The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
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12. Secrets

The next morning I wake up feeling glorious. I get dressed and I decide to head to the console room.
When I arrive I see Rory and Amy Conversing with the doctor. I hide trying to listen in on the conversation.

“But what if something bad happens to her?” I hear a Confused Amy say
“That’s the point. We can’t let anything happen to her. If anything, just one thing pushes her over the edge she will-“ the doctor said with a bunch of seriousness in his tone

“She’ll do what?” I said butting into the conversation I was entangled into.
“OH, Hi Kenzi. I thought you were asleep!” he said with a bit of surprise in his voice.
He then looked to Rory with a look on his eyes like Rory had done something wrong.
“Hey don’t look at me like that Doctor! A couple of minutes ago she was sound asleep. She didn’t seem close to waking up at the time.-“
I then interrupted there conversation “Hello? I’m still in the room you know! I’m not Deaf!”

The doctor then slowly walked up to me like he half expected me to be calm. The other half expecting me to lash out on him like a wild tiger. He then grabbed both of my hands, and put his forehead on my forehead. Wait… Was he studying me?
“What are you doing…?” I asked him as he scanned my eyes

“Nothing… Just nothing. Nothing at all.” He said with a certain manner

“Oh! Not this again! No more alien man! –“ I said with a tone full of vengeance and cruel feelings.
“I travel with you, I put my own life down for you, I love you and how do you repay me? By keeping more and more secrets from me! It’s been getting on my nerves! I know you keep secrets from me and its making me sick!” I said with disgust. Putting emphasis on the word sick.
As I said this I felt the familiar burning sensation on my face but I kept going.

“Every time I look at you in the eye you scare me! You seem to know more about me than you would ever know about yourself!” I said this with every ounce of rage, anger, and hatred coursing through my every vein.

I could see their reaction The Doctor was slowly trying to approach me. Taking small steps. And every step he took it took every ounce of decency in my body not to torch him not to mention poor Amy and Rory who were right behind the doctor trying to help him.

“So you know what? Good bye mad man! May your every memory and dream perish with you and your every companion! I hope you rot in hell!” as I said this I slowly raised my arm I looked down at it so see some sort of bizarre morphed arm in the place where my arm should be.My arm was cradling a ball of flames waiting to incinerate all that it touched. I then Raised my hand high my hand positioning to strike.

Then it all happened in slow motion.                
Everything happened at once.
“No! Doctor!” Amy cried fresh tears spilling from her face
Rory trying to think of a way to calm me down.
And right in front of me, the noblest man I ever met put his arms out wide in a position that said Come and get it.

“Bad Things are coming! And Fast! So do me a favor Ponds and be prepared! This isn’t the last time you will see me!” I said with a begrudging attitude in my voice

At the last second before I was about to hit the doctor I heard what sound like crying, a woman crying. I could hear a sad tune. Hey, I know that tune, but from where? I then remembered before my mom died I had sung this tune. Stroking her hand gently and helping her fight back the tears.

Before my mom died at the last second I Screamed “Mom, Please don’t die on me! I love you too much!”
I then Flash Back from the Scene.

My hand was centimeters away from the doctor’s chest.
Suddenly I could hear the song in my head. I started humming the tune, slowly pulling my hand away from the doctor in the process.
My eyes slowly yet surely turning from a deep crimson to my normal Teal eye color. When my hand was at my side I started to cry remembering every moment me and my mom shared together. I started to sing the song again out loud. While I see an alarmed looking doctor slowly approach me.
Just as he came up to me my legs turned to grape jelly and I started to fall. Luckily the doctor caught me. He stared at me in astonishment.

“What Do you want from me?” I asked in a shaky voice only to see a red tear flow onto my cheek.
I then felt all consciousness being knocked from me. I couldn’t breathe. All I could hear was the doctor telling Rory to help me up and get me to the infirmary.
I was shedding even more tears because I had no clue what was going on. My Hearts slowly rejecting the oxygen I was struggling to breath. I then blacked out.

Doctors P.O.V
My mind was reeling. I didn’t know Kenzi had ever felt about me like that. I was simply dumbfounded.
After I took her to the infirmary I slept the night watching Kenzi. Making sure she was comfortable, singing songs, and occasionally telling her stories. But what weighed the most on my mind was what she had said. I couldn’t believe her. Is it true?

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