Blinded by Love

She put her hand on my chin and forced me to look into her ocean blue eyes. “You know I care about you Echo. You should know how I feel about you.”
But the thing was, I had no clue how she truly felt about me. She had secrets that were kept from everyone, including me. I did not know if she wanted me to leave or stay the night. I didn't know if she wanted people to know about our flings or keep them to ourselves. I wanted to be in a relationship with this girl.
All of the sudden she kissed me, catching me by surprise. The kiss felt meaningful and so passionate. My knees began feeling weak as she tangled her fingers in my messy hair, rapping her left leg around my hip. I grabbed both of her legs and rapped them around my waist, making my way to the nearest wall because god damn did i want her. Tomorrow I'll be kicking myself in the ass because I refused to do this while things were so fucked. But I couldn't help but give in.


3. "queer"

I followed her to where everyone was dancing and instantly she was moving to the beat. I just stood there awkwardly, watching her move around all graceful and wished I didn't look so stupid. She looked at me and just laughed, grabbing my hands and spinning in circles.

“Come on Echo.” She shouted over the music. “Just feel the music and move to it.” She took off her leather jacket and threw it on Max's head, who was not that far from where we were standing. By the looks of how she was groping some girls butt, Max found a replacement hookup.

Jinx started to dance around me and I tried my best to dance as well. I grabbed her waist and I pulled her close, back facing me. That was a very bold move on my part but I didn't care. She began shaking her hips against my front and I felt my face getting hot. I moved with her, following her movements. Jinx put her hand on the back of my head. I put my hands on her hips and we danced like that for a while until some guy walked up to us looking mad as hell.

“What the fuck Jinx?” He yelled.

She quickly let go of me and moved away. “What are you doing here?”

“Wondering what the fuck my girlfriend is doing with this queer!” He looked at me and then back at Jinx.



My dad and I were in the kitchen making dinner for his girlfriend, Sabrina. He was going to purpose to her tonight. Why did I think that coming out of the closet right now would be a great time, I do not know, but him talking about marriage and how he hopes I find a nice man one day kinda brought it up all on its own.

“Dad, can I talk to you about something” My heart began to pound. This was a big moment for both my dad and me.

“Yeah what is it?” He smiled.

“I do not want to marry a man.” I started shaking so bad I couldn't even cut the rest of the tomatoes.

“Honey, if you do not want to get married that is fine.” He wasn't getting it.

“No dad, I want to get married, just not to a guy.” I trying my best to focus all my attention on cutting the tomato but I couldn't, so I just stared at it.

“Then who are you going to marry?” Was he really playing stupid. Was he really not understanding who else I am going to marry?

“A woman.” I said softly.

This time I looked at him, but he didn't look at me. How could he just ignore this? All I wanted was him to show me he would still love me.

“Why would you marry a woman? You're confused, maybe you hang out to much with that Ashley girl. Is she a queer too?”

I slammed the knife on the cutting board. “No dad, she is not a 'queer', she is straight and no, she did not turn me, no one turned me.” He was making me upset.

“You are not a queer Echo.” He laughed, continuing to watch the soup on the stove.

“Quit calling it that. I am gay dad. I love girls.” I was shaking, but not from nerves anymore. I was shaking with anger.

“You are a disgrace to this family. I will not have a queer child!” He started yelling now, looking at me like he was going to hit me.

“I am not a disgrace! You are disgrace, what father tells her daughter that! Why can't you be supportive like mom!” I screamed at him. Walking out of the kitchen.

“You're mom is an idiot that is why!” He yelled. “Get back here, we aren't done with this conversation young lady!”

I didn't answer him, I only ran upstairs, slammed my bedroom door closed, and immediately packed my clothes into my suitcase. The great thing about my mother having custody of me. I wouldn't have to come here anymore if I didn't want to. I started to dial her number on my phone but I heard my dad coming.

He banged on my door. “Unlock this god damn door Echo.”

“No!” I felt tears roll down my cheeks. My face felt hot as I whipped them off quickly as I could. I refused to show weakness.

“I am calling your mother. You aren't staying here anymore. Queers aren't allowed in my household.” He said calmly.

The tears came faster this time. I began to whimper, laying on my bed huddled up on top of the comforter. Ten minutes later my cellphone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was my mother. I answered it and trying to sound like I hadn't been crying my eyes out.

