Justin Bieber? You know him, right? Yea, so do I. Quite honestly, I don't care about him. I do, however care about my job. RIght now i'm a back-up dancer on his tour "Believe". I know what you're thinking, 'YOu have to audition for that' WRONG. I didn't really have a choice. They needed another dancer, and my agent needed me to get a job. So now, here I am dancing for Justin Bieber.


1. Eyes

The beat repeated in my head as I danced rapidly to the music. The other girls were behind a beat. I smirked and blew the loose strand of hair from my face.

Justin: Forget it, i'm done for the night.

He stormed out and everybody looked at each other.

Scooter: Justin!

He started after him and gave up when he reached the doorway.

Scooter: That's it for the day I guess.

I shook my head. That's exactly why I didn't want to work with 'Justin Bieber' he's a spoiled brat who gets absolutely anything he desires. I picked up my water bottle and took a sip of the water. It felt so good, you have no clue. It was like heaven after dancing for four hours straight.

Scooter approached me as I pulled my sweatshirt over my head.

Scooter: Hey, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Yes?

Scooter: Can you help the other girls tomorrow, they're not quite getting the step before Justin comes in.

Rebecca: Yea, sure.

I turned away from him. Don't get me wrong, Scooter wasn't bad. I just didn't feel as if I needed to be here, or even be dancing for Justin. I know so many people dream to dance with Justin Bieber. All I want to do is get away. I never wanted this job. I hate Justin, honestly. They were short a dancer and my agent wanted me to get another job fast, and it just so happened he was best friends with the casting director, so here I am.

I walked out of the studio, making eye contact with nobody. I looked both ways before crossing the street and approaching my car. I unlocked the car and then I heard squeals. I looked over and there were a group of girls about thirteen years old. They squealed when they saw me and asked for a picture.

Rebecca: Sure.

I smiled as the flash flickered in my face.

Rebecca: Out of all his dancers, how do y'all recognize me?

'You were the girl that Justin grinded on that one concert'

I shook my head and smiled.

Rebecca: Oh- I forgot about that.

Yes, that happened, ONCE. I was dancing with Justin for ' Beauty and A Beat' and he rubbed up against me from behind, so now i'm known as the dancer Justin grinded on. I honestly didn't realize it when it happened until after the show and the girls were all talking about it.

Let me get one thing through your mind. Justin and I have NOTHING between us. I don't like him, he doesn't like me.

I snapped out of my daydream when I heard them scream 'Justin'

I looked over and Justin was walking to his car. He looked miserable. I shook my head and started up my car. I looked back at the girls and Justin. He looked over at me and connected his eyes to mine.

It felt like a force was keeping our eyes together. No matter how bad I wanted to look away, I couldn't. As if you were being pulled backwards, when all you wanted to do was run forward. He finally looked away, but it was too late, the girls realized we were looking at each other.

One of the little teens pulled my hand and made me walk over to where Justin was. He stared at me for a moment. 'Can we all get a picture?' Justin smiled and agreed to the idea.

From left to right, there was a girl with brown short hair, a blonde with medium hair, a brunette with long curly hair, then there was me, Justin was stading next to me with his hand looped around my waist and his other arm hanging by his side, another blonde girl with long hair, and one younger girl with her hair in pigtails.

I smiled as their phone's timer went off.

'Can I get a picture of just you two?'

The girls all squealed as Justin pulled my body closer to his and I wrapped my arm around his back. I smiled as Justin was squishing me closer to him.

'Are y'all dating?'

This question happened to make me very mad. Why in the world would I want to date that slime ball? They must be crazy.

Rebecca: Hah, no.

I didn't say it with an attitude like you would think I did.

They all looked a little sad after I said that.

'Can you sing for us?'

Justin smiled and started singing a song he hadn't even released yet.

Justin: It's been difficult, i'm just glad there's no fights no more...

He smiled as he finished singing his line. Then I realized, he was still holding me close to him. I slid out of his arms.

Rebecca: I'm sorry ladies, i've gotta get some sleep, we've got a show tomorrow.

I walked to my car and sat in the drivers seat. I went on my phone for a moment then set it in my cup holder. I buckled my seatbelt, looked behind me and backed out of the parking spot. I started pulling out of the parking lot. Justin's eyes connected with mine again. It was difficult not to look away.


As I got to the hotel everybody was staying at I made my way up to my hotel room. All of our rooms were on the same floor, next to and across from each other.

I unlocked the door and walked inside. I threw my bag on the floor and hopped in the shower.

After I finished blow drying my hair I slid my pajamas on. They were a little too big for me. They were zebra print fuzzy pants and a tank top that said I hate/love you. I walked into the bathroom and pulled my hair up into a pony tail. I pulled out my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth when there was a knock at the door. I spit the toothpaste out and walked to the door. I opened the door and was shocked by who was there.

Justin was looking down at his phone.

Justin: Scooter just wanted me to -

He looked up and tried to look me in the eyes, but I wouldn't let him.

Justin: tell you we have practice earlier tomorrow because the other girls are behind.

He spoke slower.

Rebecca: Okay, i'm good with that.

I looked up at him and made the eye contact he wanted. He squinted as his eyes roamed my face. He started leaned a little closer as he looked closer at my face. I didn't move. What was he doing? I could feel his breath on my lips now. I looked at his eyes, which made him lean even closer. I swear, we were half a second away from kissing, then somebody called his name. He kept his face close to mine but looked to his left. That's when I took the oppertunity to take a step back.

Rebecca: That sounds great i'll talk to you tomorrow.

Before he could realizing I was closing the door I flashed a smile and closed it in his face. I heard a voice approached Justin. I knew it had to be Ryan, we all knew he was suprising Justin.

Ryan: Oh, you're hitting on the dancer?

Justin didn't reply. I started walking to my bed because I knew listening to their conversation would be rude.

I slowly slid into the bed. I didn't know what just happened. But I knew I wouldn't let him come that close to me anymore. I couldn't trust him around me anymore.

As my eyes closed slowly, I had one last thought.

Don't let him win.











*AN That my dear, is the beginning of 'Recovery'.

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I just came up with this thought and I had to write something down, so here we are.

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Stay Beautiful Xx*

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