Raquel has always kept secrets to herself ever since the incident two years ago.She lost both her parents and lives with a foster family.She also attend therapy once a month sue to that.Now she must expose herself bit by bit now that her nightmares have started to increase.She must trust people she never expected to dream in peace

* Scenes may occur later in the story


3. Shocked

"Okay the las two groups are Mia and Chris, and last but not least Dimitri and Raquel."McNeil said.No, no no! McNeil knows I didn't want to be his partner in the first place; I got to talk with him later. Well I have to stop complaining to discuss ideas with him. I got up and went to Dimitri's table.

            "Okay, so now that we're partners what your idea for the canvas?"I asked Dimitri who seems dazed off in his own little world. I sighed and then snapped twice in his face.

            "Wait what? Oh, hi weird girl.So lets think of ideas."Dimitri said and put his chin in the palm of his hand."Well," I stuttered, "for once call be by real name, Raquel.Second, because we have to paint a landscape, um I don't know it's still a blur.""Okay, well let's think of smething.Oh! How about a valley or mountains?"he asked."No, to simple. We need something that will stand out from the other paintings."I said, but he didn't pay attention in his dreamland. I sighed and walked up to McNeil's desk.

"Oh, Raquel how do you like your partner I chose for you?"McNeil asked.

"Well, its going swell," I said sarcastically."But you did this on purpose! You know both of my secrets, which one includes him. Really McNeil, this is how I end the school day?"

"For one thing, your welcome.Two, I'm helping you. I know what I'm doing," he said it so calmly; I wish I can choke him this calmly to."I should just go, class ends soon, but don't forget," I told him.

                                                            *   *   *   *   *

            At the end of the school, I took the bus to take me home. It was crowded, and smells like piss.At least there is one highlight out of it.Jerry, my bus driver. He doesn't talk much but he is so kind. He is in his fifties and barely has any grey hairs! I sit in the front like always and wave to him, he waves back.

            After I took my seat, I took out my phone to search up landscape ideas, but none was up to my       satisfactory."Who cares, he won't even help me with it. I bet you he's just going to be daydreaming the whole time like he did in class," I thought to myself. I then was in a bad mood for the whole bus ride."Bad day today?"Jerry asked.

"Oh Jerry, if you only knew," I told him

            I board of the bus and walks to my house. I took out my keys because at this hour no one is at home. I opened the door and sat in the couch, and took out my sketch book. I never leave home without it. It was a gift from my real mother, and includes five-hundred clear crystal white pages. I've only filled up one hundred and fifty pages so far. The latest one is a rose losing its very first petal. I just need to add every exact detail. From the pink and green charcoal smears and its bold lines. I stood up to the kitchen and went to go get a bagel. While I got the bagel out, I got a text. I took it out and it was from someone I never expected.

From: Dum_Dimitri

Hey Raquel, any ideas yet for the painting? Txt quickly!!

            I was about to drop my bagel when I saw the text. How did he get my phone number, I never told him.Well, it doesn't matter. I sent a text back to him.

From: Rocky_Road

I have no idea yet. Do you?

From: Dum_Dimitri

Not a clue, By the way cool txt name. It's my favorite ice cream! J

            I smiled at the last two lines.Somehow, I misjudged him. He really wants to do this project. So I gotta start racking up my brain for ideas. I started running to the couch, but then I tripped on broken glass.

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