The Eyes of a Devil

Nanami Anderson was your average high school girl. One day a new kid comes into class. He was pretty average except for one thing, his eyes. His eyes were a beautiful, clear blood red eyes that seemed to scream to Nanami. The new kid only glanced at Nanami almost having her melt in her seat as chatter flooded the room about him, and his eyes. With an uproar now in school all about him and his eyes. After school she noticed him with a bunch of kids. They were from her class and a famous group of bullies, who just found a new rabbit to pray on. She watched from the side as she watched this supposed rabbit turn into a brutal wolf. His eyes oozed with excitement as the wolf shed his rabbit skin and attacked the group of hyenas. After blood stained the ground crimson the wolf returned to a rabbit and collapsed into the pool. Nanami took the wolf in a rabbit's skin home. What will now happen? Will the wolf find new pray or perhaps something else will be reveled behind the blood red pools?


23. A/N

Until I tell otherwise each chapter will switch perspective between Nanami and Shinrei. Like my next chapter will be in Nanami's perspective then the next Shinrei and then back to Nanami so and so forth. That's how it will be going till I say im going to go back to how I was doing it or for a sort of special chapter I put into someone else's perspective or I keep it in one character's perspective longer then one chapter or shorter I will in the chapter or title. So that's what's going down I just don't feel like typing out whose perspective its going to be in from now on so enjoy.

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