Niall's princess

Izzy is a self harmer. Her dad likes to hurt her too. When she runs away and finds Niall. What will happen?


2. forgotten

Izzy’s POV:

      I walked outside and slammed the door but as I did it I heard four different voices yell at Harry.

      “Harry, what the hell?!”  Then I started crying, my own brother forgot me.  As I was crying I sat down on the curb outside of Niall’s house.  When I heard the door open I jumped, wiping the tears from my eyes.

      “Are you okay, babe?”  I heard Niall’s voice, I couldn’t  open my mouth or I might start crying harder, so I just shook my head and look down, but as soon as I looked down Niall put his finger under my chin and pulled my face up gently so that we were eye to eye.  Then pulled me in for a hug.

      “I’ll face Harry.”  I blurted out when we let go.

      “Are you sure, he was pretty rude.”  Niall said with genuine concern etched on his face.

      “I’m sure.”  I said and we walked into Niall’s house.


Niall’s POV:

      She is a brave girl.  Facing someone like Harry is hard to do, but Izzy’s going to do it.  I love her for it too.

      “Harry, that was really rude.”  Izzy said confidently.

      “I know,” Said Harry, “Sorry sis.”  He said with his head down.  WAIT SIS?!?!?!  WHAT?!?!?!



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