New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


2. You're Moving to Ireland

Woo hoo It's Friday! And today is the last day of school for Christmas break! I was in my math class with my best friend Rose and my teacher opened the door. "Have a nice Winter break everyone. See you in 2014." She likes to talk to us like we're a pack of wild animals. And when it comes the end of class, we run out of here like we're a pack of wild animals. 

I should introduce myself. Hi I'm Lola Pritchards. I'm 18 years old and I'm a senior at Nitro High School in West Virginia. I look like every other person at our school, milk chocolate hair, medium blue eyes and around 5'6. I'm a normal teenager who goes out with friends and lays in bed watching Netflix. 

I turned around and saw my best friend Rose. Rose is a wild child. She's a year younger than me and shorter than me, but she's full of energy and sass. When I looked back at her, she was relaxing in the seat with her feet on the desk. I luughed at her,  "you're gonna make Jones hate you even more." She smirked and moved a sliding more into the seat, "well she can kiss my ass." I laughed harder.

"So are you ready for Christmas?" I asked grabbing my bag. "Well of course I am! I have an excuse to stay away from home." Rose's mom isn't the sweetest piece of candy.  Her dad has temper issues and will kill her comfidence sometimes, but he loves her more than her mom. "Well you know by mos that you're always welcome at the Pritchard's house." She gave me a warm smile. 

I was about to speak up, when the loud bell rang. We both gave each other a smile and followed the crowd. Around some curves, we ended up on the wrong side of the hallway and ended up getting stuck with the whole group of girls who were known as 'The Nitro High slut group'. They're your typical group of girls on the softball, volley ball and cheer team. Adding being on every guy they can find. When they saw us, most of them chuckled and laughed, "Hey look! It's the virgin twins!" Rose has never been to hot about them. And I knew she was gonna and try to say something.
Before she could get any closer, I pulled her back by her hood, "don't waste your time on her." She hesitated and gave them a nasty look. Chuckling, they went back to their business and we got our stuff from our locker and jogged to our bus.  "Hey girls!" Our bus driver Ed gave us a high five.  Ed is one of the sweetest old men you could meet. He's one of those guys who is nothing but good to people, but his life is half a tragity. His wife died from breast cancer and his parents passed away at a young age. "What up?" "Just doin' my job." He smiled brightly at Rose and I and we smiled. We sat at our normal seat and plopped on the plastic feeling seats. I put one ear bud in and turned Demons by Imagine Dragons on. 

"I cannot wait to get home." I smiled. "Be over around six and we'll have a lazy Thursday Netflix marathon."  "I will be there half an hour early." She smiled. Rose and I have known each other since we were tiny and you can barely seperate us. And honestly, shes one of the only people I can stand at our school.  "What marathon shall we have? And what junk food shall I buy?" She clicked her pen and held out her palm like a reporter getting the hottest scoop on the scene, "how about we have a throwback and have a Cat and Dog marathon then movie food." She wrote down different movie type food and then put the pen back in her purse, "sounds like a plan." I smiled at her and we sat in silence enjoying the ride. 

After a few stops Ed turned to McCould street and my peace was disturbed when I noticed my house out the window. I nudged Rose who looked half asleep and she rose from the seat, "see you soon kid." I said my goodbye to Ed and jogged across the street and skipped on the stones that led to my front door. I scrapped my flats on the WELCOME mat and opened the door. I lowered my bags beside the shoes and slid them off as well, "mom! Dad! I'm home!" I shouted. I went to find my missing mother, on to run into a box and my mom came down the stairs with yet, another box. 

"Hey honey. How was your day?" She gave me a hug. "It was descent, useless though. What's with all the boxes?" I started to flick the flaps of the boxes. "Did you clean the attic?" Her smile faded and she tapped on the box like she was nervous. "Well I cleaned out your room."  "Why? Are we moving?"  She smiled nervously, "One of us is." "W-w-what do you mean? Are you and dad getting a divorce?" She came over to me and started to rub my arms and move the hair out of my face and wiped the tear that fell on my cheek. "No, no, honey calm down." "Then what's going on?" I tried to sound sturn but my voice cracked. "Honey calm down and take a breath." I did as I was told and she sat me down on the couch.

I finally calmed down when she got a guitly, heart breaking look in her eyes. She held my hand and rubbed my knuckles, "honey, your father and I are sending you to Ireland." I looked at her like she was crazy, "what?" " We found a school that fits your needs. You will be going to a boarding school in Dublin and you're gonna stay there til you graduate." I started to cry and she lowered her head. "Why? What about Christmas? Will I spend Christmas with you guys?" "I'm afraid not baby and it's easier to pay for your school. I'm really sorry baby." She tried to pull me close but I pushed her away. "Don't touch me."  "Lola. Please listen to me." My mom pleaded. 

"What is there to listen to? You're sending me to another country! How is that ok? You should at least let me stay til after Christmas. Do I not matter or are you just getting rid of me!" I shouted. "Well Lola, your father got fired from his job and we won't be able to support all three of us." My blood was boiling. "The bills for this house cost more that me! Awesome Christmas present mom. Love you too." I rose from the couch and slid my shoes on grabbed my phone, "Lola, where are you going?" I put an ear bud in and found a song"Out." I put the other ear bud in my ear and blasted Do It now Remember Later by Sleeping with Sirens. 

I slammed the door and wiped a trail of tears on my cheek when my dads car pulled in the driveway. He walked to me and looked at me weird, "are you okay honey?"  "Fuck off." I shouldn't have said that but anger took over my mouth. I can't believe it. I'm being sent to Ireland from a stupid reason. Why can't I just stay with my cousins or my grandma? I don't eat too much and use my own money to buy stuff for me. It doesn't add up.  

 I got a couple blocks away from my house and finally started to calm down when my phone vibrated and mom telling me that they were taking me to the airport. I'm not even gonna get to say goodbye to Rose. My direction changed back to the house. I sniffed and saw Rose in the middle of the living room crying. I was surprised to see her."I'm gonna miss you so much."  I ran her and pulled her into a bear hug. "I'm gonna miss you more." Then I started crying again. "Your mom called me over." She whispered. "Why can't I stay with Rose?" I turned to mom who was crying. "Her mom wouldn't be able to support you." "Grandma?" "Same thing."   

"And I hate to ruin this moment, but your flight leaves in half an hour." My dad chimed in. I cried harder. So did mom and Rose.  "I love ya girly." She sniffed. "Call me when you get to Ireland." The edges of her lips curled to a small smile and I did the same. "Sure thing. And love you too." We hugged one more time and mom handed me my purse and backpack. 

This was the last time I'm gonna see my house for a while. This is goodbye. 


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