The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
This massive story is being transferred over from several websites.
for now, if you want to read ahead, here is the link to it on WattPad:


11. The Tale

I wake up to see a familiar green light in my eyes.
My eyes suddenly flutter open to see the doctor scanning his sonic on my face.
I try to move my head but my face starts to burn again and all of the muscles in my face start to tense.

“It’s okay. Just stay still and relax. Go to sleep.” I could hear the doctor saying to me in a soothing manner.
Right before I fell asleep I wanted to ask him something.

“Doctor. What does the term “Galaxy Child imply”?”

“Well…” he said. I could tell this was going to be one of his unusually long lectures.
“There is a legend on Gallifrey that once every 1000 years or so there would be a special child born. The child would seem normal at a glance but in fact there is nothing completely normal about them. They couldn’t really feel true emotions. The emotions that the child portrayed were like artificial emotions. You see the Galaxy Child was the great observer of every single planet on every single galaxy. The emotions that the person felt may have been influenced by how some random person on some random planet felt. Or the person could feel the way that a random planet felt. The Galaxy child was an emotional harbor for all of the planets. Certain emotions can overrule other emotions, taking control of the child.

But no matter how different each galaxy child was they all had something in common. They had the power of creation its self. They could destroy a planet with a single temper tantrum. Or create a brand new planet in its place. This is the reason why we need to keep you away from the other species. They are afraid that one day you may accidentally destroy their home planet. So because of this they want you dead, or they want you for their own purposes.

But no matter what, Kenzi, you are an extraordinary girl, and no matter what it takes we will keep you safe!”

“Thanks doctor, for everything.” I manage to mumble out before I’m starting to go to sleep.

I feel his gentle hands combing through my hair. He then gives me a kiss on the cheek before a wave of calmness washes over me and I’m already asleep.

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