Justin Bieber? You know him, right? Yea, so do I. Quite honestly, I don't care about him. I do, however care about my job. RIght now i'm a back-up dancer on his tour "Believe". I know what you're thinking, 'YOu have to audition for that' WRONG. I didn't really have a choice. They needed another dancer, and my agent needed me to get a job. So now, here I am dancing for Justin Bieber.


7. Cancelled

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. Justin's arms were still around me, but he was humming "Never let you go" He leaned over into my ear and whispered.

Justin: I'll never let you go...

I smiled and turned on my side to face him. I brought my lips to his and hugged him tightly.

Justin: I'm not kidding. I'm not gonna let you go.

I smiled and sat up. He kept his arms around my waist. I tried to stand up but he pulled me back down so I was sitting on his lap.

Rebecca: Justin!

Justin: I said i'd never let you go..

I started laughing and faced him, his arms still holding on to me. He smiled and pecked my lips.

Rebecca: I won't dace on the team anymore if you don't let me go..

Justin: Yes you will, because I'm not letting you go.

I smiled and kissed his face. I pressed my lips harder against his lips. He leaned back on the bed as I straddled him. His hands held on to my hips, looser than before. I sat up and smiled at him. I leaned down and whispered in his ear.

Rebecca: I got you..

Then I quickly got off of him and ran out of the room.

Justin: Woah, NOT SO FAST.

I laughed as I looked back at him chasing me.

Justin: WAIT.

I was cornered in the living room, by the TV. He saw me and grinned. I slid down the wall so I was now sitting on the floor. He came over to me, bent down and made me look at him.

Justin: That wasn't very nice.

Rebecca: You should've let me go..

Justin: I don't want to let you go, but I will physically let you go if you give me a kiss.

I smiled at him and pressed my lips to his. I smiled in the kiss as Justin stood me up and hugged me tightly, lifting me off the ground. I squealed as he pecked my lips once more.

Pattie: Hun, why are you two in the corner?

He turned around, setting me down.

Justin: Uh, she was hiding from me.

I smiled at him and hugged him, hiding my face from her. He laughed and hugged me tightly. He kissed the top of my head and swayed back and forth with me. I looked up and smiled at him. His lips met mine.

Pattie: Your father is meeting us at Olive Garden for lunch.

Justin: Okay, we'll be ready in a hour.

Pattie: Don't squish that poor girl.

Justin: She wanted a hu-

Rebecca: I'm fine.

I turned around, I leaned back against Justin. His wrapped his arms around me still wrapping keeping his arms around me.

Pattie: Tell me if he's bothering you, hun.

Rebecca: Oh, I will.

I smiled and turned to Justin. He squinted his eyes at me.

Justin: Not if I tape your mouth shut, baby.

I shook my head and laughed. I looked up at him I pulled his lips to mine and squeezed myself closer to him. He smiled in the kiss and lifted me off the ground a bit.

Rebecca: Justin!

Pattie: Set her down.

Justin: But she's so small and I can capture her and keep her forever.

He kissed my cheek before setting me back down. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly.

Pattie: Justin, let her go.

Rebecca: He's fine, but he's gonna have to let me go soom so I can get a shower.

I smiled up at him. He bent down and kissed my forehead.

Justin: Fine, go.

I smiled again and made my way to the bathroom.


We got to the restaurant and Pattie just got off the phone with Jeremy.

Pattie: I'm sorry hun, I guess Jax got sick at the last minute and he can't make it.

Justin: Are you serious?

He shook his head and looked down.

Justin: I wanted you to meet him so much.

I walked over to him and made him look up at me. I rested my right hand on his cheek.

Rebecca: Hey, it's alright, we've still got five days.

He looked down at me and tried to smile, it was weak though.

Justin: I know.

I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug. He kissed the top of my head.

Justin: I need a real kiss.

I smiled and pressed my lips to his. He held his hand in the arch on my back.

Pattie: Huun, do you still want to get lunch, or?

