New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


3. Welcome to Ireland

We were pulling in the air port entrance. I haven't stopped crying. I can't believe it. 

I'm leaving my hometown, where I grew up and raised. The place I never wanted to leave. 

"Your stuff is already on the plane and your carry on is in the trunk. Love you." My mom smiled. I returned a teary, blank face. 

"Call us when you get there?" My dad looked back.

"I'd rather stay in Ms. Jones' class for the rest of my life." I hissed.

"Love you." I choked out before walking out of the car. 

I opened the trunk and saw that I had two suitcases, my backpack and my purse. I slung the long purse on my arm and slid the pack on my back. I pulled the suitcases out and waved goodbye to my mom's rolled down window. 

I turned around and went in the air port. I pulled my ticket out and checked what gate I was supposed to go to. Gate R8. I went through security and had my bags except my pack and purse and gave the man my ticket. 

"Oh Ms. Pritchards! We have a special escort to show you to first class and help you with baggage claim." The man smiled. I looked at him, sad faced. 

"Your parents explained everything. I'm sorry." He hugged me. He was warm, gave me a little hope. 

"Hey are you Lola?" A cute blonde haired, blue eyed boy smiled. I smiled.

"Yeah." He grabbed my backpack. 

"Well, I'm Steven and I'm gonna lead you to Ireland and help with everything with baggage claim and get you to school." He smiled. I smiled back. 

"Well, shall we get going?" I smiled wider. "Are you Irish too?" He smiled.

"Is is that noticeable?" I giggled and we entered the gate. 

We entered the plane and went to first class. I was acting like a little kid.

"First time in an airplane?" I nodded nervously. He grabbed my hand and I blushed.

"Don't worry, just close your eyes and relax, we'll be in Ireland in no time and you'll have your new home." I nodded and closed my eyes. I steadied my breathing and I easily fell asleep.

*~*~*skip plane ride*~*~*

*~*~*Parker's P.O.V.*~*~*


I groaned as my annoying alarm clock went off. I did not wanna get up. 

Hi, I'm Parker Mitchell and I'm 18 and a senior at Dublin's highest boarding school. 

"Trevor, wake up!" I screamed. 

Trevor is my British roommate and also my best friend. We've been going to this school since freshman year. 

Trevor groaned and flipped towards me.

"It's Friday, do we really have to get up?" 

"Well mate, it's the last day of school til Winter vacation." I looked outside. "But we won't get to spend Christmas with our families." 

This is the first year that Dublin Academy has not let their students leave the campus for Christmas. That's right, we're staying on school campus for Christmas. 

But the deen has set up all kinds of stuff cool planned for us. 

I stretched and pulled myself out of bed. I went to our bathroom and did my normal stuff. I fixed my hair to look slightly messy, brushed my teeth and pulled out my uniform. 

I quickly changed and grabbed my homework off of my desk and put it in my bag. 

"Come on Trevor." I said at the door.

"This is so stupid." He complained coming out the door. 

"Well you'll get to see Amanda." He smiled wide.

"Sometimes that's the only reason why I like going to school." I laughed.

"Well there's more to school than seeing your girlfriend. I don't see what you see in her. She's rude to everyone." He groaned.

"Please don't start this again." I threw my hands up. 

"I'm speaking the truth mate. Yesterday she made rumors about Max Holt cause he looked at her. Now no one will leave him alone. You can do better." We walked out of the dorm house and walked on the sidewalk to the front door.

"Yeah, I support you two but all I'm saying is that she could use an attitude job." We entered the school and everyone smiled and gave us high fives.

Yeah we're the two most popular guys in school. I don't let it faze me. Trevor on the other hand, can be a bit judgmental at times. 

We walked through the school and got to the cafeteria. We sat at our normal table. Like always, a guy was talking to Amanda and left the table with her staring at a piece of paper. Probably his number.

"Oh and, Amanda needs to change her choices in relationships. Doesn't that faze you at all?" 

"Hey babe!" Amanda screamed pulling Trevor in a bear hug. He picked her up and spun her around then kissed her. "Hey sweet thing." He laughed. We walked to the table. The normal.

The three guys on the football team, the goal keeper on the lacrosse team, two members on defense from the soccer team and Amanda's three friends. They were all on their phones.

"Breaking news Amanda!" One of the girls stood up. 

"Looks like we're gonna have a new exchange student from America." She smiled like a devil.

"What's her name?" We sat down. She scrolled threw her phone. "Lola Pritchards." She laughed.

"What name is that?" Lola Pritchards. Cool name. I thought.

"When is she supposed to get here?" I asked. Amanda shot me a death glare. "What?" I asked annoyed.

"This isn't your situation." She hissed. 

"Like it's yours?" I snapped back. She rolled her eyes and looked back at her friend. 

"She is supposed to get here right after school ends. At the..." She stopped. "Dorm house number five." Amanda smiled. 

"Come on babe, don't give her a hard time." Trevor kissed her cheek. 

"Why not love? I've been wanting a new person to mess with. Why not an American." She giggled.

Lola, you're gonna be dealing with a bitch. I told myself.

*~*~*Lola's P.O.V.*~*~*

I woke up shaking. 

Oh no! The plane is crashing! My eyes flew open and my heart was racing.

"Woah Lola. Calm down. We're just about to land. I was shaking you." I put my hand to my chest and tried to steady my breathing.

"Did you have a nice nap?" Steven asked. I smiled. 

"Not to bad." He chuckled.

"You slept on my shoulder for a good six hours." I blushed.

"Well, your shoulder is a good pillow." I laughed. He laughed along. 


Within about ten minutes we were off the plane and at baggage claim. 

I saw my two bags come up after a few others. I grabbed them.

"Wow, for my first time on a plane, it has been smooth sailing." We left baggage claim and saw a guy holding a sign with my name on it. 

"Oh here's our driver." My mouth dropped. Wow dad, thanks. Steven took my bags and walked up to the man. 

"Hey Mark. I have Ms. Pritchards here." He smiled wide.

"Hey Lola, I'm Mark. I'll be driving you to your school. Oh and, welcome to Ireland." I smiled.

This is gonna be fun.

I hope. 

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