Raquel has always kept secrets to herself ever since the incident two years ago.She lost both her parents and lives with a foster family.She also attend therapy once a month sue to that.Now she must expose herself bit by bit now that her nightmares have started to increase.She must trust people she never expected to dream in peace

* Scenes may occur later in the story


5. Surprised

The car ride took twenty minutes. On the way, Mike told me to call Amy. When I marked her cell this is what I got.

"Finally you said yes! Wait, how many pairs of clothes did you bring?"

"Um, three?"

"Well, because tomorrow is Sunday I'll take you shopping with me.Oh by the way did Mikey tell you?"

"Yeah, congrats.Um well I got to go, now see you in a few minutes."I hung up.

            When we made it to the house, Mike went to park it in the driveway. As I was going to open the door, I decided not to because I heard a voice."McNeil, what are you doing with that suitcase?"asked the voice. I took a peek and my heart did flips."Dimitri lives in this neighborhood?"I asked myself. Mike never told me he did, so how would I know."Um,Dimitri my cousin is coming to live with me. Her parents died two years ago, and then she was placed with a foster family. I then decided she would be better living with me," Mike told Dimitri."Cool, how old is she?'Dimitri asked Mike."Well believe it or not you know her.Hey get out of there!"He yelled. What other choice did I have? I slowly opened the door.

            "Oh, Raquel.Your his cousin?"Dimitri asked. I kind of blushed and said,"Yeah.He's been trying to convince me for the past three months. He failed miserably, but then he overpowered me. But he never told me that you live around here.""Oh, well that was a shame," he said. I don't know why but he looks kind of flustered."Well, I think I should be getting in my new home, um, see you soon," I told him shyly. He then waved goodbye as I walked in the house.

            Amy came in and hugged me tight. Then she showed where I would be sleeping from now on."So, tomorrow we are going shopping for your new clothes and a few for me," She told me happily. I smiled at her. Amy is a striking, has dull blond hair, and she is two years younger than Mike. They met during an Imagine Dragons concert where they sat together coincidentally. He then introduced me to her at my parents' burial. She was supportive even though she never saw me .Today, we are really close.

            "Amy, I'm so glad to be here. Plus about the baby was very exciting news," I told her, "but right now I need to talk to Mike really fast.""Sure, Mikey!"She yelled then grinned at me. He walked and stopped at the doorway and said, "I know what you're going to say,'Why didn't you tell me Dimitri lives here?'Well, I didn't want you backing down on coming here," he said and then did a pouty face. I though about it and saw his point. But still, he knows my feelings toward Dimitri."Fine I see your point," I told him,"Um, is it okay if I can take a nap, it's been a long day.""Sure, Ill wake you for dinner later," Amy said and then shut the door

I woke up later seeing a hand stretch out to me to come and join them,to who knows where.

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