I never expected to have Harry Styles' kid. Then again, I never expected to have a kid in general. But it happened. It's been almost four years since I've seen Harry and he still doesn't know the dirty little secret I have. And I don't want him to. My child doesn't need a father and I don't need another caretaker. And I don't want to ruin Harry's life. He doesn't need a child to worry about. But my child gets curiouser every day, as well as myself. It won't be long before my secret is out and I can no longer hide my little girl from the truth.


9. Chapter 9

"Niall!" I yelled as we entered the house. After dinner, everyone went home and Emily went to my brothers house. She insisted on coming home and celebrating, but we needed a little alone time.

"What?" He questioned alarmed. He grabbed both my hands and looked at me with concern.

I giggled and rubbed his palms reassuringly. "I'm going to be Mrs.Horan."

His face lit up and he swooped me up bridal style, covering me with long tender kisses. Niall carried me upstairs, his lips still moving smoothly around my face, kissing everywhere but my lips. When we entered my room, he placed me down softly on the bed, the mattress feeling like a cloud. Almost immediately, Niall was towering over me me dominantly, his eyes wandering up and down my body.

"May I?" He asked grabbing a handful of the hem of my dress.

"You may." Just like that, my dress was off.

I ruffled my hair in the mirror, the blonde strands falling messily over my face. I bundled it up in a high bun, not bothering to brush it through. Random strands poked it from every angle, it's formation creating a crown of blonde hair.

Two arms wrapped around my body, a head leaning on my shoulder. I looked in the mirror to see Niall's relaxed face, his hands securing me in a lovers position. We swayed steadily back and forth. I closed my eyes briefly.


"Yes?" I responded opening my eyes. He looked at me with sympathy.

"When do you want to get married?"

I froze for a second, the gears in my brain coming to an abrupt halt. I had never thought of that. Honestly, it had already felt like me and Niall were married.

"Soon." I joked snapping back to reality.

"Well, the thing is, I have to go back on tour in February. If we are married, I have permission to bring you and Emily with me. Since Emily is only four and not in school. But that's only a month and a half away. I don't want to rush things but I can't imagine going away without you again." He looked away from the mirror, it being the only source of eye contact.

"How long is the tour?"

"Like six months."

I gave a long sigh. Six months? That's a long time stuck in a bus.

"Would we been with you the whole six months?" He gave me a questioning look, squeezing me tighter.

"I mean no, you don't have to. Married couples are allowed for the whole time, girlfriends are only allowed half the time." He stopped and thought a little. "You could stay the whole time if you want and Emily could stay only part. I know it's a little crammed for a little girl."

His voice drained away as I began to disappear into the world of my thoughts. How could I possibly leave Emily?


I shook my head. "January twenty fifth." I blurted out. He blinked at me blankly, yet a smile was creeping up on his lips.

"The twenty fifth it is." He finally agreed pecking my lips.

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