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Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


14. Friend-zoned by him


   Being friend-zoned isn't the easiest thing. You feel as if you did something wrong, or maybe you feel like you're not good enough. It sucks, and you're confused. You don't know what to do! What happens to your friendship? How about those conversations you have?




1. Don't over react about it. I was friend-zoned once to but as time went on, he developed feelings for me and we began dating! There's always a chance he'll change his mind, just keep an open mind!


2. Don't overthink it. You may immediately think of your flaws when your friend-zoned. You may feel as if it's something wrong with you. Believe me, nothing is! Most of the time, being friend-zoned is due not because of something about you but another thing. Maybe he has a girlfriend! Or maybe he's just not ready to commit into a relationship!


3. How did he express it? Did he say you're a great friend! ? If he did, chances are he wasn't purposely friend-zoning you. While some guys might say that in order to express the friendship only term, most guys say it mindlessly. If he thinks you're a great friend, and you two are close chances are feelings will develop.


4. Think about the future. Things happen for a reason. Maybe this didn't work out because there will be another guy who was meant for you. An old saying is, once that one person comes along you'll understand why all your past relationships didn't work.


5. Honor the fact he at least wants to be your friend. If you cant be something more, be happy you're fortunate enough to be his friend.





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