Tumblrology || A girl's guide to everything.

Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


22. Studying Tips + Organization


   Studying. The one word that makes school even more miserable. I know it may seem like a lot, but if you set up a nice, steady study routine then acing those tests won't be hard at all. Of course, it's hard if you aren't willing to truly try. You have to work for those good grades. Will it be as fun and sitting on your phone while eating cake? No, but it will certainly be more beneficial towards you. I know it may seem like a load of rubbish but just try these tips and see if your grades improve.


Study Tip || One-

   1. Find your quiet place.

  Explanation- This varies for everybody. Chances are, not everybody likes studying in their bedroom. Some people study better with some noise, some completely quiet. it all depends on the kind of person you are. If you need a quiet place, try the library or even outside (If it's warm enough).


Study Tip || Two-

   2. Highlight!

   Explanation- I know everybody says this but believe me when I say it helps. Color-coding sections is so helpful. If you have a page or section for math, highlight the important facts for that section in one color. If you have multiple colors on the page, it'll be easier to study, and more fun. If you have everything written down in one color (especially if it's pencil or pen) it'll make it harder to concentrate. Everything will be the same and it'll give you a headache. (Or you can even write in sharpie if you don't use both sides of the paper).

Study Tip || Three-

   3. Organize your notes.

   Explanation-  If you're jotting down notes during class, chances are they aren't going to be the neatest. In fact, they shouldn't be. Quickly write whatever the teacher tells you and what he/she shows. For all you know it could be on a test. Once you get home, I recommend typing and printing them but if you can't, simply rewrite them on a different sheet of paper, just neater.

Study Tip || Four-

   4. Study over time.

   Explanation- Let me explain. If you're like me, you try to cram as much information as you can shortly before your exam. I recommend studying at least a week in advance, taking in a little bit each night. Also, I recommend studying for about half an hour and then taking a five or ten minute break.

Study Tip || Five-

   5. Eat snacks while studying.

   Explanation- It absolutely kills me to have an empty stomach while I'm trying to study. I recommend taking a delicious (yet still somewhat healthy) snack and chewing on that while you study. Don't go for the bags of candy, try something healthier. How about a couple cookies? A bowl of strawberries? Anything equally yummy but overall better for you.

Study Tip || Six-

   6. Get comfy.

   Explanation- I don't recommend wearing super tight skinny jeans and a tight tank top while studying. You shouldn't study in those type of clothes. You want something loose you can move around in. You want space. If you don't wear something loose, it'll continuously bother you, and you'll be irritated which will lead to you not focusing. Try yoga pants/leggings/pajama pants and a loose shirt or tank.

Study Tip || Seven-

   7. Ask for help.

   Explanation- If you don't understand something, don't completely skip it. Call a friend, or ask your parents for help. It may be a bit embarrassing but it'll benefit you in the long run. Have them explain the answer, but don't have them give it to you. Try to figure it out yourself and if you can't then they can tell you. Just make sure they explain how they got that answer, and make sure you understand it before you hang up.





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