The Eyes of a Devil

Nanami Anderson was your average high school girl. One day a new kid comes into class. He was pretty average except for one thing, his eyes. His eyes were a beautiful, clear blood red eyes that seemed to scream to Nanami. The new kid only glanced at Nanami almost having her melt in her seat as chatter flooded the room about him, and his eyes. With an uproar now in school all about him and his eyes. After school she noticed him with a bunch of kids. They were from her class and a famous group of bullies, who just found a new rabbit to pray on. She watched from the side as she watched this supposed rabbit turn into a brutal wolf. His eyes oozed with excitement as the wolf shed his rabbit skin and attacked the group of hyenas. After blood stained the ground crimson the wolf returned to a rabbit and collapsed into the pool. Nanami took the wolf in a rabbit's skin home. What will now happen? Will the wolf find new pray or perhaps something else will be reveled behind the blood red pools?


7. Being On-time

We kept running as my bags smacked my back and Shinrei's face occasionally. he was unaffected as we sprinted to the gates of hell to avoid the wrath of the guards. We sprinted past them as sweat dripped from our faces while sprinting up the steps and to our homeroom. When we arrived at the door we swung it open and ran in just as the bell rang behind us.

"Hell yeah! We made it on time!" I screamed with joy as I threw my hand in the air as I stood straight. "Hell yeah!" Shinrei also threw his hand up but he was bent over as he huffed these words. We then both triumphantly walked to our seats, only to look up when we sat down that we just made a show for the entire class. Their eyes just starred and starred with penetrating gazes that spelled rumors. I could clearly see that they were all thinking of more rumors to spread about us that weren't already said. There couldn't be many things left to say but me and Shinrei turned into hot gossip amongst the school. Shinrei was the bigger topic though. Since he has red eyes and is a new student  the masses just love to speculate. He really wasn't your average high-schooler  but adding me and him running late and coming at the same time only adds to the speculations and rumors. When I looked over to Shinrei he didn't even seem to notice the stares. I simply shrugged as people slowly began to turn around at the sight of the approaching teacher.

The day flew by with no rumors that headed our way. I guess we lucked out they probably already came up with every rumor possibly either that or they're keeping them on the down low. I soon lost all care in that thought as soon as I spotted Shinrei waling out. "Planning on getting into another fight, than passing out and ending up at my house for another sleepover?" I looked up at him as he only smirked and shrugged. "We'll just have to see how the delinquents feel about challenging me again after their may defeats. With them all almost dying each time." I chuckled and then continued to walk beside him.

We began to walk past the alleyway where Shinrei won his gloriously bloody fights. I was half expecting for someone to call out and try to challenge Shinrei. The only thing I saw was whatever was left of them cower in fear as we walked past. They began to shake and inch deeper into the alleyway. I only smirked as I looked at there pathetic selves. I then ignored them again and continued to talk with Shinrei. I kept walking but soon noticed my sun block was not doing his job anymore. Because Shinrei's height I simply rely on him to block out the ghastly rays of sunlight but they began to protrude onto my face. I looked back to see my sun blocker standing in front of the alleyway with eyes that screamed murder.

"Oh shit! I've got an issue!" I muttered as I began to run towards Shinrei. He stood there lifeless but his eyes thirsted for blood. I ran to him snapping in his face and began to run around him to make him snap out of his trance. It was it was to no avail. I sighed as I looked back up at him but as I did I could see gravity began to take over and he tipped. When he tipped he made a deep swoop as he changed directions and ran down the alleyway. His speed was incredible, he ran a million times faster than I ever could have hoped. I sprinted after him with no hopes of getting anywhere near his speed, but when I glance upon his face I noticed a smile that stretched from ear to ear. He bared his teeth as he ran full speed towards his pitiful victims. I could see the kids in the alleyway practically piss there pants as they saw him coming. He looked like something straight out of a horror movie. He was soon face to face with the kids as they began to scream and one even let a little fluid flow. Shinrei kept grinning as he began to raise a fist that headed towards a kid. Soon a nonstop flurry of punches and kicks befell upon these kids. I stopped running and stood in horror as I saw a trail of crimson come to my feet. A river then began to flow to my feet as the sole of my shoes became stained with crimson. I could only stand as the river continued to flow and the on slot of pain  befell the kids.; "Sh...shi..." I began to stutter as he only kept grinning while listening to the wails of pain.",...Shinrei!" I shouted to get his attention. He momentarily stopped his on slot while the kids still wailed and whined from the pain. He looked at me with his crimson eyes that suddenly lost pleasure in brutality. "Oh shit, what happ...," He began to say as he fell into the flowing river that rushed over him as his clothes sucked up the crimson.  I ran over to Shinrei as he was yet again passed out. I repeated my steps from the other days, pick him up, drag his sorry ass home and now prepare for another sleepover.

I did just that but when I arrived at my doorstep I looked down at my feet to spot a letter that was addressed to Shinrei and myself. "To My Lord Shinrei and woman with him. " I said as I scanned over the envelope.


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