Love me .


2. hospital.

This boy is laying in his hospital bed and im by his side . kinda of staring at him . He is so handsome . His eyes begin to open .

Bryanna: Well Hello there. *winks*

!?: *confused* who are you ?

Bryanna: Im bryanna, You got in a car accident and I helped you escape your truck . May i ask you what your name is?

??: oh wow .. Thank you so much *smiles* My name is Justin .

Bryanna: well as i would say myself, nice to meet you *winks&smiles*

Justin: I really appreciate what you did for me . Im really lucky you helped me because if you didnt i would probably be dies right now.

Bryanna: Im glad i did . because if i didnt i wouldnt have meet you . *bites lip*

Justin: *winks* well.. explain to me what happened...

Bryanna: *tells him what happened* .. and now this is where we are.

Justin: why were you walking in the rain by yourself anyway?

Bryanna: My car is getting fixed up on . but if i may ask May i have your number ? *winks*

Justin: *writes number down* Here you go beautiful.

Bryanna: *blushes* ill text or call you . and come see you tommorrow , i really have to get home . *kisses him on the cheeck*

Justin: Thanks again .. *watches her close the door behind her *

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