Tumblrology || A girl's guide to everything.

Being girl's, we meet a lot of scenarios that we don't know how to handle. In this book, there will be advice, DIY's, and many other things that make sure you have the best life you can.


10. DIY || 52 reasons I love you.

   A cute gift for your best friend, or maybe your boyfriend. Show whoever it is how much you appreciate them with this sweet, and creative, gift. Don't have a lot of money? Don't sweat it, all you need is a deck of cards, paper and some imagination.


~A single deck of cards.

~Something to print your reasons off would be neatest and most efficient for a nice, clean font.

~Hole puncher.

~Binder rings.




1. Take the cards out of the package and spread them apart. You can either leave the numbers on the card as it is, or create your own numbers up to fifty-two. Start with your first card. Make it the cover. Get creative, you can get a small rectangular sheet of paper and write 52 reasons I love you, or you can add embellishments to individualize it.

2. Get creative. For the rest of the deck, think of different, yet still truthful reasons as to why you love this person. Dig into each cravess of your mind. His smile, the way he makes you feel beautiful. Think about the things he has done, his personality.

3. Take the deck of cards and take small bits a time. Punch holes with the hole puncher, and each time you grab a new bunch make sure the holes are lined up.

4. Slip the binder rings through the two set of punches and snap them shut.

5. Decorate it the way you'd like. Maybe you could tie a ribbon onto each binder ring, making them into a small bow. Personalize it and you're ready to give it as a present.






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