Tumblrology || A girl's guide to everything.

Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


29. Summer Bucket List 2014



   Have ideas of things to do this summer? Well, don't keep them all crammed in your mind! Create a summer bucket list! It's the perfect way to complete everything you want to do to have the ultimate summer vacation! Here are some ideas to put on your bucket list (This is mine, so take any you want!).

☁ Get tan

☁ Stay up for 24 hours

☁ Bonfire

☁ Cook out

☁ Beach trip

☁ Star gaze

☁ Carve our names into a tree

☁ Have a paint fight

☁ Take pictures in a photobooth

☁ Tie-dye shirts

☁ Go to a carnival/fair

☁ Have a picnic

☁ Build a blanket fort

☁ Go to a drive in movie

☁ Walk through a drive through

☁ Watch sunset

☁ Make a giant hopscotch

☁ Go to a concert

☁ Take 1000+ pictures

☁ Watch The Fault In Our Stars

☁ Jump in puddles

☁ Run/dance in the rain

☁ Meet a celebrity

☁ Get a nose and/or lip piercing

☁ Finish the Wreck This Journal

☁ Dip-dye hair

☁ Get over 1,000 followers on Twitter

☁ Chalk a whole driveway

☁ Get a henna tattoo

☁ Leave a nice note on a strangers car

☁ Volunteer somewhere

☁ Ride Ferris Wheel

☁ Go to P.F Changs

☁ Eat Chinese food (Because you gotta love it)

☁ Have a sillystring fight

☁ Go 24 hours without electronics

☁ Make a sandcastle

☁ Read a book

☁ Eat somewhat healthy

☁ Make a rainbow cake

☁ Take underwater photos

☁ Go shopping

☁ Grow hair out

☁ Sleep under stars

☁ Learn back walkover

☁ Jump in pool fully clothed

☁ Get clear skin

☁ Babysit

☁ Cook hard recipe

☁ Have a shaving cream fight

☁ Go to 8th grade graduation

☁ Hollow out a book

☁ Dip-dye shorts

☁ Get a flat stomach

☁ Make a mix CD

☁ Carve a watermelon

☁ Face paint

☁ Make a music video

☁ Get a job!

☁ Go night swimming

☁ Make an adventure book

☁ Learn to skateboard

☁ Water balloon fight

☁ Meet British boy

☁ Meet Irish boy

☁ Meet Australian boy

☁ Get a hug from Niall and Luke

☁ Have a summer romance

☁ Vegetarian for a week

☁ Lemonade stand

☁ Make this summer count

☁ Ice skate

☁ Get my belly button pierced

☁ Get a tantoo

☁ Redo room

☁ One week sleepover

☁ See fireworks

☁ Watch sunrise

☁ Finish the body I want

☁ Create a summer playlist

☁ Messy twister

☁ Keep a journal

☁ 2014 memory jar

☁ Ride a rollercoaster

☁ Start a successful youtube channel

☁ Tie messages to balloon and let go

☁ Make a scrapbook of summer

☁ Dye hair red

☁ Release paper lanterns

☁ Get someones autograph

☁ Take a pic with a celebrity

☁ Complete this list



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