Justin: I know you'd rather be doing something else, we'll go hang out with Ryan and Alison.

Pattie: Are you sure, honey? I feel horrible about this whole situation.

Justin: I'm positive.


We met Alison and Ryan at the mall. When we got there, Chelsea was there, too. SHe wasn't even supposed to be in Canada. Justin squeezed my hand and kissed my head.

Justin: Ryaaan!

Ryan: What happened dude?

Justin: Jaxon got sick, he cancelled. But this girl right here, he squeezed me hand and looked at me, she made a good point, we still have a couple days.

I smiled up at him and Alison looked at me.

Alison: Well im gonna steal her for a couple minutes, as in half an hour.

SHe grabbed my hand and started pulling me away from Justin. Justin pulled me back to him, ripping my hand from Alison's.

Justin: No, she's mine.

ALison: Just for a little, then you can have her back.

Justin: Fine.

I put my hands on his neck and stood on my tiptoes. I presed my lips against his and smiled as I pulled away. He squeezed my waist and kissed the top of my head.

Justin: Be safe, okay?

I smiled and nodded as I walked over to Alison and up the escalator. I watched as Chelsea walked over to Justin and gave him a hug. They started talking and I looked back in front of me. Alison took my hand and pulled me into some random store.

Rebecca: What?

ALison: Chels has been talking to Ryan, asking about you and Justin, be careful around her.

Rebecca: So, you pull me away from him, leaving them alone, so you could tell me this?

Alison: I'm not that stupid, I told Ryan to make sure nothing happened between them.

Rebecca: Then why did you ask for 30 minutes?

Alison: Because, I know how close you and Justin have gotten in the past few days, and before you got any closer, I thought you should get the right clothing for it...

She looked across the walkway over to Victoria's Secret. I could feel my face turning red as she pulled me over to the shop.



Alison: See, that wasn't so bad...

Rebecca: As we walk out with like five bags...

Alison: One of them is mine! And one of them is just a tiny bag for your perfume!

Rebecca: Oh, i'm sorry my THREE other bags..

Alison: Haha, shut up, I'm just preparing you.

We walked past the food court and I saw Justin sitting there. His eyes met with mine and he stood up and started walking over to us.

As he got closer I set my bags down and wrapped my arms around him. He hugged me tightly. I rested my chin on his shoulder and squeezed him tightly.

Alison: You act like you haven't seen her in a year...

Justin: I'm used to waking up next to her, seeing her everyday. Thirty minutes seems like forever, shut up.

I laughed and squeezed his back again. He kissed the side of my head as he swayed back and forth.

Ryan: I think he missed her.

Alison laughed and smiled at Ryan.

Ryan: Hi, baby.

He walked over to her and gave her a peck on the lips.

Justin: I did.

I looked at his face and smiled. He smiled back before catching my eye.

Justin: You're gorgeous.

Rebecca: You are.

I pressed my lips to his for a second before pulling away.

Alison: No looking!

I turned around and Alison was moving my bags from next to my feet.

Alison: That's not for you, buddy.

Justin: Oh, I have a feeling it is..

He wiggled his eyebrows and I turned back to Alison.

Rebecca: What was he doing?

Alison: Trying to look into the bags..

Justin: Well I couldn't see anything, considering they put that pink shit in there. Damn them people.

I laughed and looked back at Justin. He smiled at me and slowly walked over.

Justin: You should model them for me...

He grinned and wrapped his arms around my waist.

Rebecca: Oh really?

Justin: Yes, really.

Rebecca: I don't think so...

I heard screams and a crowd of girls were pointing at us. I was very chlostrophobic. I was used to the crowds, but they were heading strait for us, and there was no way I could out run them.

Justin: Ryan, take Alison and Rebecca back to my car. Like now, please.

Alison grabbed my bags and my hand as Ryan started running the opposite way. I dropped my phone and bent down and Alison's hand let go of mine. She didn't even notice. Justin saw me and saw some of the girls coming for me and ran over to me. I stood up and he was holding me tightly in his arms as girls surrounded us and screamed in my ear. Justin held me tightly as girls piled over us.

