New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


11. You're Strong

*~*~*Parker's P.O.V*~*~*

I was on my way to second hour when I heard someone crying and whispering. 

I turned around the corner and saw it was Lola. 

"Are you ok?" I asked. 

"I guess-" She looked up. She looked at me with her make up messed up and many different emotions in her eyes.

"Uh, I gotta go." And she ran. 

I ran after her. I took a deep breath and walked into the girls bathroom. I heard her soft cries and her sniffles.

"Lola." I said pushing open the stall. 

She lifted her head, black tears running down her cheeks. I bent down and grabbed her hands. 

"Lola, what's wrong?" She shook her head.

"I can't do this Parker. I can't. I just wanna go home." She threw herself on my shoulder, crying. I wrapped her in my arms and cooed to her.

"Shh, it's ok Lola. What happened?" 

"Amanda. I can't take her. I can't be bullied. I can't be depressed again." She cried harder. 

"Please calm down love. You're gonna make yourself sick. You can't let Amanda get to you. You can do this! You're strong! You just can't let yourself give in to her. You gotta beat her at her own game." 

"That's the thing Parker, the more I fight back, the worse it gets." I pulled her to face me. I ripped some toilet paper and wiped her eyes.

"Standing up for yourself is all that matters. Show Amanda that you won't take her crap. Show her who you are." She sniffed.

"Thank you. I just be heading to class." I helped her out and hugged her. 

"You'll be fine Lola. Clean yourself up and go to class. Here, here's my number." I took a pen and wrote it on her hand. "See ya around. Please, don't let anyone see it. If you do, all the girls will be on your bum trying to get it. Put it in your phone and clean it off." And I left the bathroom letting no one see me. 


If Amanda finds out that I'm taking to her, my popularity is down the drain. It took me til junior year to be the most popular guy in school and I'm not gonna let Lola ruin it. 

*~*~*Lola's P.O.V*~*~*

When he left, I did what he told me to. I easily washed off the number, but the red from the pen mark was still there. A few girls who didn't look like bullies came in laughing. They looked at my arm and freaked out.

"Oh my god! Are you ok?" One of them went to me.

"Yeah, a friend just gave me his number." She red haired girl looked at me. 

"Girls! She got Parker's number! Please give it to me!" She shouted. The girls with her jumped up and down and squealed. They hurt my ears.

"I gotta get to class." And I ran out. 

"Man, some girls are thirsty." And I quickly got to class. 

"Ah Ms. Pritchards, glad you could join us!" The teacher smiled at me. I scanned the class and saw Amanda sitting in the back corner. I stared at her. 

"Everyone, this is Lola Pritchards. The New Girl. Take a seat beside William." I listened to what he said and I went to the second row. 

I could feel the daggers Amanda was shooting me. I received my book and I got my first assignment. 

That class quickly ended and then came English, Science and then lunch. 

I ran out of the class and put my books in the locker I was assigned and I found a bench. 

I sat down and pulled out one of my favorite book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan's Curse. 

I put my ear buds in and I turned my music on. 

The entire half hour lunch, I sat reading, people walking past me, pointing and laughing at me. I was able to read someone lips and it read 'Dirty American'. 

Everyone started to head inside and I got the memo that lunch was over. 

I went to my locker and put the book up and got my binder. I never took my ear buds out until I got to foreign language.

I was once again introduced by the teacher and given my supplies. The class was full of learning how to say classroom objects in Spanish. 

That class went by fast and I tried to find my way to computer class.

I walked in the classroom to see Parker, his friend, Amanda and all her friends. My heart dropped.

My worst nightmare coming true. Help. 

"Ah! Lola! How kind of you to join us, take a seat beside Parker." The middle aged teacher smiled at me. I nodded and sat beside Parker. His eyes never left his computer.

He was watching what looked like some clips from a soccer game. He was talking about it with his friend.

"Mr. Matthews, Mr. Mitchell, please pay attention." He groaned and closed the screen. 

