I never expected to have Harry Styles' kid. Then again, I never expected to have a kid in general. But it happened. It's been almost four years since I've seen Harry and he still doesn't know the dirty little secret I have. And I don't want him to. My child doesn't need a father and I don't need another caretaker. And I don't want to ruin Harry's life. He doesn't need a child to worry about. But my child gets curiouser every day, as well as myself. It won't be long before my secret is out and I can no longer hide my little girl from the truth.


14. Chapter 14

"Annalise? I'm so sorry!" Harry sobbed helping me up. I couldn't help but lean into him as he wrapped his arms around me, mostly because I couldn't keep my balance. The world 'mostly' kept repeating in my head. It was a knife slicing slowly through my heart.

"Where's Emily?" I cried. I hated crying.


Niall stormed away and up the stairs. I imagined he was going to comfort Emily but I can just picture Niall's face deep into a pillow, all his anger and sadness escaping in one long scream.

"Your right." I said looking towards Harry. "She does need a dad. Her real dad."

He smiled faintly, a sense of guilt in it.

"But." I stated firmly. "That doesn't mean we will ever be something. You are nothing to me."

He started to sob again, this time being more audible and broken. They came out shaky and harshly. It was devastating.

"Harry, please, stop crying." I pleaded. I grabbed his hand and rubbed his sore knuckles. He started to slow down his breaths, their sound coming out shakily.

Niall came down only a couple seconds after I had dropped Harry's hand. Emily was curled up in his arms, but she wasn't sleeping, she was just sitting there in comfort and security. Niall wasn't just my rock. Emily was rather dependent.

"Emily. Sweetie. Me and Niall have to talk to you." I cooed taking her from Niall's arms. She curled protectively around my body.

"Emily. Harry is your daddy."

She looked up disappointed. She looked a lot like him. The same beautiful green orbs. The same nose.

"Okay." She replied nonchalantly. She shrugged from my grip and walked over to Harry. Emily looked him up in down, taping her chin in the process. At last, she smiled and climbed into his arms. Harry hugged her tight and I could already see the tears falling down his cheek.

"Hi Daddy!" Emily giggled wiping away his tears. She kissed his face and cuddled closer to him.

I glanced over at Niall, his face swollen with tears. I wanted to feel some kind of sympathy or guilt, but I didn't. I was relived in a way. My secret wasn't pulling me down anymore.


"Yes Annalise?" He murmured never meeting my eyes.

"Are you alright?"

It was then that I realized that Niall was a ticking time bomb that you couldn't defuse. All at once his face was red with anger and he was towering over me dominantly. I stood weak in his shadow.

"Why would I be alright?! You just ruined everything! I didn't think you were the selfish type! God Anna! Am I not suitable to be a father!? Is he a better father figure than me!?" He gestured towards Harry's tense body. "I've always loved you! Always! I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you! Me, you, Emily, we could've been a happy family! We could've been! But you ruined everything!"

Niall continued to scream, most of it just blabber. But I couldn't get that out of my head. The word 'wanted'. Had he really stopped loving me so soon? Was I that selfish?

No. I was not selfish. I was only doing what was best for Emily. This was not about me.

Anger started to feel me up and I could feel it traveling through my whole body. I hit Niall on the side of his face, hard. So hard he collapsed back, his body hitting the ground harshly. He looked up at me in horror.

"I'm not selfish! The last thing I want for my daughter is to grow up without a dad! Do you have any idea how that fucking feels?! Get over yourself!" I screamed so loudly I could feel my own body shudder at my harsh words and tone.

Niall got up slowly, his hand clutching the side of his face. He was still in shock, his eyes wide with astonishment. He reached for the door.

"And Niall? I kissed Harry." I said simply. Niall looked up at me, his eyes now expanded with anger. Maybe that was a little too much.

"Annalise, no matter how harsh you are, I will always love you." It seemed like a loving gesture but the words were too harsh and stern to be sweet. With that, he left, his shoulders sagging and fists clenched tightly.


"I better go." Harry said getting up from Emily's bed. She had finally fallen asleep, her body snuggled deeply into the covers.

"Harry, you can't go back to the flat. Not with Niall there. He just needs time to cool off." I grabbed his hand and let him out of Emily's room and to mine. Tanner was asleep on the couch and I wasn't going to make him sleep on the floor. A little risky but life is full of risks.

"I thought you wanted nothing to do with me?" Harry chuckled taking his sweatshirt off.

"We all said and did things we didn't mean." I swallowed back a sob, the guilt finally rising in me.

"Yeah. I hope Niall can forgive me." He slipped off his shirt to reveal his built torso. Unlike when I had first met him, it was now covered with tattoos. "Then again, it wouldn't be the first time we fought over a girl."

After I had gotten dressed, I slipped downstairs and grabbed some drinks. It was late now, so if I was going to drink, I might as well do it before I sleep. When I entered my room, bottles of alcohol in hand, Harry gave me a perplexed look.

"What? You can't say you don't want a drink."

He laughed and grabbed a bottle of vodka and a glass. "I could, but I would portray myself as a liar."

We clinked our glasses together, the sound providing relief, and chugged it down.






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