New Girl

Lola Pritchards is forced to move from her small town in West Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Leaving behind her best friend Rose and all her family and friends, Lola must learn to deal with new bullies, a new school, new home and a new country. Will Lola be forever alone? Or will one certain guy change all of that?


5. 44D

We got to the dorm house and Steven told me to go ahead and try and find my room.

I was so lost. Why not ask for some help? Bad idea.

I went to a dorm room that was marked 35D and knocked on it. My heart began to pound.

"What do you want." A guy demanded. The same guy with brown hair and blue eyes. 

Has anyone seen a heart running around? Cause I can barely breathe.

"Sorry." I put my face in behind my hair.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry. Are you the new girl?" I nodded still shy.

"Well welcome to Dublin Academy. I'm Parker." I've always loved that name.

I lifted my head up and tucked my hair behind my ear, "Lola Pritchards. Can you tell me where room 44D is?"

"Sure love." He smiled and pointed. "It's at the end of the hall." 

"Thank you." I quickly walked to the end of the hall. 

"42D, 43D, ah! Here it is! 44D." I took the key and put it in the lock. The door opened and I was welcomed by a blast of cool air.

It was so big! 

"All this is for me?" I said walking in dropping my backpack and purse. 

I looked to my right and there was the bathroom. Huge! A walk in shower and a huge mirror taking up a wall with a white marble top. Like in hotel rooms.

I left the bathroom and looked forward and went to the door and opened.

"Holy shit." A walk in closet. I turned the light on and saw two rows for clothes.

Wait, if we have uniforms why would we need all this room? I shook it off and saw little fabric tubs stacked in three columns with five in each column. I flipped the light off and went to the rest of the room. 

White walls with a flat screen TV on the left wall. At least I can put my couch there. I thought.

I looked at the wall that was parallel with me and saw a mini fridge with a microwave on top of it.

Then beside it was a little Kurage coffee maker with a rank of different stuff and a bright orange book with a little white book on top of it.

I looked on the other side of the wall and saw a bed frame with no mattress. I hope my parents brought my mattress and a white nightstand.

I haft to spruce this room up.

I tucked my key in my back pocket and went back to Steven. 

Mark, Steven and the truck driver had already got boxes out and started stacking them. 

"Hey! I found my room." Steven smiled.

"Yay! Let's start taking these boxes in." I smiled and grabbed a box that had old family pictures and scrapbooks in them.

"Wait." I stopped and looked in the truck. All of the big stuff. 

"Hey, lets take all the big stuff in first." Steven put his boxes down. "Good idea." 

Me, Mark and Steven climbed in the truck and pulled out my small couch.

It's a plush purple couch with black music notes on the arms and records on the sitting part. 

"Careful it's heavy. 1, 2, 3." We lifted it and took it inside. 

"There's a elevator right around the corner." I pointed with my head. We got in the elevator and got to my room. 

I unlocked my room and we carefully set the couch in front of the TV.

"Now, lets get my record table." I said. They nodded and we got the record table and then my mattress, dressers which we put in the walk in closet, my desk and got my bookshelf and then it was time to put my boxes in. 

The whole unpacking took about two hours.and now it was time to unbox everything. Yay. Notice I said that sarcastically.

Steven was sitting on the couch. 

"Do you want me to help unbox everything?" I smiled and shook my head.

"Thanks for the offer, but you've helped a lot. Go home. How about I call you after I'm settled and stuff. I have to call people anyway." He smiled and we hugged.

"Thanks for everything. I hope everything turns for the best." I told him. He kissed my cheek. Butterflies filled my stomach and I blushed.

"I hope the same. I'll see ya later." I smiled and he waved one last time before he left. I sighed, walking to my couch. I looked around, thinking when something caught my eye on the wall. 

I got up and saw it had to arrows pointing left and right < > I touched the button to the left and the white walls changed into blue walls. 

"Woah." I smiled. I hit the button again and the walls turned hot pink, green, yellow, purple! 

Below that looked like a USB cord. I grabbed my phone and plugged it in. I went to my music and chose one of my favorite song. 

Wake Me Up by Avicii. 

Music started to come from the little circle speakers surrounding the little stereo. I set my phone on the little holder and started to unpack. First the photos.

I took my pocket knife from my purse and started to cut open the boxes.

I put different pictures of me and my friends around the TV and pictures of my family on the little table under neath the TV. I looked a PS3! I saw Call of Duty. 

"Aw hell yeah!" I cheered.

I finished with the pictures and put all my clothes in the giant closet and started to fill my bookshelf. With my favorite books and my journals. I have a total of five. I'm almost done with the sixth one. I have so many more I can write in. 

I got my movies and CD's and my small collection of video games.

I got my make up, hair stuff, nail polish, beanies, bows, sunglasses and necklaces in the closet and last but not least, my converse and other shoes. I got my lights and rugs out and soon enough I was finished. 

When I walked over to my phone Diana by One Direction just finished and #thatpower by ft. Justin Beiber started to play.

I changed into some pajamas and turned the music off, opened a pack of Kazooles and watched some TV.   

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