Raquel has always kept secrets to herself ever since the incident two years ago.She lost both her parents and lives with a foster family.She also attend therapy once a month sue to that.Now she must expose herself bit by bit now that her nightmares have started to increase.She must trust people she never expected to dream in peace

* Scenes may occur later in the story


2. Progect


"Hey guys, "I said as I walked into the room."I know you guys are busy, but keep it down. Don't want the neighbors to call the cops again."Sue nodded her head with another vase in her hand, ready to be smashed into millions of glass shreds. Glen just hiccups in agreement. I walk to my room and shut the door to block the yells."Poor Sue. She loves him, but just can't stand him as a drunk bastard," I thought.Well, tomorrow is Monday, might as well get a good rest for school.

                                                            *   *   *   *   *

            Crowded hallways, make-out session near the lockers, man I hate school. The only bright side was seeing Zoe and a quick (but shy) glance to Dimitri.I went to my locker and waited for Zoe, but to my surprise, someone was in my way.Chel, with a crowd of friends blocking my way."Um, you're blocking my locker,"I said timidly."See if I care .Go kick rocks,"Chel said while her little groupie was laughing. I decide I should just leave when I bump into someone.

"Whoah, `weird girl', watch where you're going,"Dimitri said with his silky voice

"Sorry, it's just that they're blocking my locker."I felt a blush creep to my cheeks, my heart pounding fast.

"Well, good luck in your classes. Seems to me they won't move from there in a few decades.By"Wow, excellent sense of humor. He tussled his curly brown hair and then draped his arm around Chel's shoulder. I walked away.

            "So, what was that all about?"Zoe asked when I left near my locker."What, you saw?"Zoe knew about my feeling for Dimitri, so I had to tell her."Well, nothing much.Chel's little posse was blocking my locker so I left .I bumped into him then he told me not to sweat it. That the group was leaving in a few `decades`. That's all."I might have sounded disappointed, because Zoe patted my shoulder. Soon we heard the bell ring, and I walked to first period class

            My last class is also my favourite.One, because it involves art (my best subject) Two, Dimitri is in my class. I walk in before the bell rings and sit in the front desk."Welcome class. Today we will have to cover two obstacles," said Mr. McNeil, the art teacher."First, you must paint-""Oops sorry Mr. if I'm late. Just that I had a, um how do you say, session,"Dimitri said."Yeah with Chel,"I thought as he took his seat in the back. Mr. McNeil ignored him and continued, "As I was saying for the first thirty minutes you will paint what you think sorrow means. Then I will name your partners for the landscape project. You may begin your paintings,"

            I decide to paint two coffins, rain pouring from the sky, and one little girl standing next to it. McNeil will get the painting because he's the only other person I told the incident about. I started going through my paint cabinets and getting the colors I needed. Black, grey, white, and dirty yellow. I took my seat and started painting, everything around me dissolving.

            "Time is up," McNeil said. Everybody complained, but I didn't. I finished before the thirty minutes anyway .

            We then put the paints to dry and took a seat once more. "So now I will name your partners for the assignment. First up, Sophie and Ray, Mike and Chris, Lily and Jade."

            The list continued for five minutes. I kept getting anxious because McNeil hasn't said my name yet, neither Dimitri's."Well, there are still two more people left," I thought. I started tapping my desk with my fingers. Time was passing as slow as a turtle or is it just me.


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