The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
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7. Panic!

I never thought that I would be running around a forest running from Cybermen during the cretaceous era. I guess this was considered a normal day for a time traveler. Dang, I have a lot to get used to!
I was using my curiosity as a gauge to help me not to panic considering the fact the I have no clue where I am and how I’m going to get back unscathed…
To help calm myself down I decided to look at the surroundings. I saw a group of dimetrodon basking in the sun. Using there back sails to absorb sunlight. Kind of like living solar panels, either that or for attention.
Luckily nearby I saw a small cave. I didn’t see any tell-tale signs that there was a dinosaur living I slowly inched towards the mouth of the cave careful not to attract any unwanted attention.
I was amazed at what I saw inside. What the Hell was alien technology doing here? It seemed like some sort of an abandoned secret base. One word instantaneously popped into my head.
Crouching and contorting my body to make sure that I wasn’t spotted was my top second priority was to find out why they are here. Despite the fact that it looked like nothing had been here in years I was still on red alert. Luckily I hadn’t spotted any Cybermen so when I saw a green button I jumped at the chance whilst still being cautious.
My jaw dropped. What lay before my eyes was a platoon of Cybermen waiting for the go signal. They seemed to have dormant for ages. I lightly tapped the Cybermen.
Dormant. Completely dormant.
“Phew I’m sure glad that was over.” I said to my relief.
I then heard the most petrifying noise I had ever heard.
I sat and waited for a minute trying to figure out what made that noise. After a couple second I turn to exit the cave.
“It’s almost as if they are wak-“
I have a natural tendency to speak to soon.
The last image that I saw was a Cybermen looking at me.
I then woke up with a massive head ache. I was inside of some sort of room. Filled with technology, some even I dint know about. I then came to the realization that I was locked up. Why did I always end up in jail? After pondering for a minute I thought I saw something move amidst the darkened room.
“Now tell me what do you happen to know about The Doctor?” I heard a robotic voice say.
I think it was a Cybermen.
“Why should I tell you? I mean why should I tell you anything considering he is your worst fear? Oh look the Cybermen are too scared of the doctor so they kidnap his companion instead! You really are despicable!” I spat at it, angry from all of my previous encounters.
I then felt a sudden cold object held against my throat.
“You will tell us or we will destroy each planet! 1by1.So every time you refuse well blow up a planet!”
I then gulped in fear at the realization that it was a metal weapon. I also realized that this was exactly in my dream, and if I played my cards right I could avoid any planets being blown to smithereens.
“Move her into the chair!”
Suddenly I feel my arms being locked into arm rests. Constraining arm rest. Same for my legs. Suddenly the lights turned on.
“So let me ask this again, what do you know about the doctor?”
“Tell us!” he said with a tad of impatience in his tone.
“But Why?”
“Tell us!!!” His face was fuming and he looked absolutely pissed.
“Okay so you want to do it the hard way. Alright let’s start with planet Earth.
Right before his hand touches the huge red button the door slams open.
“Not if I can help it!” with a casual smirk on his face he then points his sonic screwdriver at the red button. A sudden flash of sparks come from nearby circuitry.
He then points it at the chair. The strongholds unlock and I’m free from the chair.
“Look who finally decided to show up? You’re late!” I said with my usual sassy tone.
“Well then next time don’t get into these situations!”
We continued to bicker for a few seconds before we heard something counting downwards.
“Run” I said with a smirk on my face.
“Hey that my line!” he looked at me.
“Well then. Geronimo!” I said before I shot into a fast lead.
“Last one to the Tardis is a Rotten Dalek!” I yelled. I was so going to win. I then got into the Tardis.
“Hey no fair! You got a head start!” he said
“Sometimes you sound so much like a child!” pointing out the obvious .well it was obviously not apparent to him.
“Whatever. Anyways. Where do you want to go?”
“I was thinking somewhere new. Maybe Egypt but during king Tuts rule.” I said hoping to go there. It was something on my bucket list as a child.
“Alright Egypt it is!” after he was done saying that he then played the song “Walk like an Egyptian”. And he started dancing. I just laughed and joined him.
Suddenly I felt a slight temperature drop.
“Beware” were the words I heard whispered into my ear. Sounded like a woman said it.
“Did you hear that?” I asked
“Hear what?” he eyed me with another expression of worry on his face.

“Nothing. I must be tired. Oh well good night doctor!” I said retreating to my room. The doctor then looked at the screen.
“But that’s impossible! That can’t be right! There must be something missing!”
Something isn’t right with Kenzi…
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