“Echo, dear, are you alright? I am on my way okay? Please just pack everything up and if you don't have room I have an extra bag. I am so sorry sweetie, I really thought your father would be a little more understanding.”

“It is okay mom.” Was all I said.

“Call me if anything else happens, I will be there as fast as I can.”


“I love you Echo.”

“I love you too.”


“We were just dancing!” Jinx said franticly.

This conversation pissed me off and it started with queer. I pushed past the other bodies dancing and sweating. Fuck this, I wasn't going to stand there and get insulted by some blonde bone head who didn't know a damn thing about me.

“Wait, Echo!” I heard behind me, but I kept pushing past people till I reached the door and walked out. I didn't turn back.

I got in my car and dialed Matty.

“Hey champ, it is a bit late, you okay?” My head began to pound. Those five shots were kicking in.

“I was drinking and I don't think I should be driving. Shit happened, don't ask. Please pick me up, do not tell Ashley.” I said everything that needed to be said.

“Yeah no problem, just tell me the address.” I text him the address and we hung up.

I repeatedly slammed my head into my steering wheel, which didn't help my headache. That was her boyfriend? You cannot be serious. I wasn't even upset about the fact that she was with someone else, but a person like that does not deserve her. I know I didn't know him and how “great” he was, but if he tries to offend someone he clearly doesn't know, he must be an asshole.

I heard a knock on my window and jumped. Who the fuck knocks on a window of a car in the dead of night, oh that is right, a creep. You'll probably guess who it was too, Jinx.

“Echo!” She yelled. I ignored her and turned up my music. Come on Matt. “Echo I am sorry!”

I shouldn't be mad at her right? But I had a certain right to. First, she rubbed up on me and then all the sudden had a boyfriend and second, she let him call me a queer. She did not bother to defend me, she defended herself. That selfish shit does not fly with me. She continued to beat on my car and that didn't fly with me either. After mulling it over for a bit, I rolled down my window.

“I prefer if you did not beat on my baby, thanks.” Then I rolled it back up, but she stuck her arm in before I could. “I will roll this god damn window up and your arm will fall off.”


“Oh you know me already.” I said with a sarcastic attitude.

“Let's talk about this okay?”

“Talk about what?”

“Let me in before he comes back!” She looked back at the door where the party was.

I mulled it over. “hmm.”

“ECHO!” She whisper yelled.

I unlocked the door and she came around to the passenger side, opened the door and slid in. I shouldn't of let her in because if that boy sees her in here he will throw a major fit and call me a queer again.

“I swear if he walks over here and causes trouble I will drive off, and I have been drinking and I do not think you want to die.”

“And you do?” She asked.

I ignored her. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I am sorry.” was all she said.

I laid my head on the steering wheel. “Sorry for?”

“For him interrupting our dancing.”

“That's it?”

“Well not exactly.”

I shook my head. “What about him calling me a queer?”

“Oh, that. I am sorry about that too.”

Was she fucking serious. “Wow, how very apologetic.”

“I really am sorry Echo.” She was looking out the window.

My phone went off. It was Matt trying to call. I pressed the talk button on my phone.

“I am here.”

“Alright, I am in my Jeep, hold on.” I pressed the end button and looked at jinx, who was looking at me questionably. “Do you need a ride home?”

“You driving?”

“Hell no.” I looked at her like she was crazy. “Matty is here to pick me up. Do you need a ride?”

“Yeah.” She said, getting out of the Jeep.

I got out too, looking up and down the street for Matt's vehicle. His car was on the other side of the road parked across from my Jeep. I walked to the passenger side. Jinx hesitated, looking at the house one more time before getting into the back.

“I didn't know you would be having company. You sounded angry on the phone.” Matt said when we both got in. He started to drive off. “Where to ladies?”

Jinx didn't say anything, so I spoke first. “Can I stay at your place?” I asked Matt.

“Sure thing love. And you?” he asked Jinx.

“Home.” She said quietly, then giving him the address.

The ride was silent until we finally got to Jinx's house. When we dropped her off, Matt started asking questions. I told him what happened at the party and he placed his right hand on my shoulder, not saying a word. He understood how that would be a little rough on me and I was thankful he didn't say a word.

“Thanks again for letting me stay over.” I said once we reached his house.

“Not a problem. I thought you might not want to stay home alone, plus my mom loves you anyways.” He chuckled.


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