School Boy

Marcel Styles, the complete nerd of Springhollow High School, gets shoved into his locker for the last time. The young brit can't take the constant bullying anymore, he confides in the one friend he can actually trust, Valerie Hudson as he is crying his eyes out, just spilling out his feelings in the texts he sends her.


6. School

Valerie's POV

I walked into the empty building with Marcel at my side. He usually comes to school an hour early to study. As I turned the corner I hit something, or shall I say someone. HARD. My heels made me lose my balance and I fell back, with Marcel catching me on my way down. "Well well well..." Louis said looking at us. "How did I know you guys were gonna be here?" he smirked. Marcel helped me to my feet and I looked up at the dark lad. Marcel stood protectively in front of me as Louis came closer. Unfortunately, things didn't go very well for Marcel. Louis picked him up by his collar and whispered in his ear, "You better watch your and your whore's backs." He tossed him into me, knocking us both down again. As Louis walked down the dark hallway Marcel pushed his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose and helped me to my feet once more. I looked back at where Louis walked away. His dark figure slowly disappearing. I looked back at Marcel. "We better get to the library," I said walking down the hallway.

Once we got there, Marcel was extremely quiet as he pulled himself into his algebra book. Marcel was so cute, never getting distracted from his book. I played Candy Crush on my phone until it was time to go to class. He obviously didn't want to leave me unprotected, well what he could protect of me, to Louis. "Marcel I'll be fine, don't worry." I repeated for the thousandth time as we split our ways going to our lockers on the different hallways. 

First period came and there Louis sat in the back of the room, with everyone except Zayn who offered to sit by me. Obviously he was mad at Lou for what he had done last night and didn't like the fact he hurt me. When I was asked to pass out a handout, when I passed Louis and his friends, I heard a muffled "Whore." and "Slut." So I decided I'd get even and reply with, "Bastard." As i walked past, I felt a familiar hand on my bum. I turned around and caught the hand by the wrist, twisting it enough to sprain it, then walked back to my desk by Zayn, who gave me a smirk as I sat back down. 

A few periods later, lunch came. I clicked down the near silent hallway as I made my way to Marcel's locker, who wasn't there. I walked in the cafeteria to search for him there, no Marcel. I figured he hadn't got out of class yet so I walked by his classroom, the classroom was empty. "Where the hell is he..?" I looked down all the hallways when I heard a very loud gasp in the gymnasium. I carefully opened the door and there was my Marcel, on his knees as Louis kicked the crap out of him. His sides were staring to bruise from the absence of his shirt, and there was blood dripping down his nose. "Stop!" I called to Louis, Marcel was knocked unconscious and I ran over to him, getting pulled back by a Liam and a Niall. "Princess what are we going to do with you?" Louis smirked to himself as he tilted my head up with a finger. I tried to break their grasps but ended in no luck. Thankfully, the gym teacher had walked in to check on something and broke me free, then called the nurse in to take a look at Marcel, while Louis and his friends were sent to the principal. "We need to hear your side of the story..."The gym teacher started. "After I make sure he's okay!" I looked down to Marcel's face and the broken glasses that lay inches away from him. I teared up seeing his unconscious body lay there on the floor. The nurse came in and took him with her and I was sent to the principal to tell my story. I walked in to see Louis, Liam, and Niall sitting down in the chairs. As I walked by a heard a chorus of "Whore" "Slut" and "Hoe" come from each of them. It took all I had in me to not turn around and hit them, even though I would fail at that anyways. I was called into the office. Mr. Howards sat me down. "Miss Hudson, would you like to tell me what exactly happened earlier." I nodded a bit. "Well you see, I was on my way to lunch and I was looking for Marcel. I couldn't seem to find him anywhere until I heard a loud gasp from the gym. So I went to see what it was and I saw Louis kicking my poor Marcel. I tried to intervene but his two twat friends held me back. Next thing I saw was Louis hitting Marcel one last time, as Marcel fell into an unconscious state.." Mr. Howards nodded slowly, taking in all the information. "Why don't I bring Mr. Tomlinson in and we'll listen to his side ey?" he said signaling for Louis to come in.

When Louis came in, I was forced out. Niall and Liam were outside of the door sitting in the chairs beside me. I asked the secretary if I could go to the nurses' office to see how Marcel was. "Dear he had to go to the Emergency Room. He'll be there tonight. You can call him if you'd like." "No thanks." I sighed and sat back down in the chair, earning a slight push from Liam. "Stop.." I just whined, I was too focused on Marcel right now, then the principal called me back in. Liam bent down and whispered a harsh "Good luck slut... Lou's gonna kill you.." I ignored it and just walked into the office. Louis was sitting in a chair and patted the seat right next to him, smirking at me. I slowly sat down. "So.."  Mr. Howards began. "It seems this office has become a 'couple's therapy' room." I looked at him and pointed back and forth from me to Louis. "We are not a couple..." I said through gritted teeth. "I wouldn't be so sure about that babe.." Louis said putting an arm around my shoulder. Mr. Howards smiled, thinking he was helping us become closer. I scoffed and moved out of Lou's grip. "I'd be nice princess, you see what I did to your little boyfriend." Louis whispered, a dark laugh at the end. I gulped a bit and looked at the stout man sitting in front of us. I faked a smile. "You're right. I guess we do need to get along more.." I said in a somewhat sarcastic tone. He nodded. "That's more like it..." Louis whispered to me and laid back in his seat. 

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