I never expected to have Harry Styles' kid. Then again, I never expected to have a kid in general. But it happened. It's been almost four years since I've seen Harry and he still doesn't know the dirty little secret I have. And I don't want him to. My child doesn't need a father and I don't need another caretaker. And I don't want to ruin Harry's life. He doesn't need a child to worry about. But my child gets curiouser every day, as well as myself. It won't be long before my secret is out and I can no longer hide my little girl from the truth.


4. Chapter 4

You ever get that feeling that your being swallowed whole into a huge abyss of darkness? Or the feeling that every hint of light around you seems to disappear and your left with nothing but the familiar pitch darkness? That's what I felt like when Niall left the room. With every step he took, the darkness seemed to appear closer and closer until nothing was seen but it.

After wiping my tears for the final time I slowly, but fragilely walked to the kitchen. I made sure to brace myself for the embarrassing emotions flying around the room. Harry probably now knows and Niall is probably angry. But I couldn't help that.

When I arrived in the kitchen everything seemed normal. All the boys, including Niall and Harry, were cheerful and were forming a conversation as they stuffed their mouths. I confusingly sat in the only empty seat, between Emily and Niall. Emily was playing with the shredded lettuce from her taco, refusing to eat it.

After I asked her why she pleaded, "I can't eat it! It looks like grass, and grass is good. I can't eat grass, animals eat grass. And animals are good. They need to live Mommy! They need to live!"

To stressed to argue, I picked off all the lettuce off her taco and threw it in the trash.

Only ten minutes later of utter silence from me, Emily pushed her chair back and excused herself, walking towards her room with a skip in her step. At least someone was happy.

"Annalise darling, may I have a word" Niall asked fake smiling.

I slowly nodded my head and he lead me to the bathroom, knowing the boys couldn't snoop without us hearing them. The bathroom was small, barely big enough for the two of us to squeeze our body's in without touching. To make room, I hopped on top of the marble counter, my butt partially hanging over the rim of the sink.

"Annalise, why didn't you tell me?" He whispered cautiously.

"I didn't know he was your friend! I never wanted him to know! Ever!" I shouted.

He leant back in shock of my words. Then, he placed his head in his hands and stood silent, not letting a word go.

"Niall I'm sorry, okay." I whispered wrapping my arms around his torso. He was warm and I felt safe in the position in his arms. It felt as if the whole world stopped and nothing could ruin the moment. But it was insecure of me to think of such things. Things that were unrealistic and disappointing.

But I guess I wasn't that type of person. I guess I wasn't perfect. But I had something no one else had. Niall.

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