The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
This massive story is being transferred over from several websites.
for now, if you want to read ahead, here is the link to it on WattPad:


2. My life in a nutshell

"Doctor who exactly might I inquire?" I reply trying not to panic despite the fact that someone I don't know somehow broke into my house and is now petting my dog.
“Just call me The Doctor. And who might you be?”
“It’s Kenzi. Now Doctor tell me how in the world of hell did you get into my house?”
“a small suburban apartment with 2 rooms  2 bathrooms and a kitchen and a living room. I can tell your very fond of purple. You have a purple couch purple bed spread all purple clothes"
"Those used to be my mothers clothes! Have you been looking around my house?"
"Umm.. No I've just been observing. So this is where you live... Oops. I already apologize for the roof. I tried to stop her but she still hit it. I had picked up unusual signals from this location. Last time I picked up signals like those they were coming from…”
“From where?” I asked intrigued
“Umm…it’s something I’d rather not talk about. Anyways Where are your parents?”
“My mom and dad died. My dad died in an accident. My mom died from cancer. Before she died she gave me this…”
She then opted to take out of her pocket a small charm. Embossed on the charm lay circular symbols and patterns which Kenzi never understood. She went to talk to a person who specialized with different languages and artifacts. When I showed it to him I saw a terrified look on his filled with gloom and sadness. He turned me down and said something to the extent like “You have a greater burden on your shoulders than you could ever imagine, child”
“When my mom gave it to me she said never let anyone try to take it as it was somehow intertwined with my destiny. I just thought she was joking with me”
She then looked at the doctor’s face surprised with the look in his eyes. Tears welled up and his eyes were shinier than a diamond under a light. “This is written in Galifreyan!”
He then looked at me and said…”Who are you? Are you trying to trick me???Is this a trap???Are you working for the Daleks???Blink twice if they are forcing you to say this.”
“What are you talking about? I’m just a regular teenager! Nothing more nothing less!”
A sudden Blast illuminated in the room. “EXTERMINATE” a stone cold voice said.
Kenzi remembered this voice. A long time ago she was at home and she was with her dad when she heard the exact same words. The look on her dads face was a face of sheer and utter terror. “Daddy what’s going on?” I asked terrified.
“Just Run. Run and don’t look back!”
“But dad…”’
“Just Go! Now!”
“Keep away from my little girl!!!” my dad yelled at the tin can thing
Suddenly I see the whole scene flash before my eyes a laser was coming in my the last second my dad jumped in front of me to to save me.
“Daddy NO!!!” I screamed in vain.
I suddenly remember what stood in front of me now. All my pain and sadness and anger coursed through my veins and I said aggravated “You Will pay for killing my dad when I was little!”
Running while narrowly avoiding the beams I trampled up to the tin can and used all my strength to rip off its eye stalk.
I then collapsed in a crying heap “Daddy come back…Please!” I muffled through a sob. The doctor ran to my side. ”Hey, what’s wrong?”
I then told him the story of when I was little and when the Daleks tried to kill me, and how I have been running from the Daleks ever since. His eyes opened in surprise at the story. “Why you, Why a little girl?” .he looked puzzled.

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