pray or perhaps something else will be reveled behind the blood red pools?


10. Explanation

"Some time ago," Shinrei's father began. "as I'm sure Shinrei told you about when he was a kid how he blacked out, we brought him to a doctor. When we did they told us that nothing was wrong with him and that it was probably a one time thing. But, then when it happened again we brought him back. Yet again they told us the same thing. After each incident we would bring him back and get the same answer. After a little while we just gave up. Not too long after that we started to get  the letters. We thought of them as pranks with no special meaning. They were just some girls or something with an excessive obsession with our Shinrei. When we would read the Lord we would start cracking up that someone would actually refer to our, shaggy son as Lord." He began snicker a little bit as he said this. I glanced over at Shinrei who didn't have the happiest face on.  I could tell that he was pissed that even his parents found it funny for him to be called Lord. I only sat where I was thinking to myself well, now doesn't that say something when even your parents laugh at you. It really tells you how out of place it must be, sheesh, I mean mine would do the same, so I feel for him. He started up again after he got over his little laughing attack, that Shinrei was not pleased about. "Excuse me, but we would still read each letter even though they came frequently and typically said the same thing. But one of them was different from the rest. Instead of the usual thing about sending Shinrei back to his rightful place and all that crap, it was saying for us to meet them. We were shocked it said to meet them at some park and they would explain something's to us. I thought to myself we could finally get some answers. Before I would always just tell him he's blessed because I never had an explanation for it. 

"We both went to the park at, I believe it was midnight or some time in that hour. We probably waited for about a half hour or so, but they finally showed up. The thing we found strange was only one person showed up in front of us even though we knew there were many more. We could hear leaves rustling or hissing or chuckling all around us. The one person who showed up in front of us didn't even show his face. They were draped in a deep purple cloak that covered every inch of him the hood around his face hung so low we only saw a dark shadow. We didn't the greatest of him but we wanted to know about our son more than we cared about out safety. The man didn't even seem human and his voice was so deep it sent chills down our spine. After a minute of starring at each other he began to speak. He began by telling us that Shinrei wasn't a human and that he was something of a greater nature. He would also be a true ruler and would bean amazing king with his power. I cut him off and asked him what out Shinrei was. He only snickered and said that that was information that we didn't need to know and that we would find out in due time anyway. He continued by saying that the blackouts will only get worse as time goes by until he was sent back to where he belongs. I asked where he belonged. Yet again they told me I didn't need to know and that I would fond out in a little while any way. He said the most we can tell you is that Shinrei is clearly not human so he doesn't belong in the human world. Also that we should comply to their demands of bringing him to where ever the letters said. After that they all pretty much disappeared into the night. The snickering, hissing and rustling all disappeared as soon as the thing in front of us disappeared into the night.

"We stood where we were dumbfounded for a moment at the out come. After a minute we headed home with no real information. The letters now only increased with time. They also became more demanding but we still ignored them and things continued as they always did. Well now it seems they are now getting extremely desperate to be reaching out to you as well, even though you've only known him for a few days." He finally finished with that as we both just sat dumbfounded. So it's been confirmed that this kid isn't normal let alone human. I glanced over at Shinrei whose expression stayed the exact same. He had absolutely no reaction to hearing that he wasn't human and that he was going o be something great. While I was in the middle of starring and thinking Shinrei's mother jumped in and began to speak. "Oh wait! I remembered something else that the thing said! He barely said anything about it so its no surprise you didn't catch it. It was about how that Shinrei will meet some girl who will be going with him to where they belong together or something. It pretty much also implied that she wasn't going to be human either. We have yet to see Shinrei get near a girl, besides you, let alone one that does things like him. I think that I must have heard the thing wrong, oh well thought I would mention it." She shrugged as I yet again just sat there as thoughts came across my mind What if I'm that girl? Would that make me inhuman like Shinrei? Where would I be going exactly? What would I be if im like Shinrei, I know for damn sure it ain't human! I looked over at Shinrei as his expression had finally changed. He looked shocked at this sudden news. I couldn't comprehend how this would shake him up but finding that he's not human has absolutely no effect on him.

I still couldn't think of what Shinrei could possibly had been or where he belonged but I was going to find out very soon.

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