New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


6. Dublin Academy

"Bye mom, bye dad. Love you. Merry Christmas." I said holding back my tears. 

"We love you too sweetie." My mom said and I hung up.

I already Skyped Rose, she's a mess. Now time to call Steven.

I pulled his number out of my purse and saved his number then called him. It rang a couple times and then I heard his deep voice.


"Hey Steven, it's me Lola. I got done unpacking and I'm calling people." I smiled walking to the fridge and grabbed a water.

"Hey Lola! Are you settled and everything?" 

"Yeah." I scanned my room. "I met one person and he hates me already." He pouted. I think.

"Aw Lols, I'm sorry." 


"Well, I give all of my friends nicknames so why not Lols?" I laughed and shook my head.

"My best friend Rose called me LuLu. Don't know why." He laughed.

"Your new contact name." I think he was smiling. "So any who, when are you gonna go out and find your way around campus." 

I went to my window and I have an amazing view of the school. 

"Eh, maybe later. I think I wanna read the rules and everything. This whole uniform thing is confusing and I have no idea what I am doing or what to do." He chuckled.

"Well, my flight is about to take off. Call me sometime soon. Hopefully I can visit you sometime." I smiled.

"I would love that! And I'll make sure to call you on Christmas and hope you have a safe flight. Bye." I put my phone on the record table and got the handbook and the little white book.

"Dublin Academies Hand Book." I read aloud. I flipped through the pages.

"More like a novel. Chapter 1 Simple Rules." I got my water and started to read. 

"Where is the clothing part." I checked the table of contents. "Ah page 59." I flipped to the page.

"Every student must wear the appropriate uniforms on Monday, Friday and Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday and weekends are free wear. Makes sense." 

"When free wear, no shirts that is more than a two finger length. Wife beaters are able to wear but no spaghetti straps or strapless or tube tops that shows any back areas. Looks like it's gonna be hard for that girl." I thought about the girl on the stairs from earlier.

"No shorts up to be able to see any undergarments or any sexual content. Holy jeans are allowed. "Yes." I have a so many pairs of holy jeans it's not even funny.

There was nothing about shoes so I read on about classes, the schedule (not much different than Nitro) but with more breaks, behavior is suggested (yeah right).

Dorm Rules.

"No parties with over twenty peoples in the room. If there is a complaint from any other resident, you are forced to turn the music down. If person rejects the order, administration will come and shut the party down. Wow. Kinda harsh." I read on.


"No firearms on school property. Whoops." I laughed thinking of my pocket knife.

"Wait, why didn't they notice it at the air port?" I shrugged and read on.

Same old crap like Nitro. I looked at the little white book and read the title.

'Dublin Academy Christmas Break Activity Book.' 

Wow, they don't get to go off campus and go home? 

I opened it and saw there was a movie showing at seven. 

"Well, I gotta learn my way somehow." I saw they were showing Warm Bodies. My all time favorite movie.

I chose my favorite shirt, my black jeans a black scarf and some black converse to finish it. I straightened my hair and did my make up light. 

(you can find the outfit on my twitter @LeaneSamantha retweet it cause you guys are awesome) 

I checked my phone and it was 6:30. I found a map. I had to go the West Hall.

I was across the school.

I grabbed my ear buds and my room key and slid the key in my pocket and turned Irresistible by One Direction on.

 I grabbed the map and slid it in my phone case.

I turned the light off and closed the door. I turned to the elevator and saw the guy from earlier with the other guy. 

I put my hair in front of my face and walked faster. I knew they would go for the elevator so I took the stairs. I got outside and started to walk. I pulled the map and followed the arrows. I got there in a nick of time. I found a empty hay stack in the back and sat on it.


Soon it was 7 o'clock and the large white screen brought the movie up. I had to hold in my fan girl for Nicholas Hoult. A British actor, I can dig it. 

I saw Parker sit with the same people up front and people walked past me and would bump into me like I was never leave. Looks like I'm an outcast.

It got to the part where R and the girl are at the house when it started to get cold. I got up and left. I got it on DVD so I'll have my own movie night.

I changed back to the same pajamas I wore earlier and took my make up off. I got another water and opened another pack of Kazooles. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Yes?" I smiled. The girl who called me 'Dirty American' stood there with three other girls.

"Can I help you?" I leaned on the door.

"Shut up. Are you the new girl?" She barked. I laughed.

"Yes I am. Who are you? The school slut?" I scanned her.

(outfit on my twitter) 

"Shut up. I'm gonna make your life a living hell." She flat out said it. I slammed the door in her face and locked it. I leaned on the door and started to cry.

Well, looks like my fun has officially been ruined.

*~*~*Amanda's P.O.V*~*~*

"Shut up. I'm gonna make your life a living hell." I demanded to her.

First she called me a slut. Well I know I am but no American thinks she can call me that. 

She slammed the door and locked it.

"Fine Dirty American. You want a battle. I'm gonna give you a war." I snapped my fingers and me and the girls started to walk back to our dorm.

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