The Pregnancy Pact Middle School Version


4. Arianna and Alexis

The Perry twins are sitting in the doctors office and are holding hands.

"Lex, I want to keep my kid."

"Ari, we share a room. I'm keeping mine too."

Two cribs and bunk beds in a large bedroom

" Can we have the Perry twins?" The front desk woman screamed

"Let's go Ari"

"Yep Lex."

~~~~~~~~ In the patient room~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"So girls which one is Alexis?" The Doctor asked

"That would be me." Lexi whispered

"Well sweetie can you get on the bed?" The doctor asked

"Please don't speak to me like I'm a child." Lexi spoke

"Lexi it'll be okay." Arianna whispered in Lexi's ear.

"Can you lift your shirt? I have to put a gel on your stomach." The doctor asked

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