Rebecca: Justin? I can't breathe.

I looked up at his face, which was close to mine.

Justin: I got you.


A few minutes later security had the girls off of us and I was still clinging to Justin. He held me close and kissed my forehead as we got lead to his car.  When we got in I stared blankly at my feet.

Justin: Hey, baby. Look up at me.

Ryan and Alison had went to Ryan's car when they realized I wasn't with them.

Justin: Baby?

He lifted my chin so I was looking at him. My eyes started to water. He knew it scared me when they came at me like that.

He leaned across the console and hugged me. He pecked my lips a couple timesbefore sitting back in his seat. A security guard knocked on his window.

SG: Sir, can you exit before the crowd gets more out of control.


We got back into Justin's house and Alison and Ryan approached us as soon as we opened the door. Alison was upset with herself because she let go of my hand. I told her not to worry about it. It was only like 6 pm but I slid into my pajamas anyways. Justin walked in and hugged me. I held on to him.

Justin: I'm sorry you went through that.

Rebecca: It's fine, it's not your fault.

He kissed my hair and then looked me in the face.

Justin: I'm watching movies with you, and we're cuddling on the couch. Ryan and Alison left because they were going to see a movie. So you and me tonight, okay?

He smiled and pecked my lips before picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

Rebecca: Justin!

He laid me down on the couch and sat on top of me.

Justin: I'm gonna go make popcorn, then you're cuddling, okay?

I nodded and smiled as he leaned down and kissed my lips. He got off then about five minutes later he came back with popcorn in a bowl in his hand. Justin laid down next to me and played the movie. I wasn't really paying attention to it. I was just staring at Justin's face. He was so beautiful. His eye lashes were so long. His lips were so plump and perfect. His little nose was so perfect. When he laughed his beautiful teeth would shine. He looked over at me and kissed my nose.

Justin: What's wrong?

Rebecca: You're so beautiful..

Justin looked at me and smiled.

Justin: Not as gorgeous as you.

Rebecca: No, it's true.

He looked at me and presed his lips to mine. Our lips didn't seperate as he pulled my body closer to his. I straddled his lap as he pulled my face even closer. I knew exactly where this was going, and it didn't seem so bad. We had known each other for awhile and he obviously cared for me. He loved me. When those girls came to attack me, he was the one who ran over to me and protected me from them. He was the one who cared for me. He was the first person to make me fall in love. He was the first one to take everything from me.. and when I say everything... I mean EVERYTHING.


I woke up in his bed, where I had slept the nights before. I was still wearing nothing, but my body was still tangled with Justin's. Some sunlight peaked through the window and I hid my face in Justin's neck.

Justin: I know, that bothers me too.

I groaned and hid my head farther into his neck. I heard the door creak open. I didn't move, hoping it wasn't Pattie or his grandparents.

Alison: Oh. My. God. I knew it was going to happen, but now?

I groaned and took a pillow from next to me and threw it in her direction.

Rebecca: Get outt... i'm trying to sleep.

Alison: i bet so, you probably couldn't sleep after that.

Rebecca: Alisonnn!

Alison: Ry! Come check this out.

I whined and Justin pulled the blankets over our heads.  I heard Ryan's footsteps and Curled my head closer to his neck.

Ryan: Woaaah, nice brother.

Justin: Get outtt, let me cuddle for once.

I kissed Justin's neck before closing my eyes again.


I opened them back up and Justin was running his hand through my hair. He smiled when he saw me.

Justin: Sleepy head.

Rebecca: Hi.

I looked up at his face and smiled. He rubbed my bare back and smiled again.

Justin: Are you alright?

Rebecca: Mhmm, I just can't move my legs right now, which means they're stuck cuddling you.

Justin: good, I don't want to do anything today except lay here with you.

That sounded perfect.









Justin stole that cherry ;)


Stay BEautiful Xx

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