Raquel has always kept secrets to herself ever since the incident two years ago.She lost both her parents and lives with a foster family.She also attend therapy once a month sue to that.Now she must expose herself bit by bit now that her nightmares have started to increase.She must trust people she never expected to dream in peace

* Scenes may occur later in the story


4. Moving

I didn't attend school for the past four days due to the broken glas.Seems Sue or Glen forgot to clean it up. During the days of my absence, Dimitri sent me ideas of what the painting should be, but on each one we disagreed. Good thing we have three months till its due .Zoe kept me up to date on classes.

            But today was Saturday, so I got up off my bed and changed into my Cali sweater, blue jeans, and boots. I was going to Starbucks to talk to my cousin Mike. He's the only family member I've kept in touch with.So, we decide on Starbucks each Saturday. Plus, he owes me. I decide to walk there since its only ten minutes away. I walk out the door and take a slow pace.

            When I arrived, he was nowhere to be seen.So; I got my regular caramel cappuchino.I payed the cashier and took a seat but nothing. I took out my phone and saw one new text from Dimitri.

From: Dum_Dimitri

Where are u? Gotten any ideas yet? Txt soon!

            I smiled at it then I heard shuffling feet."So why didn't you come to school these past four days?"I looked up and saw my cousin Mike."Well, I'm fine thanks for asking Mike, or should I call you McNeil," I retorted back to him. Mike McNeil is my cousin and teacher, so that's the reason he knows about my incident."Whoah, no need to be fussy," he said while pinching my cheek. I slapped his hand off with a grin."Yeah, I got your text saying your foot with glass do to a foster parent fight. Why can't you just tell them you can come live with me?"he asked the millionth time.

            I love my cousin, but I can't accept every time he asks me. Its for two reasons.One, I don't want to seem like a pest to him and his wife.Two, who knows a girl whose cousin is a teacher at her own school. That would add to more of my insult 'Weird Girl'."Look.Mike, I've told you time and time again no. And you know why," I told him calmly as I could."By the way you still see me an hour a day at school like my art teacher," I then punched him playfully. He smiled and spoke,"Yeah I know why, but come on, you won't cause any trouble to Amy or me. Plus we might need a babysitter in the future," he cast a grin at me."Wait, don’t tell me! Amy is pregnant!"I said with glee. They've been waiting patiently and it's finally here.

            "So, come on. All I need to do is sign a few papers as your legal guardian and poof,"he said .I sighed heavily and told him my answer,"Fine, you convinced me, but a few conditions.One, don't treat me like your student at home.Two, don't treat me like you cousin at school, kids will think of favoritism.Finally, I get to help with a few baby names.""Of course and you will also paint the baby room," he said with a satisfactory smile. I don't know why, but he always knows how to convince me sooner or later.

                                                            *   *   *   *   *

            After talking with Mike, he took me home to talk with both of my foster parents. I was anxious, nervous, and excited in the car ride."What if they say no?"I thought. That question was going around my head during the car ride. Mike must have seen my face because he said, "Don't wory; I'll try to make them understand. But during the discussion, I want you to be in your room. I want to see them for who they are."I nodded my head in agreement. When visitors come; they act all kind like if they don't won't to strangle themselves. The car stopped in front of the house."Here we go," I thought.

            I opened my door, and both Sue and Glen were fighting, as usual."Raquel who is this?" Glen asked pointing to Mike."This is my cousin Mike, and he wants to talk, to both of you. I'll just go to my room," I said then walked away to my room then closed the door. Mike said to pack my stuff that is nesecarry, like clothes or other things. So I packed three pairs of clothes because I know Amy will take me shopping, then my sketchbook, paints, and my backpack. As soon as I finished, I stood near the door, and I heard a few mutters, then silence. The silence was then followed by footsteps near the door.

            The door was opened and Mike was there. He then said, "Come on, I'm taking you home with me."

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