Niall's princess

Izzy is a self harmer. Her dad likes to hurt her too. When she runs away and finds Niall. What will happen?


3. Fuck You Harry

Izzy’s P.o.v

      He really remembers me. Oh my gawd!  He had his arms open and I ran over to him to hug him.  But right before I got to him he put his arms down and started laughing while I stopped and everyone in the room but Niall was laughing.  Niall looked as confused as me.

      Then Harry spoke up.  “You think I still love you after you left me Isabel?”  Harry got up and left.  But before he left I screamed with frustration.  That made him turn around.

       “You think I wanted to leave?  To be put up for adoption?  My adoptive mom died of cancer.  Then My new Dad….” I spat  “Started to abuse me.  I ran away because he finally pushed my last button.  He handed me a knife and told me to cut.”  I showed him my wrist.  “If I had known I would have my own brother laugh at me, I would have rather stayed with Tom!”

      After that was out harry tried to apologize but I told him to save it for someone who cares.  I  sure as hell didn’t.  Fuck you Harry, Fuck you.

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