The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
This massive story is being transferred over from several websites.
for now, if you want to read ahead, here is the link to it on WattPad:


3. Ordinary Girl

“Now Kenzi tell me why you think a strong species like the Daleks want a little girl?”
Hmmm… I thought this should be interesting. “Well some things that I could think of are that the person knows too much information, or they can help them obtain a certain object or reach a certain goal, they also could-“
“That’s it!” he said with a sudden burst of happiness
“”What’s it?” I might say that this man was rather odd.
“You have something that they need!”
“But what would they want from an American teenager? I mean seriously, I’m just another simpleton among human society. I mean I have a few special talents like I can play the Oboe and I can sing decently but, I don’t think that’s something worth killing over!”
“Can you answer me there anything weird or abnormal about your life? Anything strange that keeps occurring? Anything???”
“Well…” I replied delving deep into my mind.” Sometimes I have these weird dreams. I dream that I’m looking at the stars shining in there elegant radiance. Sometimes I see certain stars flare like there in pain. Whenever that happens I can feel an intense burning and my hearts start beating faster. I can see and feel the pain in the universe .And doctor… It hurts!” He looked at me with concerned eyes.
“The next dream I had connected somehow was when I was kidnapped. Then held hostage in an electric chair and forced to answer questions. Every time I got a question wrong or when I lied they would blow up 1 planet. I was extremely stubborn until they started getting to the letter of my home planet. I finally gave up and told them what they wanted to know. And that’s all I remember.”
“Kenzi do you happen to know what planet you were from? “He almost laughed at the rhetorical question but he asked anyways. I then looked at the doctor with my hazel and struggled to say
“I…I don’t Remember.”

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