"Ok class I am Mr. Todds. Just a reminder." Todds! 

He's related to Amanda. I know it. And by looking at him, he might be her dad. This is just peachy.

"So everyone, open up the document on your research papers. Parker, help Ms. Pritchards get started." 

"Why can't she read it out of the book?" 

"It's fine Mr. Todds. I know how to make these things. I did it at my old school." He frowned then smiled.

"Ok I trust you. But if you need help, just ask Parker." I smiled and nodded.

"Hey, what page is it on?" I asked. "201." He mumbled. I turned the page and put my ear buds in and started to work. 

I got the first document done in ten minutes. Citations and correct spacing. I pulled one ear bud out and raised my hand. 

"Mr. Todds I'm done." He looked from his screen and smiled.

"Wow, go ahead and work on the next one. Then if you get done, stop on lab 3." I smiled and went back to my screen. Parker was looking at me. I couldn't read his expression.

Mad, surprised, confused? I just smiled and went back to my work. I finished lab 2 and lab 3. I leaned back in my chair and decided to text Rose. I miss her so much!

(L-Lola R-Rose)

L- Hey Ro!! I miss you!


L- Haha I didn't know I was missed so much!

R- Shut up! It's not the same without you! :'(

L- I know :'( i wanna go home so bad. But don't worry, I'll be home soon :) as soon as I graduate, I'm coming home. 

R- Oh you'll end up changing your mind. 

I looked around the room.

L- I think i won't. Everyone hates me. 

R- Fuck them! Shoe them who you are!

I started laughing. 

L- Ok i'll shoe them who I am ;) 

R- Oh i didn't see that! Lls!!! XD

The bell rung.

L- Time to head back to the dorm. I'll let you finish the day. Skype me when you get home.

R- Ok Lols. Love ya <3

I smiled and put my binder in my locker and walked back to the dorm house.

People were taunting me and one person tripped me and I fell on my hands and knees. My ear buds fell out and I heard what they were saying about me.

"Learn how to walk!" 

"Dirty American!" 

"Wake up from your dreams!" 

And this one is my favorite, "kill yourself!" 

"Well, I almost did twice. So I'll do you a favor and leave." Their smiles turned to blank faces.

"Sorry." I heard the guy mumble.

"What? I couldn't hear you? Are you too afraid to speak up?" He looked to the ground. 

"Uh huh. That's right. Now, get on with your lives. I'm no different than you. There's no reason why I should  be picked on. We're all seventeen and eighteen year olds. Grow up and don't act like your ten." You can believe I am beyond pissed.

"And last time I checked, don't go around telling people to kill yourself. If someone said that to you, you would be as pissed as I am right now. So think about what you're gonna say something like that to someone you don't even know. You don't know who they are or what they have done to themselves." I ran off crying. 

I ran to my dorm, opened the door and slammed the door. I fell to the floor and cried violently. 

Come on Lola. One little swipe. I rose.

"You're right. One little swipe. Or two." 

Lola no! Stop! You're stronger than this! 

"Why don't I just kill myself now? Save me heart ache." 

Think of everyone you'll leave behind! Your parents. 

Your parents don't want you! If they really loved you, they would've kept you with them. In America. The depression butted in.

You know your parents love you! Think about Rose! She loves you more than anybody! Don't leave her. 

My head was pounding. "Both of you shut up!" I shouted holding my head crying. 

"I need time away from both of you!" I shouted. There was a knock at the door.

I slowly walked to the door. I opened it to see a person I've never seen before. 

"Hey I heard screaming and I was making sure you were ok? Are you?" He cupped my cheek and wiped a tear away. "I'm Will by the way."

"No everything is fine. I'm just a little home sick. Nothing to worry about." 

"You were yelling about time away from both of you?" 

"Everything is fine ok!" I screamed and slammed the door in his face. I slid on the floor and cried.

"I'm loosing my mind." 

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