Blinded by Love

She put her hand on my chin and forced me to look into her ocean blue eyes. “You know I care about you Echo. You should know how I feel about you.”
But the thing was, I had no clue how she truly felt about me. She had secrets that were kept from everyone, including me. I did not know if she wanted me to leave or stay the night. I didn't know if she wanted people to know about our flings or keep them to ourselves. I wanted to be in a relationship with this girl.
All of the sudden she kissed me, catching me by surprise. The kiss felt meaningful and so passionate. My knees began feeling weak as she tangled her fingers in my messy hair, rapping her left leg around my hip. I grabbed both of her legs and rapped them around my waist, making my way to the nearest wall because god damn did i want her. Tomorrow I'll be kicking myself in the ass because I refused to do this while things were so fucked. But I couldn't help but give in.


7. "Did someone hit you?"

I made sure to call ashley as soon as I could but this whole week I was busy spending time with Jinx and Sabrina. Even now I was trying to get a chance to have a nice conversation with my loving best friend, but with Jinx throwing things at me it was hard to do exactly that. All day she has been insisting that I get the xbox fixed so she could play COD but I told her it had been busted before I even left my dads place and there was no way in hell I was going to pay to get it fixed when I had a PS3 at home. So now I am just sitting here getting anything and everything chucked at my head as I dial Ashley’s number into my phone to finally talk to her about how the meet with my father went.


After calling about five times, she finally picked up her phone. “I AM SO SO SORRY ECHO!’ She screams into my ear.


“Its okay.” I reassure her. “I just thought you would want to know what happened.”


“Definitely!” She squeals.


Before I get even begin my story, Jinx throws another pillow at me. “HEY CUT IT OUT!”  I sneer.


“What?” asks, confused.


“Nothing, Jinx keeps throwing things at me.” I pout.


“She is there with you?” She asked, her voice went soft.


“Yeah, she just showed up when i got home from the hospital, she has been keeping me company for the time being.” I smile, but then it was erased immediately after I got hit with a dirty sock.




“Well I will leave you two alone then.” Ashley seemed upset. “Seems like you are a bit too busy.”


“NO DONT GO, SAVE ME!” I screech as yet another dirty sock ends up hitting me in the face. How does this girl have incredible aim.


I heard a long sigh. “I am sure you will be just fine, just tell me when you get home.”


What’s wrong with her?


“But babyyyy!” i whined


Nothing, I heard nothing and I know I had surprised her. Then I heard a little giggle and knew that made her feel ten times better, whatever the problem was instantly gone.


“Careful, don’t want Jinx to think you got a girlfriend.” She snickers.


“Oh shut up, she already knows you ma gurl.” I wink, even though I knew she wouldn't be able to see.


I heard jinx huff and puff behind me and I throw a pillow at her. Poor baby jealous? If she was getting jealous of me calling Ash baby I should call subway girl, just to make it more interesting.  Ever since she got here she has been doing what people call ‘harmless flirting’ but I assure you it wasn’t harmless. Waking up to Jinx cuddling with me, arm around my waist was not harmless. Even the little pecks on the head she gives me when sabrina is around was far from innocent. There was this need in her eyes, I could just see it.


Jinx was not facing me, she was just bundled up in a ball. I walked over to her, phone still up to my ear. I tried to pull on her side to get her to face me but she refused. When I payed more attention to her I couldn’t help but notice a couple of really dark bruises that I never noticed before.


“What is that?” I asked, “The bruises”


All the sudden her breathing stopped for a just a moment. Something was up.


“What?” Ashley asked. I ignored her.


“I don’t know.” Jinx says, still turned away from me.


“It looks like someone hit you.” I push the topic.


“No one hit me.” She protests, trying to turn in a way that covered her arm better.


“Hey Ash, I’ll call you back.” I hang up before she could complain.


“Jinx, if someone hit you-”


“NO ONE HIT ME OKAY? I am just an accident prone. Now leave me alone.”


I did just that, I went downstairs to make lunch, giving her space. I decided not to pry but I couldn’t help but be worried about her. I didn’t think her dad’s would hit her. Maybe it was her boyfriend? He seemed like the type to beat on woman, especially after the way he treated her at the Party.


Today was the day we would be going back home. I know I had to go to Ashley’s and stay before she freaked out about me not being around. Matt would probably also want to be filled in. I never called him up either. I couldn’t wait to get back home.


* * *


It was homeroom and I had to get all my missing work for a whole week. Jinx was ignoring me, I assumed it was because of the fact that I accused someone of beating on her. maybe she did just fall or something. The way she got upset made me think twice about what she was saying though.


Ashley walked up to me. “You are coming over, aren’t you?”


I nodded my head, when I got home my mother was long gone. There was a note on the fridge saying she had left for another trip to California so I assumed that I mise well just stay the night at Ashley’s until she gets back. I am surprised she hasn’t called me to check up, but she was probably loaded with business papers and I didn’t want to bug her.


“Yeah my mom is out of town.” I answer.


“Fantastic, that means girls night!” She jumped for joy at the thought.


“And Matt?”


“He is always part of girls night.” She snickers.


I nod, laughing. “He is one of the girls, isn’t he?”


When lunch rolled around and Ashley, Matt and I were in line, belly’s growling and drool hanging from our mouths, I noticed Jinx sitting alone with none other than the guy who interrupted out dancing. I was unaware that he even went to this school, I never seen him around.


“Hey.” I tapped on Matty’s shoulder.

He didn’t answer so I hit him in the back of the head.


“What?” He groaned


“That’s the guy I told you about, remember, the one from the party.” I pointed at the table he was sitting at.


He squinted, trying to see what I was talking about.


“Oh him? Damn that dude’s a prick.” He turned back around to get his lunch and pay.


A worried look was plastered on my face, I could just feel it.


“Oh my god, that is him?” Ashley choked out.


I nodded, more worry was beginning to form inside of me.


“I don’t know him.” She giggled. “But he looks pretty tough.”


I hit her in the forearm. “You idiot.”


I payed for my lunch and we sat down at our normal table.


“That dude is on the football team. He is such a tool.” Matt’s words were muffled by the large amount of food he stored in his mouth. Football players and their eating habits, I sighed.


“Do you think he could be abusive?” I question further.


He doesn’t say anything for a while, just stuffs the rest of the hotdog in his mouth, finally he shrugs. “I mean, he could be.”


So much worry was filled inside of me. Could he be hurting Jinx? Is that why she is still with him, because he could hurt her really bad if she were to leave? I wanted to talk to her about it but I knew she wouldn’t say anything about it to me. She refused to talk about it with me and I didn’t want to push the topic if it were to make her angry with me.


“Why do you ask?” Ashley comes into  the conversation.


I pause, trying not to look at both of them. It wasn’t my place to tell anyone or assume anything was happening until I knew for sure!


“Come on man, our lips are sealed.” His eyes were pleading. I knew he saw the worry on my face ever since I brought up the topic.

I exhale a long breath I didn’t know I was holding in. “I think he is abusing Jinx.”

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