One Short Day

This is about a girl named Mira who has her life put into perspective by a huge event that happens in a blink of an eye.


1. The Beginning

"Mira! Where are you? I'm by the eggs!" Mira's mom typed. 

"I'm looking at the cookie dough mom, I'll be there in a sec." Mira replied to her mom

Mira and her mom had always been really close. She loved her mom more than anyone. She was always there for her. Ever since her dad left when she was an infant, she bonded with her mom more than ever. She walked over to her mom and they proceeded to the  checkout when all of a sudden a deafening siren swooped the town.

"Attention all supermarket guests," A voice came over the loudspeaker, "Please remain calm and proceed in an orderly fashion to the back of the store into the storage area, there is a tornado on it's way. We assure you that you will be fine." 

With that, the supermarket went bananas. Nobody knew what to do. There were people running and screaming at each other. Mira and her mom made her way through the mob and found refuge in the storage area. The stores associates finally managed to get everyone in there and calm when all of a sudden the lights shut off. Silence. 

The only sound you were able to hear was the rain pounding on the roof, coming down in buckets. The wind was ripping homes from their foundation and tearing them apart, tossing wood and bricks hard against the stone walls. Little ones were crying and mothers were assuring them that everything was going to be ok. 

Hours later, there was another siren that awoke the town. People knew the storm was over. People were rushing to save neighbors from the rubble. Mira and her mom walked over to where their house used to be and stood in awe.

"Mom?" Mira whispered, still in shock.

"I know honey, we should try to save all we can before it starts to rain again." Her mom said, giving her a warm embrace.


Mira and her mom started sorting through the remains of their home. They found old pictures and some furniture that survived the tornado. Mira dialed her friend and asked her if she could stay the night, because her mom was to stay with the town. She was looking through what seemed to be the living room when she found a small, yellow shoe box. She had never seen it before and it seemed odd. When Mira opened it, she found a tall stack of letters all addressed to her from a man named Jordan Mitchell. 

"Mom, Who is Jordan Mitchell?" Mira yelled to her mom.

"W-why do you ask honey?" her mom replied, her voice shaken.

"There are a bunch of letters here from him, Can I open them? They're for me." Mira said

'NO!" Mira's mom replied as she ran over to her.


Mira opened one of the letters, not waiting for her mother's response. She was curious why this man had written to her so many times. One of the letters read:


I know there must be a reason why you are not replying to my letters, but i want you to know that I am truly sorry. The reason why I left so many years ago is because my mother, your grandmother, was very very sick. Your mother should have explained this to you. I came back when she was well but your mother didn't let me back into her life. I want you to know that I will always love you and care for you. I hope one day I will get to see you.




"Mira, honey, I can explain..." Her mom said as Mira's eyes filled with tears.

"You told me that he left because he didn't want me. All these years, you lied to me." Mira said, her voice shaking from trying not to yell.

"Mira, it's just that-" She was cut off by a horn honking, It was Mira's friend that had come to pick her up.


Mira grabbed the box and ran. She didn't even want to think about her mom anymore.

'Drive, now." She said to Lisa, her friend, as she hopped into the car.

"Where to?" Lisa said

"To find my father."

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